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    • Abstract: to the second issue of MORPC’s Complete Streets newsletter! ... and will report progress with our Complete Streets toolkit as well as other news relevant to Complete Streets efforts in central ...

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Complete Streets
Winter 2010-2011 NEWSLETTER Issue 2
Welcome to the second issue of MORPC’s Complete Streets newsletter! The newsletter will be published twice a year
and will report progress with our Complete Streets toolkit as well as other news relevant to Complete Streets efforts in central
Ohio. Each issue of the newsletter will highlight a different part of the toolkit. This issue focuses on the tool library checkout
process, the engineering fact sheets, and MORPC’s Complete Streets community visits.
A goal of the toolkit project is to enlist at least 20 local governments to actively develop Complete Streets policies by June
2011. The toolkit is funded in part by a grant from the Ohio Department of Health, Office of Healthy Ohio.
In this issue Complete Streets Toolkit Update
Complete Streets Toolkit Update
Local Complete Streets Projects Tool Library Checkout Process Engineering Fact Sheets
Recent Local Events As part of MORPC’s Complete Streets As part of the toolkit, fact sheets on
toolkit, we have established a regional various engineering topics related to
Upcoming Events tool library with equipment that can be complete streets will be placed on the
Publications and Resources borrowed by our members to be used for MORPC website once they are finalized.
their projects or studies. The fact sheets will cover all the 5 E’s of
To borrow equipment, go to transportation planning (Engineering,
www.morpc.org/completestreets and Education, Enforcement, Encouragement,
Fun Fact click on the “toolkit” link. You can then and Evaluation).
download the checkout form to fill out. Community Visits
Cycle Tracks, a widespread type of
So far, we have the following To encourage the development of
bicycle infrastructure in Europe,
equipment available for checkout: Complete Streets policies by local
are gaining popularity in the U.S.
8 automatic infrared people counters governments, MORPC is offering to give
Cycle tracks typically have the
(for counting both bicyclists and presentations on the Complete Streets
following properties:
pedestrians) concept to local councils and other
For bicycle use only departments. The first presentation was
Parallel to a pedestrian sidewalk 2 bicycle counters, consisting of a tube
given to Upper Arlington’s city council on
that can be installed across a multi-use
Separated from motorized traffic October 11, 2010.
path or a lane of shared roadway
by a buffer zone To schedule a presentation for your
May include bike-specific signals 1 radar gun for conducting speed community, contact Kerstin Carr at
For more information, download studies [email protected] or (614) 233-4163.
Alta Planning’s report on cycle
tracks from this page:
research+_+studies.aspx Local Complete Streets Projects
▲ State Route 3 (Westerville Rd.) between SR ▲ West Broad Street in Columbus between
161 and Dempsey Rd.: Bike lanes will be installed Central Ave. and Hague Ave.: A road diet
along this section, and a funding request for was implemented in October 2010,
Cycle track in Regensburg, Germany. including bicycle lanes.
sidewalks was submitted to MORPC.
Photo: Kerstin Carr.
Recent Local Events
Crosswalk Sting Events
In September and October, thanks to a yielded to pedestrians—not only at the
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning grant from the FHWA’s Accelerating Safety crosswalks where the enforcement took
Commission Activities Program, MORPC partnered with place, but at other crosswalks as well.
local governments and law enforcement to Crosswalk stings were conducted at a
111 Liberty St., Suite 100 organize “stings” at crosswalks throughout total of 10 locations in the cities of
Columbus OH 43215 central Ohio. Columbus, Hilliard, Pataskala, and
In a crosswalk sting, law enforcement Pickerington.
Phone: 614.228.2663 officers monitor a crosswalk where large MORPC provided the cities with two
Fax: 614.228.1904 numbers of motorists have failed to yield to educational giveaway items for motorists
www.morpc.org/completestreets pedestrians, and issue warnings or tickets to who were stopped: A warning flyer explaining
non-yielding motorists. Ohio Revised Code the program, and a “dashboard sticky
requires motorists to yield to pedestrians in pad” (for holding small items on the car
all marked and unmarked crosswalks.
Resources dashboard) printed with the message “Yield
Crosswalks stings have been proven to to pedestrians at marked and unmarked
In October, the FHWA’s have lasting positive results for pedestrian crosswalks.” We are now developing a
Pedestrian and Bicycle safety. A crosswalk sting program in Miami pedestrian safety brochure that will be
Information Center Beach, Florida resulted in sustained available soon.
launched Walk Friendly increases in the percentage of drivers who
Communities, a national
recognition program to
encourage safer walking
environments across the
U.S. Their website
offers resources for all
phases of Complete
Streets implementation.
In October, the FHWA
published two new Tech
Briefs relating to
Complete Streets
▲ A Columbus Police Department officer ▲ A motorist failing to yield to pedestrians
monitors a crosswalk during a sting event in during a crosswalk sting event in
1) Crosswalk Marking
September 2010. September 2010.
Field Visibility Study
(giving recommendations
for crosswalk design)
2) Evaluation of Shared Upcoming Events
Lane Markings Mark your calendars!
(discussing the benefits The next Healthy Communities Active
of “sharrows”). Transportation (HCAT) Conference and
Both briefs can be Workshop will be held May 9-10, 2011, at
downloaded for free from the Cleveland Clinic Play House, 8500
the FHWA website. Euclid Avenue, Cleveland OH 44103.
This newsletter is funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Health, Office of Healthy Ohio.
Ohio Department of Health grant funding supports Statewide Wellness and Obesity Prevention Program initiatives.

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