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    • Abstract: Many PACT attendees would demonstrate support for our project. ... Unapproved Board Minutes from 11/21/02; PACT Compensation Comparison Study from Phillip Penn. dated Oct. 16, ...

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PACT CHARTER SCHOOL Parents Allied with Children and Teachers
440 Pierce St. Anoka, MN 55303 (Elementary) Phone: (763)-421-4510 Fax: 421-3092
2665 N. 4th Avenue Anoka, MN 55303 (Secondary) Phone: (763) 421-8475 Fax: 421-9228
PACT Business Office Phone: (763) 576-4613
Board Minutes for December 12, 2002 Approved
Submitted by Justin Ernst, Board Secretary
Board Members (Attendance History on last page.)
Position Committee Member Arrive Depart Meeting
Chair – Parent Jim Lowry 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
Vice Chair – Parent Craig Novak 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
Secretary – Parent Justin Ernst 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
CFO – Parent Tory Winters 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
Member – Teacher Donna Heinrich 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
Member – Teacher Shirley Delich 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
Member – Teacher Mary Levy 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
Member – Teacher Marna Luer 5:02 PM 7:10 PM
Ex-Officio Member – Administrator Daniel DeBruyn 5:02 PM 6:10 PM
(P=Present, A=Absent, T=Tardy)
Guests Arrive Depart
Steve Bosacker 5:23PM 6:55PM
Bernice Humnick 6:55PM 7:10PM
1. Call to Order
This regularly scheduled Board meeting was held at the PACT Elementary building. Jim called the meeting to
order at 5:02 pm.
2. Acknowledge Correspondence and Guests
Correspondence Received: Email from Dan DeBruyn to Board Members dated 12/10/02 regarding Meeting with
Bethel College.
3. Approve Agenda & Minutes
Craig made a motion to approve the 11/21/02 minutes as amended; Dan seconded. Motion carried. Tory made a
motion to approve the agenda; Craig seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
4. Open Microphone
No guests spoke at open microphone.
5. Administrator’s Report
A. Dan reported having his teacher observations are about a quarter done, with Dan being responsible for the
secondary teachers only. Jim discussed the importance of finishing those in a timely manner, and Dan
agreed. Dan plans to have them complete by the next board meeting. (January 9 )
B. The new lunch catering provider completed a “taste test” for those who wanted to participate, and the
general consensus reported to Dan was good. Anoka County came in to check on compliance, and the
conditions passed. Dan feels as though there is room to improve conditions over time, but minimum
requirements have been met for serving hot lunches.
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C. Dan reported on the hiring of a replacement Board Clerk. Position has been posted, and interviews to start
the week of December 16 . There are 2 internal (parents) and several external applicants at this time. Dan
will use Tory and Justin as resources for the interviews.
6. Standing Committee Reports
A. Committee minutes were not delivered to the board before the meeting, so members did not have a chance
to review. Dan will discuss with Barb to ensure minutes are delivered at the same time as the Board packet
whenever possible. Members are to review and bring any necessary items to the next meeting.
B. Discussed adding item numbers to Old and New Business for the Board minutes. Tory and Justin to review,
and provide a modified template to the sub-committees to retain a common format.
C. Personnel: Bernice presented a recommendation from the Personnel Committee to hire Phillip Penn as a
Human Resource Management Consultant to do an external market compensation comparison study for a
list of PACT job classifications (see attached proposal and resume). He has done similar studies for other
Charter schools (resume included in Board packet). Jim made a motion to approve the Personnel
Committee recommendation to engage Phillip Penn as defined in his proposal dated 12/10/02 for
$60/hr for approximately 40-60 hours ($2,400 - $3,600 from the Board Agency Account). Shirley
seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
D. Elementary Steering: Minutes received from 11/14/02. Approval of Kindergarten Philosophy & Pamphlet
‘Kindergarten Outcome Objectives’ will be addressed under New Business.
E. Secondary Steering: Minutes received from 10/29/02 and 12/3/02.
F. Transportation: Minutes received from 12/2/02.
G. Building Committee: Steve Bosacker reported (see written report):
• The schematic design is nearing completion (see handout dated 12/10/02).
• The concession area was looked at for relocation to allow for easier securing of the building during
scheduled after school activities.
• Geothermal heating is being investigated further, with a test bore to be completed. (The Building
Committee voted that this would be there preferred method if the test bore is successful.) Hopes of a
4 to 5 year payback on the extra 200k premium were discussed as well as the longevity of the system.
