• ADAPT-RC® Slab and Beam Design Software

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ADAPT-RC® Slab and Beam Design Software
An indispensable production tool for your reinforced concrete projects.
ADAPT-RC is reliable, fast, and easy-to-use software for the design, analysis and investigation of
reinforced concrete beams, slabs and floor systems. Using either the Equivalent or Simple Frame
Methods of analysis, it leads the user through a simple to follow, step-by-step modeling and design
process. A 3D rendered view of your structure ensures accurate and error free data modeling.
Detailed reinforcement and code check calculations are presented in concise tabular and graphical
reports. The evaluation of existing structures can easily be performed with the integrated investigation
• Floor systems
o One-way slabs and two-way flat plates
o Waffle, pan joist, and skip joist systems
o One- and two-way slab band systems
• Simple beams and beam frames
Key Modeling Capabilities:
• 3D structural view reduces modeling errors
• Models design strips with regular or irregular geometry
• Supports drop caps, drop panels and transverse beams
• Supports any user-defined configuration of base reinforcement Supported Design Codes:
• ACI-318 (1999, 2005 & 2008)
Key Analysis Features: • IBC (2006 & 2009)
• Simple or Equivalent Frame analysis options • British-BS8110 (1997)
• Cracked deflection calculation • Canadian-A23.3 (1994 & 2004)
• Automatically combines gravity and lateral loads • Australian-AS3600 (2001)
• Investigation of existing slabs and beams • Indian IS456 (2005 reprint)
• European EC2 (2004)
• Hong Kong CoP (2007)
Advanced Interactive Design: • Chinese GB 50010 (2002)
• Automatically initializes load combinations for each local code
• Performs code checks for reinforcement (strength & safety)
• Calculated reinforcement checked against base rebar
• Offers moment redistribution option
• Integrated punching shear design for studs or stirrups
• Checks beam shear capacity and calculates stirrup requirement
Available Reports:
• Concise tabular and graphical reports
• Summary report for reinforcement
• Special investigation report showing demand vs capacity ratios
• Material quantities
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