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    • Abstract: Alumni NewsClass NotesNews and information for class notes, mar-riages, advanced degrees and deaths areBook inspires documentarycompiled for news from Hope College by KathyMiller.News should be mailed to: Alumni News; A Hope graduate’s the 7,000 survivors of the camp when it

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Alumni News
Class Notes
News and information for class notes, mar-
riages, advanced degrees and deaths are
Book inspires documentary
compiled for news from Hope College by Kathy
News should be mailed to: Alumni News; A Hope graduate’s the 7,000 survivors of the camp when it
was liberated by the Soviets on Jan. 27,
1945. All three were from the same town
being included on a list of the New York
Public Library’s “Best Books for Teens”
in 1999 and being named to the
Hope College Public Relations; 141 E. 12th St.; work about the Holocaust
PO Box 9000; Holland, MI 49422-9000. Internet in central Poland, Tomaszow Nonfiction Honor List for 1999 by Voice
users may send to: [email protected] is making the move from Mazowiecki, and after the war all immi- of Youth Advocates Magazine.
All submissions received by the Public page to screen. grated to the United States or Canada. The PBS program is scheduled in
Relations Office by Tuesday, March 8, have In the summer of 2004, Friedman conjunction with Holocaust Remem-
been included in this issue. Because of the lead
Milt Nieuwsma ’63 of Holland, and Tenenbaum, accompanied by their brance Day, which is May 5 this year, and
time required by this publication’s production
schedule, submissions received after that date Mich., author of the book Surviving children and Nieuwsma and a WGVU also with the 60th anniversary of VE Day,
(with the exception of obituary notices) have Auschwitz: Children of the Shoah, which film crew, returned to the camp for the May 8. In commemoration of the 60th
been held for the next issue, the deadline for tells of three Jewish children who sur- first time since their liberation. The anniversary of the Jan. 27 liberation of
which is Tuesday, May 10. vived Auschwitz-Birkenau, has been documentary includes photographs Auschwitz-Birkenau, a feature written by
working with PBS television to and film footage of the girls and other Nieuwsma appeared in The Chicago
produce a documentary based on the children like them held at Auschwitz, Tribune and was offered to other papers
40s publication. as well as interviews with the three nationwide through Tribune Media
1940s The film, which shares the book’s title women and their children as they Services.
John H. Muller ’42 of Crescent City, Fla., cele-
and is by WGVU Productions, is sched- visited the site. The book Surviving Auschwitz:
brated the 60th anniversary of his ordination on
Saturday, May 29, 2004. He has served 20
uled to premiere in May. Kinderlager, which Nieuwsma wrote Children of the Shoah is available through
Reformed and Presbyterian churches in Korea, Nieuwsma’s book was published in for a young adult audience, has earned ibooks/Simon & Schuster.
Australia, Canada, New York, California, July of 1998 as Kinderlager: An Oral international acclaim. In 2001, it was Detailed information concerning
Florida, Illinois and Michigan. He reports that History of Young Holocaust Survivors and selected by the Institute for Higher broadcast plans or the program’s avail-
his wife, Sunny, who served faithfully at his was reprinted earlier this year under its European Studies in the Hague as one of ability to PBS affiliates was not available
side for 62 years, passed away suddenly on new title. It tells the story of Tova the top 10 books written on the as of press time. It is tentatively scheduled
March 21, 2004, in Florida. Martha Muller ’24 Friedman, Rachel Hyams and Frieda Holocaust. Other honors have included to show on WGVU-TV35/WGVK-TV52
Miller was their aunt and Mary Jane Muller ’68 Tenenbaum, who between the ages of designation as a “Must Read” selection of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Mich.,
Montgomery is their daughter. six and 10 were among the youngest of for Scholastic’s Teen Book Club in 2000, on Thursday, May 19.
1950s five grandchildren and family. He continues in people in need. Over a two-week period, 1,300 care, and to improve comfort and convenience for
Evelyn Jannenga ’50 Schmidt of Holland, pharmaceutical work as a consultant and partici- people were tested for vision and more than 1,100 their families. In addition to being invited to the
Mich., has four grandchildren attending Hope pates in Gideons International, his local church, pairs of eyeglasses were dispensed. The mission grand opening, MaryEtta and her husband were
this year, plus one teaching classes and coach- horticulture and fishing. was sponsored by MOST Ministries of Ann also honored during a reception held earlier in
ing volleyball. Duane Werkman ’60 of North Fort Myers, Fla., Arbor, Mich., and St. Luke Lutheran Church of the month for the select group of artists who were
Earl A. Laman ’54 of Holland, Mich., has pub- and his wife have received the “Citizen of the Haslett, Mich. invited to produce work, in a variety of media, for
lished his first novel, A House Beyond Year” award from the Beecher Chamber of Jonathan Fuller ’71 of Huron, Ohio, is a geologist the center.
