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    • Abstract: Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.2 Trap Falls Road Tel: 203 402 1000Suite 402 Fax: 203 402 5500Shelton, CT 06484-0941 www.baldwintech.comUSAPRESS RELEASE26th March 2009BALDWIN SHOWS HOW TO INCREASE

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Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.
2 Trap Falls Road Tel: 203 402 1000
Suite 402 Fax: 203 402 5500
Shelton, CT 06484-0941 www.baldwintech.com
26th March 2009
Stand K25
Visitors to the Baldwin Technology Company Inc. stand at Pacprint 09, which will be held in
Melbourne from May 26th – 30th, will be able to find out about a unique range of process automation
solutions for the Newspaper & Semi-Commercial, Commercial-Web and Sheetfed markets.
Baldwin is a leading worldwide manufacturer of process automation systems for the graphic arts
industry and provides systems designed to significantly enhance print quality and press
productivity, whilst reducing wastage and environmental impact.
Baldwin has entered into a number of partnerships with other leading manufacturers, which has
enabled it to augment its product portfolio even further. The most recent of these agreements is
with Nordson UV and this has allowed Baldwin to offer UV curing and combination UV/IR systems
in addition to its current IR range.
“Australia is an important sector for Baldwin,” says President Asia-Pacific Peter Tkachuk. ”We have
several major installations. As printers continually seek to reduce production costs they are finding
that Baldwin’s systems provide ideal solutions. Printers needing effective methods of dampening,
blanket cleaning, drying or managing their fount solution, are likely to find the answer on Baldwin’s
Pacprint 2009 stand.”
Extensive Range of Automated Cleaning Systems
90 years experience is incorporated into Baldwin’s development of automatic blanket cleaning
technologies for the Sheetfed, Commercial-Web (Heatset), Semi-Commercial and high-performance
Newspaper sectors (Coldset). ImpactFusion-F NP, which can be used with PREPAC or DryPac,
offers the advantages of the established ImpactFusion-F CW technology for the semi-commercial
market, including highly effective cleaning of blankets, ease of operation, cloth changeover and
maintenance plus low waste. ProTech CW, which uses brush technology to automatically clean
blankets, has been established for many years within the Commercial-Web, Newspaper and Semi-
Commercial markets. The latest system, ProTech2 NP, incorporates several updated operational
and performance features.
Other products within Baldwin’s ‘cleaning stable’ include TowerClean, a low cost, extremely
effective automatic blanket cleaning system for single width presses and JetStream, which enables
dust to be removed from the web before it enters the press. There are also systems for cleaning
areas of the press such as ink rolls, guide rolls and chill rolls. Baldwin offers a full or partial
integration into the central control console, as well as stand-alone solutions for both new
installations and retrofits, guaranteeing easy operation.
Award Winning Cleaning Consumables
Baldwin has extended its award-winning, environmentally efficient line of DryPac and PREPAC
consumables for automatic cleaning systems with the addition of PREPAC E, Plus and X-treme
technologies. Baldwin now offers both high performance PREPAC solutions for hybrid, UV and
textured cylinder applications as well as significantly improved cost-effective PREPAC cleaning for
traditional newspaper and semi-commercial, commercial-web and sheetfed printing applications.
Fluid and Temperature Systems
For 50 years Baldwin’s fluid and temperature control product range has provided options for all
market segments plus performance and capacity requirements, with solutions for reducing or
eliminating alcohol. These systems are particularly popular amongst sheetfed printers. Fluid and
temperature technologies include the fountain solution conditioning systems, BasicLiner,
CombiLiner, DailyLiner, Automix, Basic/HighTemp, BalControl and IpaSonic, plus the fountain
solution filtration technologies LongLife-C and Performance (focused on sheetfed market).
All of Baldwin’s filtration solutions are designed to achieve savings on dampening solution additives,
alcohol and energy. The LongLife-C filtration system for newspaper applications with spray
dampening, based on a strategic partnership with manufacturer Falk, removes dirt from the
dampening solution while ensuring the additive, alcohol or alcohol substitute percentages remain
Spray Dampening Systems
Baldwin’s LithoSpray Maxima is a multi-faceted spray dampening system for use in demanding
newspaper and semi-commercial applications, as well as with commercial web presses. Baldwin
leads the industry in spray nozzles, valves and control technology, which ensure optimized control
of print quality not only during press start-up and normal daily production but also during long
periods of high press speeds. Baldwin’s patented ‘Constant C’ technology eliminates blocking of
spray nozzles by ink mist and dust etc.
Web Security Systems
In the area of web protection, Baldwin offers reliable clamping devices under the product name
ProTect and the WebCatcher S14 and WebCatcher S18 for use in the commercial web,
newspaper and semi-commercial area. The WebCatcher S14 prevents press damage from a web
break at speeds of up to 13 m/s and the WebCatcher S18 for web speeds of up to 18 m/s.
In-line Finishing Systems
Printers seeking greater efficiency and productivity from their presses are increasingly installing in-
line finishing equipment and Baldwin has several leading products in this area, including MicroSet
(for slower presses), WebTack, WebSiliconer and SoftWeb systems, which between them provide
gluing, web siliconing web softening and stock moisturising facilities.
Drying Systems
Baldwin is a major supplier of drying systems and this includes the InfraOrange, Compact,
GraphiSet 1 – 4 and FlexoSet products, which provide a comprehensive range of drying options for
sheetfed, semi-commercial and newspaper presses. The company has been working closely with
Nordson UV and has recently signed a Private Label Supplier agreement that allows it to rebrand
Nordson UV equipment in certain countries and offer customers UV, UV/IR combination and IR
drying systems.
Service Solutions
In today’s demanding market, printers have to achieve maximum productivity and reliability from
equipment and Baldwin offers customers support through its highly efficient global service
organisation to help customers obtain these goals. Individually tailored service packages can
incorporate retrofits and system optimisation, after-sales support, spare parts etc. Preventive
measures can be added into the package. Baldwin offers special retrofit upgrades so that
customers can maintain their systems at optimum efficiency, while its consulting and training
services ensures the user obtains the maximum benefits from their Baldwin equipment.
About Baldwin
Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. is a leading international supplier of process automation
equipment for the printing and publishing industries. Baldwin offers its customers a broad range of
market-leading technologies, products and systems that enhance the quality of printed products
and improve the economic and environmental efficiency of printing presses. Headquartered in
Shelton, Connecticut, the company has operations strategically located in the major print markets
and distributes its products via a global sales and service infrastructure. Baldwin’s technology and
products include cleaning systems, fluid management and ink control systems, web press
protection systems and drying systems and the related consumables.
In 1987, Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. was listed on the American Stock Exchange; it
currently trades on the NYSE Alternext US Exchange.
For further information, visit the Baldwin website at: www.baldwintech.com
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