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    • Abstract: Celebrate National Poetry Month with a menu of local poets reading their work. ... to create poetry for community celebrations such as the poetry reading at ...

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February & March, 2007
This newsletter has been designed to inform the general public in the Orange County area and
the rest of the state of North Carolina of all things poetry. We are hoping that this newsletter
will find its way into the hands of those in this area that are interested in creating, reading, and
enjoying poetry.
What's Going On?
• West End Poets’ Weekend: October 13 & 14, 2007 in Carrboro NC. Carrboro’s Poet
Laureate will be selected. Please contact Kim Andrews at 919-918-7367 or e-mail at
[email protected] if you are interested in participating or submitting
• Poetry On Your Plate: April 13, 20, 27, 2007 at noon at the Century Center in Carrboro
NC. Co-sponsored event by the Carrboro Cybrary and Carrboro Recreation & Parks Depart-
ment. Celebrate National Poetry Month with a menu of local poets reading their work.
Bring your lunch and enjoy free coffee from the Open Eye Café and feast on poetry.
• Kids Poetry Writing Workshop: April 14 & 21, 2007 from 10:00am-11:30am at the Cen-
tury Center in Carrboro NC. Sponsored by Carrboro Recreation & Parks. Instructed by local
author Dawn McCallum. Ms. McCallum is an experienced teacher whose stories have been
published in READ and Brilliant Star Magazines for children. Ages 8-13, parents welcome,
cost is $10. Contact Carrboro Recreation & Parks at 919-918-7364 for more information.
• Poets Open Mic: Join Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department and Open Eye Cafe the
first Tuesday of each month for Poets Open Mic Night. Carrboro Open Eye Café 7 - 9pm.
Admission is free. Contact Carrboro Recreation & Parks at 919-918-7364 for more
information, or go to http://www.townofcarrboro.org/rp
• McIntyre’s Book Store Open Mic: This event is held every Thursday night of the month
at 7:30pm at McIntyre’s Book Store located at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro NC. For
more info call 919-542-3030.
• Shairi’s Poetry Open Mic: This event is held at the Marvell Event Center in Durham. It
meets on the first Saturday of each month. Doors Open at 7pm show starts at 8:30pm.
What’s Going On? (cont.)
• 1st Friday Reading Series: Open mic poetry on the 1st Friday of every month at 8pm at
Border’s Bookstore at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC. For more details call 704-595-9526,
or e-mail to [email protected]
• Shairi’s Open Mic Poetry on WXDU: WXDU 88.7FM hosts a poetry open mic every Fri-
day night, for more info contact www.wxdu.org.
• The Blotter Open Mic Night: This event is held on the third Tuesday of each month at
The Cave in Chapel Hill. The event begins at 7:30pm.
• Winston Salem Poetry Slam: Meets the first Friday of each month at Elliott’s Revue by
Trade and Seventh, at 8pm. Admission is free! Contact Bob Moyer for more information at
• The Friday Noon Poets: The Friday Noon Poets have been meeting at noon on Friday’s for
28 years without interruption. All are welcome to attend. The group meets at Amity Meth-
odist Church on the corner of Estes and Martin Luther King Jr. Rd.
• Escape the Daily Grind: This event is held every 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm in
Salisbury, NC. Contact [email protected] for more details.
• To view past issues of the West End Poetry Newsletter go to www.ci.carrboro.nc.us and go
to the Community Events section to see past issues.
Spotlight On
Jacquelyn Inyama
Jacquelyn Inyama resides in Raleigh , NC. She has completed a book of poetry entitled
“Shaking Hands With The Past”, and is currently working on a fiction novel entitled
“Flowers In The Promised Land”. Jacquelyn has had two poems, “African American” and
“ Letter To My Great-Great Grandmother”, published in Obsidian II, Black Literature In
Review; a publication of the North Carolina State University English Department.
She is a single mother of four sons and reading and writing are her passion.
Poet Power
By Jacquelyn Inyama
Rising like
A morning cloud
Upon first light of a new golden day
Praying to the God of pen and ink
That this day will be kind to a poet
Stalking, hungry lioness
With fascinating new jungles to explore
She heads straight to the kitchen cupboards
Sweet coffee aromas
Now wafting through the air
As the spirits of creation
Come screaming alive
And the poet is now
Fully awake
Immersing herself
In another world of flowing rhythm
Like tiny ballerinas
Leaping gently across the page
In soft pirouettes
As she rises skyward
Like a slow fire
Flying among the constellations
Lifted up on carefree wings
Of free verse
And briefly,
She has found her domain
Right outside the milky way
Before she comes
Quickly falling
Down to earth
Snatched abruptly
From the cradle of the stars
By the blast of a doorbell
-on guard poet
Grab all your weapons
And summon your fiercest
Poetic skills
The landlord stands
Knocking at the door
(Requiem for my adopted Grandmother)
By Jacquelyn Inyama
I always liked my Ma Annie
The sweet little lady who lived on the corner
Always meticulously arranging
Her garden like little tea cups
Plates and saucers
All in a row
My daily morning trek
To the dreary subway
Lit by her ethereal smile
That never faded amid shared stories
Of the Holocaust
As seen through the eyes
Of a bewildered child
Each day as I would pass
She would reach out a flower
In her soiled, tiny hand
Lighting the dawn like a happy morning bird
Welcoming me to “come-smell!