Expectations. It flows out of his work as a psy- Commerce in Beecher, Ill. Duane served as a fire- for the state of Ohio. Michael Bondi ’72 of San Rafael, Calif., was fea-
chotherapist and is set in a fictional lake town in fighter in Beecher from 1973 to 2001 and his wife Margaret Sudekum ’71 of Ada, Mich., is a relief tured in an article in the Wednesday, Jan. 12,
West Michigan. The book is “Dedicated with served as a paramedic. They will be honored at veterinarian in the Grand Rapids, Mich., area. 2005, edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. He is
great respect to those I’ve met along the way the community’s Fourth of July parade this She is the representative for the Western counties an artist who, along with his late older brother
who refuse to languish in the chilling and summer. on the board of directors for the Michigan and a few others, helped revive the blacksmith’s
choking chambers of the past, and who, Norman J. Kansfield ’62 of New Brunswick, N.J., Veterinary Medical Association, and is also a art in the United States in the 1970s, combining
through some strange mix of Grace and will conclude his tenure as president of New member representative on the board of directors the artistic tradition of Italian forged-metal work
Integrity of Being, keep knocking at and Brunswick Theological Seminary on June 30, after for the Grand Valley Health Plan, the HMO with industrial machinery and methods. His
pushing through those heavy doors that lead to serving as the seminary’s president since 1993. In which is her insurer. work and that of seven other blacksmiths was
life.” recognition of his service and the service of his MaryEtta Buis ’71 Zwart of Wyoming, Mich., displayed at San Francisco’s Braunstein/Quay
Barbara Brinks ’55 Kaper of Grand Junction, wife, Mary Klein ’64 Kansfield, the seminary’s was commissioned by Spectrum Health to design gallery as “Stephen Bondi and Friends,” a tribute
Colo., reports that she recently had the pleasure board voted to endow the Mary and Norman and create seven quilts that are now on perma- to Michael’s brother.
of being in Doha, Qatar, visiting a long-term Kansfield Chair in Old Testament in their honor. nent display at the new Fred and Lena Meijer Carl W. Gomes ’72 and his wife live in
student friend from Boulder, Colo. She noted Gary Hieftje ’64 of Bloomington, Ind., received Heart Center in Grand Rapids, Mich. The nine- Schwenksville, Pa. He is a mechanical engineer
that the wealth in Qatar contrasts sharply to the the 2004 Monie A. Ferst Award, which recognizes story, 330,000-square-foot, $137 million facility for Motorola.
poverty in the Philippines and Africa. those who have made notable contributions to opened on Nov. 29, 2004. The center was Donald Steele ’72 of New York, N.Y., had his
Ben LeFevre ’55 of Pittsfield, Mass., reports that the motivation and encouragement of research designed to keep patients in one room for all or play “Going to the Chapel” selected Best Short
he enjoys senior visitation calling for the RCA through education. The annual award, adminis- most of their stay to provide greater continuity of Production at the Theatre Association of New
Board of Benefits for retired clergy families tered by the Georgia Institute of Technology
living in New England. Chapter of Sigma Xi, is presented to a person who
has touched and inspired his or her research col- Alumni Board of Directors
leagues in a manner that can be documented by
60s their subsequent scientific accomplishments. He Officers
1960s holds the Robert and Marjorie Mann Chair in Beth Snyder ’94, President, Arlington, Va.
Marilyn Scudder ’60 of New Brighton, Minn., has Chemistry at Indiana University and has made Karen Gonder ’81 Navis, Vice President, Grandville, Mich.
received the American Academy of extensive contributions to the field of analytical Ray Vinstra ’58, Secretary, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Ophthalmology Outstanding Humanitarian chemistry.