• Final grading of the land designated as ‘setback’ may be limited, requiring a change to the pond area,
or acceptance of some flooding on the fields.
• A permit is not required for the water system, based on the project usage rate.
• No turn-ins will be acceptable on CR-9.
• Citizens have filed an EAW (Environmental Assessment Worksheet) petition with Oak Grove.
• Dec 19 is the Oak Grove Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at 7:00 PM, hopefully they will
approve our platting and site plan. Many PACT attendees would demonstrate support for our project.
See Steve’s 11/21/02 Building Project Report (attached). Steve also handed out and briefly discussed the
‘Composite Draft Cost Schedule’ dated 11/27/02 showing Total Project costs to be currently estimated at
$10,460,346; and the Amcon ‘Site Work Estimate’ dated 12/9/02 showing $1,177,112 of site improvements
are estimated.
7. Budget & Finance Report
A. Tory discussed the frequency the Board wishes to review the Detailed Budget to Actual report.
Concluded that the one page summary should be provided monthly, with the Detailed report and
Variance report provided quarterly.
B. Tory also reported that our cash position is good, with approx 100K in the bank with a zero balance on
the line of credit. Discussed putting the cash position on the monthly Summary report. Tory will add this
at the bottom for convenience, though the cash position is only loosely related to the Budget to Actual
C. The Mid-year Budget update has been delayed due to the priority of completing the audit. Tory’s meeting
with Stenmark has been rescheduled to Jan 3. Budget categories may be revised pending decisions
from that meeting.
D. Tory reported that Mark Beltz, the financial consultant doing our five year forecast on the Bonding
package, has explained that they would like to see a 1.2 coverage ratio (lease debt to surplus) on our
budgets for 2002-03 and 2003-04. This will cause us to be perceived as lower ‘risk’ and help us get a
reduced interest rate on the bonds. Discussed asking the Steering Committees, or all departments, to
minimize spending this year and next year to increase the surplus. This ties in with Dan’s recent email
requesting a direction be given to the Steering Committees as they go into a new budget year. Dan
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encouraged the board to give more clear direction to the committees that expedite the process (i.e. a
percentage cut). Tory moved that we ask all departments to minimize spending this year (and next
year), and give the Budget & Finance Committee a revised budget for this year to be incorporated
into our Mid-year Budget Update. Craig seconded. Tory will draft a memo and send it to Craig and
Dan for review before sending the memo to all departments. Motion carried unanimously.
E. Tory also requested that the Board discuss some enrollment options to increase funds for the new
building project. The current building cost estimate is approximately $500,000 over what we can borrow
at $1400/wadm for 468 students, if we get a 7.5% interest rate (and have to include 15 months of
capitalized interest). We are aggressively pursuing ways to reduce the financing costs, about 25% of the
project cost; however we may want to ask the Steering Committees for a recommendation about some
enrollment options that are possible:
1. Increase class size for one year (2003-2004) to 26 students/class in 3-12 grade. This would
generate an extra $143,000 that could be used for the building project.
2. If we increase class size higher, to 28 students/class in grades 5-12 for one year (2003-2004) we
could generate $240,471.
3. If we permanently change our goal to provide 26 students/class in grades 5-12, it would allow us
to borrow an additional $480,000.
Discussion ensued, major points: These options would only be used if we can’t reduce financing costs;
care should be taken to convey that the board does not endorse any of these specific options at this time;
we should request pros and cons of the options, not provide them; we need feedback on a comparison of
these options versus building size reduction or the quality of HVAC systems; we should also solicit other
options. Consensus was that we should ask for the Steering Committee’s recommendation on these
options. Tory made a motion that we request that the Steering Committees review the various
enrollment options and provide a recommendation back to the Board. Craig seconded. Tory will
draft a memo to the Steering Committees and route to all Board members for review prior to sending.
Motion passed unanimously.
8. Consent Agenda
A. Cost Reimbursement Resolution – In order to recover all building costs in the bond issuance, PACT as
well as PCS Building Company needs to approve a cost reimbursement resolution. Tory made a
motion to approve the Cost Reimbursement Resolution as amended; Craig seconded. Motion
carried unanimously
B. Claims: Dan made a motion to approve the list of claims SB 03-14 for a total of $9163.78. Jim
seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
C. Personnel Salary Changes/ New hires:
• Jen Woyke, Board Clerk, approved retroactive pay increase due to rate change by Personnel from
10/8/02 to 11/30/02, new rate $12.50 (affects 12.75 hours).
