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    • Abstract: PACT Coffees. 6. Wal. k. a. t. h. o. n. 6. Social Com. m. itt. ee. 6. Student Work. 5 & 6. PACT NEWS ... Please join me in saying "YES I will help PACT move into its next phase ...

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The PACT Newsletter is pub-
lished four times each school Volume 10, Issue 1
Fun for PACT Patricia Goates year. Questions ,comments
and suggestions for future NOVEMBER 2005 PACT – An Educational Opportunity
On your mark, get ready, cele- kids/parents, a beach day, and an editions should be directed to
Trish Morgan Sandy Bartlett
brate! ice cream social. If you have an
idea that you would like to see (trish.morgan @comcast.net)
So much fun happening this year. happen just let us know. or Clarissa Blanco The school year has started, the School to refocus our vision. Re-
Your PACT social committee is (clarissa_blanco @yahoo.com) kids have settled in and we par- flect on PACT's educational val-
planning a year to remember. Mark your calendar for:
ents are getting our arms around ues: balanced education (intel-
You will be invited to informal
monthly PACT gatherings. Wednesday, December 7 working in the classrooms. lectual, creative, social, physical
6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.,
Walkathon and emotional growth); engag-
Festival of Lights. Liza Levin On campus, we see all the great ing the natural love of learning
We just had our first ever Trunk
or Treat event. We’re planning a K/1 classes will be performing. things about PACT in full action. in children; hands-on educa-
Was it the best Walkathon ever? Well,
pajama/movie night, rock climb- A third grader helping a kinder- tion; gaining knowledge through
If you have questions, contact it was for me. The 1950's theme not
ing, play dates after school at the gartener make handmade paper research and guided discovery;
Patricia Goates at 650 625 1234. only reminded us of Slater's 50th anni-
school playground, weekend bike
versary, it also gave us the opportunity on an Arts Focus Friday. Six 2nd classrooms that are safe for self-
riding, i.m. chat night for the
to wear poodle skirts, watch the stu- graders and a teacher gathered expression; cooperative work;
dents and teachers master the hula around a lunch table reading and respect for all children and
hoops, and listen to rock-n-roll during
PACT Coffees Tracy Wingrove recess on our Walkathon Spirit Days. and discussing Roald Dahl's adults. With this move, we hold
Mathilda. A mother assisting in our hands the chance to
With this Walkathon we also received the planting of wheat in our make PACT an even better
We have scheduled a number of All coffees will be held at
great community support. The retail educational garden and an school than it is now. Baird
informational sessions in the next Starbucks on Castro Street.
community donated more items than adult-size Little Red Hen in Mrs. Nuckolls reports back from the
few months. These are informal ever before, so we were able to raise
coffees where prospective parents Wednesday, November 9 7-9 pm Jensen's K-1 classroom reading Integration Committee that both
more money on our raffle and silent
can meet with current PACT par- auction than in year's past. Our inter- aloud about her lazy friends. the Castro English-Only
ents and learn about our school. Monday, November 14 7-9 pm
nal Slater community came together as Two 3rd grade boys tightly roll- Neighborhood Strand and the
We’d like to get a few PACT par- well. We had 3 separate groups of Sla-
ents to attend each event along Tuesday, December 6 7-9 pm ing newspapers and using mask- Dual Immersion Strand are wel-
ter parents (PACT & Neighborhood) ing tape to create geometric coming PACT School onto their
with our committee members to making wonderful food and root-beer
present a varied perspective on Sunday, January 8 1-3 pm shapes. A circle of 5th graders campus with open arms. They
floats to sell to all those tired students
the school. and their families and friends. acting out Shakespeare in their are excited to have PACT (and
best theatrical voices; buses all of its educational philoso-
Then there was the fun. The Games leaving on a field trip to Half phies) sharing their campus.
Committee outdid themselves this Moon Bay to study the life cycle
year. Who will forget watching the
teachers try their hips on the hula of a pumpkin on a working Please join me in saying “YES I
hoops? And how many times does a pumpkin farm; parents loading will help PACT move into its
student get a chance to throw a wet up their cars with children to go next phase of development and
sponge at their teacher? The students to the Linden Tree Bookstore to continue making this the best
sure looked motivated to walk this year
Committee, Classroom & Community News
meet a celebrated author. school that I can.” We chose
- was it the great, energizing music or
the tons of terrific lap prizes? this educational opportunity for
And we also look around our our children because we believe
Inside this issue
Speaking of lap prizes, hopefully, you campus and wonder, "What will that PACT makes a difference in
have seen your child's green rubber Room 3 2 it be like next year when PACT their lives. Let's continue to
bracelet that was custom made for Oc- Room 5 2 School moves to Castro Cam- bring this wonderful opportu-
tober 14, 2005 to let us remember a Room 6 3
great day, a great year, and a great Room 7 3
pus?" Feel reassured that we all nity to the parents who believe
school. Room 8 4 have questions and concerns. that there is a better way to edu-
Room 12 5 cate our children. Embrace the
I write this with great appreciation to Room 24 4 The move to the Castro Campus change that lies before us!