Service Award. Ed Stielstra ’65 of Holland, Mich., a realtor at Board Members
Daryl Siedentop ’60 of Westerville, Ohio, has Greenridge Realty, has been awarded the Nancy Wallendal ’72 Bassman, Scotch Plains, N.J. James Bursma ’87, Stow, Mass.
been appointed interim research director for the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation Eva Gaumond ’90, Coral Springs, Fla. Leah Sunderlin ’79 Haugneland, Katy, Texas
Teacher Quality Partnership, a collaborative ini- by the Council of Residential Specialists. Marion Hoekstra ’65, Laurel, Md. Jan Luben ’71 Hoffman, Schenectady, N.Y.
tiative of Ohio’s 50 colleges and universities Betsy Boersma ’77 Jasperse, Traverse City, Mich. Carol Rylance ’60 MacGregor
providing teacher preparation programs. He is Allison Pawlowksi ’06, Pinckney, Mich. Ben Sanders ’05, Evanston, Ill.
emeritus professor and former director of The 70s Todd Soderquist ’96, Canton, Mich. Kristin Tichy ’92, Glenville, Ill.
Ohio State University P-12 Project. 1970s Liz Tyndell ’04, Livonia, Mich. Sara Van Anrooy ’82, Castle Rock, Colo.
Robert J. Thomson ’60 of St. Augustine, Fla., Caroline Chapman ’70 Taylor of South Windsor, James VanEenenaam ’88, Dana Point, Calif. Greg Van Heest ’78, Golden Valley, Minn.
retired from the Florida School for the Deaf and Conn., has a full-time volunteer job as state regent Mark VanGenderen ’90, Cedarburg, Wis. John Witte ’54, Vero Beach, Fla.
the Blind as coordinator of academic advisement of the Connecticut DAR. She reports that it keeps
in 2001. He recently completed his term as gov- her quite busy, but that she still finds time to
ernor of North Florida, Optimist International, enjoy their summer house in Rhode Island. Her Mary Boelkins ’96 Remenschneider, Director of Alumni Relations
2003-04. younger son is a junior in college and her other
Robert W. Trimmer ’60 retired from the FDA in two children are out of college and employed.
October, where he was a regulatory review scien- Steve DeBoer ’71 of East Lansing, Mich., recently Please accept our invitation to visit
tist for the Center for Drug Evaluation & returned from Tanzania, Africa, where he and his the Alumni Office on the internet:
Research (CDER). He moved from Maryland to daughter, Melissa DeBoer ’03, were part of a 12- www.hope.edu/alumni
Granger, Ind., on Sandpiper Lake to be near his person mission team dispensing eyeglasses to
16 NFHC April 2005
Benefit exhibit celebrates artist
A promising talent cut National Small Painting Exhibition at the
University of Omaha. In January of 1968,
35 of his works were featured in a one-man
In addition to the gallery, De Pree fea-
tures studio space for students and faculty
alike. It’s a combination, Professor Michel
short. A program that show at Valparaiso University. believes, that his former colleague would
has blossomed. In the November after he died, Hope have appreciated, since it gives students a
displayed some of his works in a memorial chance to see how their faculty mentors
A memorial exhibition at the college in exhibition. His work was also featured in a work as artists.
May and June will commemorate both. one-man show at Kalamazoo College in “We shared a sensibility about the
An exhibition of works by the late February of 1969 and a one-man show work—and not only the work but the
Stanley Harrington ’58 will open in the sponsored by the Holland Friends of Art in process of working,” said Professor Michel,
gallery of the De Pree Art Center on March of 1969. Otherwise, most of the who like Professor Harrington did his
Saturday, May 14, and continue through pieces have not been shown publicly for graduate work at the University of Iowa. “I
Saturday, June 11. more than 34 years. believe it, and I know Stan believed it: if
Professor Harrington was a member of “I think it’s extremely appropriate at you’re going to teach students as an artist
the Hope faculty from 1964 until his this moment,” said Professor Michel, who you must be an artist.”
untimely death at age 32 on Oct. 18, 1968, of also joined the Hope faculty in 1964, just a First as a student and in the years since
a brain aneurysm. The exhibition, curated few months after Professor Harrington, as an artist, Hughes has appreciated the
by Del Michel, professor emeritus of art, and remained at the college until retiring in emphasis.
will feature some 50 works that Professor 2003. “The art department is full-blown, “I think the beauty in the design of the
Harrington painted from 1958 until the and as I look back we had nothing but building is the kind of exchange it pro-
year of his death. dreams.” vides—student to student, student to
The exhibition will begin with a formal The idea to display the works began faculty,” said Hughes, who returned to
opening on Saturday, May 14, from 5 p.m. with Professor Harrington’s widow, Dr. Hope as a visiting artist in the fall of 2003.
to 7 p.m. Professor Michel will make Stanley Harrington ’58 Jane Gouwens ’58 Bach, who has held the “That’s kind of unique. Not many other
remarks during the opening, as will paintings in the decades since they were places do that, where you see the artist in
Professor Harrington’s daughter, Anne pleted a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1961 last exhibited. his studio.”