I picked this one especially for you!”
And the best part of my arduous day
Always began with a daily baptism
In the rivers of her strong, flowing spirit
Heralded by a storm of flowers
Constantly giving thanks to God
For taking her from the death camps
To the blessed reward of her lovely garden
I came to dearly love my Grandma Annie
The sweet little lady who wouldn’t let me pass
Without giving me a lovely tulip
Forget-me-not, or perfected rose
Toiling away at each sunrise
In her big floppy hat
Shading darkened, weary eyes
Her grandmotherly smile warming the earth
Daily I would kiss her soft little cheek
Thanking her for my precious gift
Fighting tears as I walked away
Knowing that he angelic smile
Would fade along with the setting sun
Towards evening time
As dusk shut down
Her colorful sanctuary
Forcing her inside
To a mean little husband
Who loved Jack Daniels
And hated flowers
Poet’s Biography
Johnny Vaughan was born in New Haven, Conn. in 1978. He moved to Richmond
Va. at the age of 16 to continue schooling and be closer to family. Johnny
attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated in 2001.
While attending school, Johnny sold some of his work around campus to
fellow classmates. He raised enough money to create 50 copies of his
unpublished book, “Man vs. Child”, a collection of 37 original poems.
When Life Has Lost Its Step
By Johnny Matthew Vaughan
From glances at stars to second beers at bars
I’m stepping in a world similar to Mars
Melodies whistle their death as if it has already made an entrance
The band leader calls for a halt knowing it’s the final order
Hellos and Goodbyes are preliminaries to lonely nights
I stare at the silence and wonder why I can’t fight
The television puts me in a false world when things get scary
But the last I recalled thirty minutes was only temporary
Dreams fill my head like water flooding the beach
When I open my eyes all I have is blood in my reach
Days wonder around in circles like vultures over prey
I am that corpse living for the worth of today
So I say to Mister Drummer
I lay my body down because life has lost its step
All I ever wanted was to be me
Laugh and stand tall as a tree
I live in a world where the background is a pillow
I can fall and sway like the leaves on a willow
All see is struggle (CONT.)
Females with two jobs they juggle
Males who aren’t men
I guess they’re caught up in the devil’s sin
Mister Drummer, Where are you?
Where do I fit in?
Website Links
• N.C. Poetry Society: http://www.ncpoetrysociety.org/
• North Carolina Arts Council: http://www.ncarts.org/homepage.cfm
• Writers for Peace: www.writersforpeace.org
• Informed Revolution: This webzine is a collection of visual reactions.
Now accepting submissions. http://www.informedrevolution.com/
• QuickMuse: The Internet has done many things but it hasn’t made the writing of verse
more interesting. QuickMuse plans to change this. www.quickmuse.com
• Contemporary Poetry Of NC: www.blairpub.com
• Cherokee NC Poetry: www.cherokee-nc.com/poetry
• NC Writers Network: www.ncwriters.org
• Tar River Poetry: www.personal.ecu.edu
• The Academy of American Poets– NC: www.poets.org
• Poetry Daily & Poetry Newsletter: www.poems.com
• Article on America’s First Poet– Anne Broadstreet: www.bellaonline.com
• Poetry Newsletter at Bellaonline: www.bellaonline.com
Poet Searchlight
We are currently searching for poets to spotlight in our newsletter. If you or some-
one you know is interested in being featured, please contact Dennis Joines at
[email protected]
We would love to post some of your poetry. If you would like to submit a poem
to the newsletter then please send your name, location, a brief bio of yourself, and
your poem via email to [email protected]
We will post a new poem with each updated newsletter. Also, in the future, we
will have a newsletter dedicated to all the poems that have been submitted.
Carrboro Poet Laureate Search
The Carrboro Art Committee is currently searching for a new Poet Laureate for
the Town of Carrboro. The Poet Laureate may be called upon throughout the year
to create poetry for community celebrations such as the poetry reading at
Carrboro Day, the West End Poetry Weekend, and other various dedications and
To apply for the position of Carrboro’s fourth Poet Laureate, the applicant must be
a resident of Carrboro, complete the application form, and send one signed and
one unsigned copy of one poem to the Carrboro Art Committee. Each poem sub-
mission will be assigned a number for blind judging by Carrboro’s current Poet
Laureate, Todd Sandvik. One poem per applicant please.
Interested poets may either nominate themselves, or communicate their desire to
be considered and their willingness to participate in the competition to another
person who may nominate them. Carrboro’s newly selected fourth Poet Laureate
Will be introduced and will read their selected poem at the West End Poetry
Weekend in October 2007.
To access a copy of the application form go to:

Use: 0.1286