• Guy Winters, Facilities/Technology Coordinator, retroactive pay increase to $22.93/hr effective
7/1/2001 thru 7/1/02 and then an increase to $23.62/hr effective 7/1/02 (2080 hrs/year) to current.
• Jeff Foss, Maintenance, periodic increase to $15.30/hr effective 12/29/02 (2080 hrs/year)
• Deb Holmes, Volunteer Coordinator, periodic increase to $11.33/hr effective 12/1/02 (978 hrs/year)
• Penny Coons, new position – Activities Coordinator, $500.00 stipend from Extra-Curricular budget
Craig made a motion to approve the personnel consent agenda. Shirley seconded. Jim notified the
board of a potential conflict with the raise for Jeff Foss, as it is his brother in-law, but voted. Tory notified
the board of a potential conflict with the raise for Guy Winters, her spouse, but abstained from vote, since
she did not feel paying an Activities Coordinator from Extra Curricular funds has been approved by the
Steering Committees. Motion carried with one abstention.
9. Old Business – postponed to the next meeting due to time constraints
A. Board Chair description & Annual Calendar
B. Board Secretary description
C. Location Survey
10. New Business - postponed to the next meeting due to time constraints
A. Board Training
C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Documents\Minutes\Upload Files\bd021212.doc
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B. Kindergarten Philosophy & Pamphlet
C. Administrator’s Informal Review
Added Agenda Items
Action Points
1. Dan will talk with Barb to ensure Committee minutes are available a week before the Board meeting.
2. Justin & Tory to review minutes template and mail modified version to Committee secretaries.
3. Board approved hiring Phillip Penn as a Human Resource Management Consultant to do an external
market compensation comparison study, as recommended by the Personnel Committee.
4. Budget & Finance Committee will provide the Budget to Actual Summary report monthly, reducing to
frequency of the Detailed and Variance report to once/quarter.
5. Tory will modify the Budget to Actual Summary report to include our cash position at the bottom of the
6. Tory will draft a memo to all departments directing them to minimize discretionary spending; route to Dan
& Craig for review; and send out to all departments.
7. Tory will draft a memo to both Steering Committees requesting them to provide a recommendation to the
Board on possible enrollment options to increase funds for the building project; route to all board members
for review; and send out to both Steering Committees.
Future Agenda Items
1. All Old Business and New Business postponed items.
2. Mid-Year Budget Update
Jim adjourned the meeting at 7:10 p.m.
Meeting Handouts
1. Board Agenda including Claims Report SB#03-14; Building Project Cost Reimbursement Resolution;
Unapproved Board Minutes from 11/21/02; PACT Compensation Comparison Study from Phillip Penn
dated Oct. 16, 2002; Job Clarification of School Board Chair & Annual Calendar; Board Secretary;
Kindergarten Philosophy & Kindergarten Outcome Objectives pamphlet.
2. Options for raising funds for building from Tory Winters, dated 12/11/02
3. Personnel Salary Changes packet dated 12/12/02 including resume for Phillip Penn and a memo from
same dated 12/10/02 detailing Compensation Study provided by Bernice Humnick.
4. Building Project Report from Steve Bosacker, dated 11/21/02 (with updates from 12/9/02); Building Cost
Estimate, including Site Work; EAW petition; Schematic Draft dated 12/10/02;
2002-2003 Committee Attendance Record
Position Committee Nov Nov Dec Jan Jan Feb Feb Mar Mar Apr Apr May
7 21 12 9 23 13 27 13 27 10 24 5
Member ‘02 ‘02 ‘02 ‘03 ‘03 ‘03 ‘03 ‘03 ‘03 ‘03 ‘03 ‘03
Chair – P Jim Lowry A P P
Vice Chair - P Craig Novak P T P
Secretary – P Justin Ernst P P P
CFO – P Tory Winters P P P
Member – T Donna Heinrich P P P
Member – T Shirley Delich P P P
Member – T Mary Levy - P P
Member – T Marna Luer T P P
Ex-Officio Member Daniel DeBruyn T A L
Ex- Member – P Dawn Pfitzer T P -
Ex- Member – T Marcy Swinnerton P P -
P = Present; A =Absent; T = Tardy; L = Left Early
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