Harrington ’89 Hughes, an artist living in at the University of Iowa, where he studied “Part of it is selfish, because it would be For Hughes, too young to remember her
Hamtramck, Mich. painting, drawing and prints. He taught at nice to see them all displayed together at father, the art he left behind has a provided
A number of the pieces will be avail- Lake Forest High School in Illinois as head once,” said Dr. Bach, who retired from the a way to understand who he was. For the
able for purchase. Proceeds will support of the art department and instructor in Hope faculty in 2000 as a professor emerita works to be displayed and sold now brings
the Stanley Harrington Art Award, drawing and painting from 1961 to 1963. of English after teaching at the college since together many threads—her family’s ties to
which is presented each year to a promis- He joined the Hope faculty in February of 1975. “But there are also still people who Hope, her father’s work, the dream he had
ing art major for the purchase of research 1964. knew Stan—friends and classmates.” for Hope and the department of today, and
materials. Active as an artist, in the nine years When Professor Harrington died, the the students who will benefit in the future.
The exhibition anticipates a might- before his death he had paintings in exhibi- department of art did not yet have a home “For me it was the idea of giving to the
have-been. Professor Harrington would tions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Des Moines, of its own. The department moved into the college in a different way,” she said.
have been 70 this November. Iowa; the Joslyn Museum in Omaha, Neb.; old Holland Rusk Bakery building in 1969, “The idea of Hope College is generations
After graduating from Hope with an the Detroit Institute of Arts; and the and into the De Pree Art Center—the and heritage, and this exhibition fits that
English major, Professor Harrington com- Kalamazoo Institute of Arts; and in a department’s current quarters—in 1982. vein.”
York State Festival (TANYS) in Auburn, N.Y., in to that, he had been administrator of Lathrup Department of Defense. He has also been advis- al sale manager, Mid Atlantic/Northeast, for
November. The play also received The People’s Village, Mich., for 14 years. ing a number of West African governments on Northstar Vinyl.
Choice Award for Favorite Show, and the two Don Goeman ’79 of Holland, Mich., has been capacity building and economic development. Michael Pikaart ’89 and Jennifer Pikaart of
actresses in it received awards for their perfor- appointed to the new position of executive vice Jim Te Winkle ’84 of Wilmette, Ill., earned an Hudsonville, Mich., traveled to Beijing,
mances. The play will now represent New York president of research, design and development at MBA with a healthcare specialization (please see Chongqing and Guangzhou, China, in April of
State at the Eastern States Theatre Association Herman Miller Inc. “Advanced Degrees”) and received the Hotchkiss 2004 to adopt their daughter Kristen, who came
Festival in Dover, Del., this month. Scholar Award for academic excellence. He is the from the Yunyang orphanage in Chongqing.
Michael A. Ebbers ’73 and his wife have opened senior director of Specialty Technology Ventures, During two weeks in China, they saw the
a bed and breakfast in Owego, N.Y. 80s a division of Neurosource Inc. in Chicago, Ill. Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of
Jaclyn Venhuisen ’73 Solt of Denver, Colo., is 1980s James S. Broucek ’85 of Wayzata, Minn., has been Heaven, the Great Wall, and much of the coun-
employed by the Secretary of State – State of Samuel K. Aidala ’80 of Goldens Bridge, N.Y., is promoted to senior vice president and treasurer tryside. He reports that the trip was a thrill and
Colorado. grade three and four science/computer coordina- of TCF, a Wayzata-based national financial that they can’t imagine life without Kristen, who
Tom Vis ’73 of Reston, Va., was promoted in tor for the Pleasantville (N.Y.) Union Free School holding company with 430 offices in the Midwest. was 10-and-one-half months old when they
September from Bus 265 to 501 with Fairfax District. He joined the company in 1995. received her and is doing well.
County (Va.) Public Schools. Brenda Hafner ’80 of Leawood, Kan., will be Erik B. Flom ’85 of Chicago, Ill., became a princi- Helena Louise (Leni) Weisl ’89 of Grand Rapids,
Vicki Wiegerink ’74 Rumpsa of Holland, Mich., moving this summer to 70 acres outside of the pal of the law firm of Welsh & Katz Ltd. of Mich., continues to work as a health consultant
is in her 12th year working at East Hills Athletic Kansas City area in Leavenworth County to enjoy Chicago in January. for Grand Valley Health Plan in Grand Rapids.