all the volunteers who helped plan and PACT Coffees 6
By Connor, Kindergarten, Room 3 Walkathon 6 is an opportunity for PACT
implement this Walkathon. As they are
aware, I could not have done it without Social Committee 6
Student Work 5&6
Page 6 NOVEMBER 2005
Classroom News Classroom News
Room 3 Tanya Bishop Room 12
The kindergarteners and first grad- soup and graphed who liked it and properties of liquids and solids with The kids in Room 12 write articles today we are going to make sugar in the corn maze.
ers of Miss Margo's class have al- who didn't. Ian's mother, Karen. for their own class newsletter. The skulls. And we have cooking to-
ready learned so much since the following are some of the articles day. From James:
start of the year! Room three has already studied The children especially enjoy spe- written by the students: Recently we have been working
sunflowers, apples and pumpkins. cial activities like the library, P.E. From Joseph: on area and perimeter. Area is
They have been learning all about In the garden they have released both through the school and with From Maria Paula: We went to City Hall’s council however much space is in the
days of the week, months and the butterflies that Nick raised, started Christina's mother, music with Mr. We are working on our math. Mr. chambers and we looked at old shape. Perimeter is how much it’s
weather by keeping a weather cal- their garden journals, and the first Santos, their first few sessions of A. is showing us a little of algebra buildings on Castro. On the VTA around. We’ve also been
endar in class and at home. They graders harvested wheat with The Art Focus and additional art, music like x+7=10 and now we know went to down town Mountain working on QDPACheck. Q is
enjoy doing it so much they have Little Red Hen. and movement with CSMA. what x means. It means any num- View. Our next field trip is to lin- equal to Question, D is equal to
requested to check the weather ber. Here x equals 3. den book tree in Palo Alto. The Data, P is equal to Plan, A is equal
twice a day! Kid-writing is off to a great start Wow! All that and they still find the first VTA to downtown Mountain to Answer, And check is equal the
with wonderful pictures and imagi- energy to clean up at the end of the What we are also studying El Dia View didn't see us. On the 26th of Check.
The children have already had a native stories. In Math the children day with one of their favorite books de los Muertos. Yesterday, we October we went to Bob’s pump-
field trip with Room 6 to see Helen are finishing up a unit on patterns and songs: "Chicka Chicka Boom made little books and masks and kin patch and everybody got lost
Cooper, author of "Pumpkin Soup," and moving onto measurement Boom."
at the Linden Tree Bookstore. That with help from Jada’s mother, Julie.
afternoon, the class made pumpkin In Science they are exploring the
PACT Student Work
A Painting
Paint comes off an artist’s brush
a mingle of hues
Room 5 Colleen Dante magenta, salmon, light blue
Hello and Happy Fall from room 5!! also trained as a librarian AND has Her daughters are in 7th and 10th Like windblown smoke on a clear day
a law degree!! Although she has grades. The biggest difference for her or twisting sinuous snakes weaving patterns
This month we would like to intro- never practiced law, she says she daughters in school here is that in complexly
duce our wonderful teacher Terri would have wanted to be a family New Zealand EVERYBODY in EVERY
Hygate. Mrs. Hygate is new to the lawyer. You also may be surprised school wears a uniform, and the first
through winding mazes
PACT program this year so we to know that she once had a job day of school in New Zealand and many beautiful hazes
thought our community of families where she was paid to watch T.V.! Australia is in JANUARY!! Yes, you
would be interested in learning It's true - in Australia the govern- read correctly, school starts right after Colors filling all being with light
more about her! ment has laws requiring a certain Christmas there!! She says this is due colors even lifting the blanket of night
amount of children’s programs of to the fact that summer in Australia
Terri was born in Southern England high quality, so she was paid to and New Zealand is from September
in the town of Devon. When she watch programs and "classify" them to December. Quite different from All creation seems so small
was 6 years old, she and her family as appropriate or not. She was here in California, huh? Also, every with these pigments dominating life
moved to the island nation of New hired due in no small part to her le- school in New Zealand has a pool and
Zealand. Terri says," New Zealand gal degree, so you never know all of the children are taught to swim. What, where, when would the world be
is the last bus-stop on the planet! - where a great education will lead Wouldn't that be fun? Hmm...maybe without the colors of a painting
a long way from EVERYTHING!! " you! we should ask Dr. Nikki what she can
arrange for us PACT Slater Gators!!
