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    • Abstract: The Philosophy Department\'s mission is to help stu- dents grow ... reason, philosophy is a good choice for a second major. or a minor. The Philosophy program ...

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The Philosophy Department’s mission is to help stu- Recent student-designed Independent Study topics
dents grow intellectually and personally through the include Philosophy and Comedy, Philosophy of Sex and
study of some of the most influential ideas and thinkers Love, Philosophy and Pop Culture, Ethics and Contem-
in the history of thought. Philosophy literally means porary British fiction, Feminine Heroic Quests, Philoso-
“love of wisdom,” so studying philosophy involves phy and the Law, Philosophical Themes in Japanese
thinking wisely about life and everything related to it. In Manga, Thucydides, and Levinas.
fact, for many centuries, philosophy had a very wide
scope, encompassing such fields as psychology, science, Philosophy Club. The activities of the Philosophy Club
math, theology, political science, and sociology. For this are student-driven, and depend on the efforts of the
reason, philosophy is a good choice for a second major membership. Film nights and organized philosophical
or a minor. The Philosophy program at B-W teaches debates are regular events.
students critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, sensitiv-
ity to ethical issues, independent reflection, and strong Conference Trips. Students and faculty travel to meet-
communication skills—all of which are abilities sought ings of the Northeast Ohio Philosophy Consortium, the
by employers in nearly any profession. Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy,
and others.
Personal attention. The department is small,
giving students and faculty many opportunities for Lectures-for-Credit. Philosophy students attend lec-
meaningful one-on-one and small group interaction. tures and conference presentations at nearby colleges
and universities and obtain extra credit by writing a
Interdisciplinary focus. Faculty are active in critical reflection or giving a presentation.
interdisciplinary teaching, with interests in areas such
as Social Justice, Global Ethics, Asian Philosophy, and Pre-professional Success. Philosophy is also excellent
Feminist Theory. Students benefit from their preparation for professional success in many fields.
involvement in many programs such as the Brain Lead- Professional schools (including law, business, and medi-
ership Program, Languages Across the Curriculum, and cine) recognize the value of philosophical training
Carmel Living Learning Center. because it develops transferable skills, including the
ability to see different sides of an issue, defend a posi-
Independent Study. Most philosophy majors tion, detect fallacies in arguments, and understand
undertake at least one independent study with a complex data.
faculty member in an area of personal interest.
Lawyer Judge Art Critic Physician
Playwright / Novelist Columnist Politician Literary Critic
Philosophy majors are encouraged In recent semesters, students have Kelly Coble, Ph.D.
to participate in B-W’s Explorations/ participated in Service Learning and DePaul University
Study Abroad Program. In recent Internships at organizations Assistant Professor and Chair.
years, the department’s students Including: Teaching and research interests:
have traveled with the Seminar in German philosophy, literature, and
Ecuador; University of the Sunshine West Creek Urban culture; history of ethical thought,
Coast, Australia; and self-designed especially Kant; global justice and
Study Abroad Programs in Florence, Wetlands Project cross-cultural moral disagreement;
Italy; London, England; and Perugia, social and political philosophy;
Italy. Dress for Success Cleveland classical philosophy.
Presidential campaigns Amy E. Smart, Ph.D.
University of Oregon.
Parma City Schools Levy Committee Assistant Professor
Contemporary Ethics, Feminist The-
ory, 20th Century French Thought,
Philosophy of Literature.
OUTCOMES Thomas Jovanovski, Ph.D.
Duquesne University
The Philosophy major is designed with a relatively low number of Lecturer
requirements in order to allow students to easily add Philosophy as a sec- Teaching and research interests:
ond major or as a minor. Philosophy studies can support and enhance criti- 19th Century Philosophy, Philosophy
cal abilities in many other disciplines, such as Psychology, English, Commu- of Mind, Marxism, Plato.
nications, Theater, Economics, Business, and even Computer Science.
Many students graduating with a Philosophy degree proceed to graduate Tim Harasimchuk, M.A.
school or professional school in a variety of fields. Cleveland State University
ALUMNI Teaching and research interests:
Baldwin-Wallace Philosophy alumni have had success in a variety of Bioethics, Logic.
areas. Some examples include:
Marshall-Wythe School Attorney in private Department of
of Law, practice Mathematics,
College of William and University of California,
Mary Account Executive, Berkeley
Marcus Thomas LLC
Communication Krieger School of Arts &
Planning & Design, Assistant Prosecutor, Sciences, Johns Hopkins
Carnegie Mellon Knox County University
University Prosecutor’s Office
Urban Planning, Reviews Editor,
Massachusetts Institute Playstation Magazine
of Technology
School of Law,
English Literature, University of California
University of Davis
Southampton, UK

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