Club and Orchard Hills Swim and Sports Club in horses, cows and quiet. She continues her spiri- J. Scott Carpenter ’87 of Alexandria, Va., is She reports that she is excited about the three-
Grand Rapids, Mich. She is youth program and tual counseling, consultation and healing deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Department story Victorian she just bought. She is working
camp director. Both of her sons graduated from practice, named Soul Teachings. She is also of State, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. He and on her second master’s degree in social work at
Hope and her daughter is a current student. serving as lead volunteer coordinator for the his wife, Susan Beede ’88 Carpenter, have two Western Michigan University, and also serves on
Kathy Jo Blaske ’75 of Tappan, N.Y., is serving as Association of Unity Churches International children, Alex (age 10) and Ethan (age seven). the board of directors for Gateway Charter School
the specialized interim minister of Tappan Convention in Kansas City. J. Marvin (Marv) Baldwin ’88 of Western in Grand Rapids.
Reformed Church, a 310-year-old congregation of Roy Hegg ’80 of Paramus, N.J., and his wife were Springs, Ill., has been selected to serve as presi-
the RCA. married in January of 2000. They have two chil- dent and chief executive officer of Foods
Bob Carlson ’75 of Holland, Mich., has joined dren: Jennifer and Jonathan. Resource Bank (FRB), a rapidly growing 90s
West Michigan Community Bank as vice presi- David L. Huizen ’80 of Shelbyville, Mich., is an Christian response to world hunger. FRB 1990s
dent/community executive, responsible for industrial hygienist for Pfizer Inc. members represent many of the major Christian Stephanie Wright ’91 Amada of Chicago, Ill., is a
commercial banking and new business develop- William R. Jellison ’80 of York, Pa., has been denominations in the United States or their agen- graduate student at the School of the Art Institute
ment in the Holland/Zeeland market. He was appointed senior vice president and chief finan- cies. Its mission is based on partnering with of Chicago. She is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts
previously executive vice president with Bank of cial officer of DENTSPLY International Inc. He third-world communities to allow them to know in writing.
Holland. joined the company, which designs, develops, the dignity and pride of feeding themselves, Lauren Evans ’91 DeJong of Hinsdale, Ill., has
Jane Goeman ’75 Pedley reports that she is enjoy- manufactures and markets products for the instead of supplying them with food on an ad hoc joined the Chicago law firm of Schuyler, Roche
ing life in Denver, Colo., and the Rocky dental market, in 1998. basis. Prior to the Feb. 1 appointment to FRB, and Zwirner as a partner, concentrating her prac-
Mountains. She notes that she is sorry to be Perry Paganelli ’80 of Caledonia, Mich., conclud- Marv was a district sales manager for Nalco. tice in estate planning and probate.
unable to attend her class reunion and wishes ed his seventh year as a National Football League Jim DeWitt ’88 of West Chester, Pa., is special Jordi Yarwood ’91 Kimes and Ken Kimes ’91 live
everyone the best life has to offer. (NFL) official by serving as back judge for the education supervisor for the West Chester Area in Spokane, Wash. She is finishing her third year
Gordon J. Alderink ’76 of Allendale, Mich., is an AFC Championship game between the New School District. of a doctorate of pharmacy program at
assistant professor of physical therapy at Grand England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers on Tim Kleyla ’88 of Grand Haven, Mich., received Washington State University and will start her
Valley State University. He also serves as volun- Sunday, Jan. 23. the “Distinguished Leadership” award from the rotations in May. He is operating a commercial
teer pitching coach for the school’s baseball team, Ron Buikema ’81 of Silver Spring, Md., was a Michigan Mortgage Brokers Association. paint business out of Spokane and Pullman.
combining his love of baseball with his knowl- recent speaker at a conference on cultural aware- Scott Wolterink ’88 of Holland, Mich., has been Brad Kruithof ’92 of Burbank, Calif., works for
edge of the anatomy, physiology and mechanics ness and the implications for military operations, promoted to vice president for college advance- the Walt Disney Company in Anaheim, Calif. On
of body movement. sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research ment at Hope. Please see the story on page six for New Year’s Day he performed with Disney’s
Jeffrey Bremer ’77 of Fraser, Mich., became the Projects Agency (DARPA), the central research more information. Entertainment as part of the opening number for
city manager of Fraser on Monday, Feb. 14. Prior and development organization for the Mitchell L. Wood ’88 of Suwanee, Ga., is region- the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif. The televi-
NFHC April 2005 17
sion broadcast reached 150 countries. Clayton Gibson-Faith ’96 of Ypsilanti, Mich., and father of three beautiful children: Keagan, Alexis Chris Kerrins ’00 and Trena Hedley ’00 Kerrins
Keith Reynolds ’92 of Southampton, Ontario, is the family of the late Ann Paeth ’97 have estab- and Siah. of Mattawan, Mich., recently moved from the
minister for Southampton/Mount Hope Pastoral lished the Forge Fund for Dance at Hope College. Shannon Gould ’98 Witvoet of Fredericksburg, Chicago, Ill., area with their son, Luke (age 19
Charge – United Church of Canada. Clayton reports that he and Ann had worked Va., is a 10th grade English teacher at North months). Chris was the #1 sales rep for Stryker
Sheila Sherd ’93 Johnson of Sharpsburg, Ga., together during most of 2004 to devise a way to Stafford High School. Corporation’s Interventional Pain Division in
joined the faculty of University of Phoenix at the help support and develop dance at the college Sarah Rutherford ’99 Guarin and her husband 2004. His performance with the company over
Columbus, Ga., campus in 2004, while still and, though Ann died suddenly on Tuesday, have purchased a new home and three acres of the past four plus years earned him a promotion
working full-time at Turner Broadcasting. Sept. 21, 2004, the vision on which she worked so land in Woodbine, Md. She has recently been as manager of clinical education at Stryker’s
Joseph A. Kuiper ’93 of Grand Rapids, Mich., has hard continues to move forward in her memory. detailed to the Department of Justice in Kalamazoo headquarters.
been named partner in the law firm Warner The fund enables dance alumni and supporters to Washington, D.C., from her job with the Drug Stacey Slad ’00 of Romeoville, Ill., is a special
Norcross & Judd LLP. He joined the firm in 1998 make targeted donations to provide the depart- Enforcement Administration, to assist with the education case manager for the Plainfield (Ill.)
and concentrates his practice in commercial liti- ment of dance with additional funds to support preparation of the Attorney General’s testimony High School Central Campus.
gation in the Grand Rapids office. the study, creation and preservation of dance at for a Congressional hearing on the fiscal year Amy Shineman ’00 Taberski of Savannah, Ga., is
Scott M. Venema ’93 of Colorado Springs, Colo., the college and to provide support and enrich- 2006 budget. a registered nurse working in diabetes/vascular
has again deployed to Iraq in support of ment services to students and alumni. Questions, Michelle S. Lynch ’99 of Royal Oak, Mich., has at St. Joseph’s-Candler Hospital.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. He reports that he has ideas, or comments may be directed to Clayton at received her Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) Nathan Whitmyer ’00 of Zeeland, Mich., is an
been there so many times and for so long that the [email protected] Donations may be degree with doctoral specialization in child/ado- environmental quality analyst for the State of
locals said, “Welcome home,” when he arrived sent to the Hope College Office of Advancement, lescent psychology as well as psychoanalytic Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
most recently. Forge Fund for Dance, P.O. Box 9000, Holland, MI psychology and psychotherapy. She has accept- Josh Canan ’01 of Holland, Mich., has joined the
Shelly Woolman ’93 of Alpena, Mich., is finish- 49422-9000. ed a three-year appointment at Children’s staff of Ottawa Kent Insurance as an account
ing her 10th year of teaching. She reports that Naomi Tsukamoto ’96 of Brooklyn, N.Y., recent- Hospital of Michigan as a post-doctoral research executive, helping companies manage employee
she was excited to find out that she will be one ly relocated from Boulder, Colo., for a resident fellow working in the Child and Adolescent benefits.
of 10 teachers from Michigan who will travel artist position at Hunter College in New York Research Division (CARD) team. The multidisci- Jamie L. Lademan ’01 of East Lansing, Mich., is
throughout Japan this summer with the “Toyota City. plinary team is headed by a well-respected child assistant vice-president of Phoenix Property &
International Teacher Program.” She will join 50 Lisa Bos ’97 of Washington, D.C., has taken a psychiatrist, researcher and publisher in the area Casualty LLC.
other teachers from around the U.S. during her position as senior associate for Cassidy & of pediatric mood and anxiety disorders. She Sarah Koop ’01 VanDeven of Ellicott City, Md.,
travel. The program is sponsored by the Toyota Associates, a government relations firm in the reports that she is excited and enthusiastic about recently earned a master’s degree in a family nurse
Motor Company.

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