Mrs. Hygate has a few secrets you Mrs. Hygate moved to the Califor- By Jackson
might not expect! Not only is she nia seven and a half years ago. She Until next time, Goodbye from room 5th Grade
an elementary school teacher, she is has a husband and two daughters. 5!
By Veronica, 1st Grade, Room 3
Room 24
Page 2 NOVEMBER 2005 NOVEMBER 2005 Page 5
Classroom News
Room 6 Kale Wilmoth
“Shwett, shwett,” says the most joined sharing a special book on try something new is right on target
popular member of Susan Jensen’s guinea pigs. Students dashed home for these students who are leaping
new class. Abu, the sweet-natured, the very first week of school begging into the world of writing on their own.
gray guinea pig is adored by most, if their parents to sign up for Abu’s Their parents have joined them by at-
not all, of the new kinders and first weekend home visit schedule. tending Susan’s “kidwriting work-
graders in Room 6. They have shop” to learn the skills of supporting
learned how to care for and feed Speaking of schedules, Room 6 has new writers in their work.
Abu, even getting advice from a been busy. The first field trip of the
self-proclaimed “guinea pig special- year took them to a local bookstore, Next month, the class will venture off
ist” who visited the class, sharing the Linden Tree, to hear author to new territory beginning with the
her love for all that is guinea pig. Helen Cooper read from her book, 100 year old Ardenwood Historic
Abu especially enjoyed the tips and A Pipkin of Pepper, and explain Farm where they will learn more
tricks she taught the students about how she came up with the story and about animal husbandry, how food
his love of fresh grass and vegeta- how the book was created. The tale grows, and a little about life in Amer-
bles. The school reading specialist of collaboration and willingness to ica’s past.
Room 7 Baird Nuckolls
The fourth grade class quickly got which included a solo section and a with small groups of 4-6 reading a
involved in the subject of California view of the big statue of John Sut- chapter book together with an adult
history in preparation for their trip ter. The first night they attended a and discussing it. Another fun activ-
to Gold Rush Camp at the Coloma hoe-down and the second night ity has been their Theaterworks
Outdoor Discovery school just three they enjoyed listening to Kimberly classes. Every day for two and a half
weeks after school started. Mrs. Shining Star tell Native American weeks they have spent time doing act-
Campbell's class and Mrs. Carillo's stories and sing-songs, including ing exercises and preparing a play
4th grade class traveled by bus up stories about a boy and a rattle- based on the poem “Remember” by
to Coloma for a three-day experi- snake, and another one about a cat- Joy Harjo, which will be presented to
ence in living history and nature fish and a moose. At night, they the rest of the school on Nov. 1. They
appreciation. During their experi- slept in cabins with the parent are making sugar skulls in prepara-
ences of becoming “Sourdoughs,” chaperones. Big thanks to Gloria tion for celebrating “Dios de la
the kids got to pan for gold (which Higgins, Sue Rosen, Jeanne Desai, Muerta,” the Day of the Dead on Nov.
they said was hard and wet), cook Abe Farias, and Buck Beardsley 1st and they are going on a Faultline
cornbread, and build a shelter that who accompanied the group as Field Trip on Nov. 9 to take an
was showered with water to see if it chaperones. Earthquake Hike and talk about the
would keep them dry. The kids impact of earthquakes on our lives
loved the hike on the second day, Back in class, Lit circles have begun here in California.
Page 3 NOVEMBER 2005
Classroom News
Room 8 Jean Moranda-Torres
The second and third graders in was used to keep the shapes in than,” “heavier than” and “equal”
Mrs. Ross’ class have been settling place, and the children took pride in weights. Finally, Michelle Perry has
in nicely to the new school year, ac- their problem-solving efforts. been working with small groups of
tively creating their classroom children to create a large “nature”
community. Along with everyone The children have also been work- mobile. Michelle and the children
getting to know one another better, ing with understanding concepts of have taken short walks around the
a few projects are also defining balance, particularly “balance school to find materials from nature
these early months. point” and “counter weight.” The to add and hang from a three-tiered
kids began with a “balance” cat. To branch mobile, strung from the ceil-
It’s difficult to miss the three di- this cardstock cutout, children ing in the classroom. All of the chil-
mensional hexagons, squares, and would add paper clips to the cat’s dren will participate, and everyone so
pyramids hanging from the ceiling paws, balancing the center of the far has been very excited in it’s evolv-
and windowsills. After rolling up cat on their fingertip. From this ing creation.
newspapers width and length-wise, they moved to comparing the
the children were tasked with figur- weight of various items at school Just a few of the highlights from room
ing out how to place the rolls to and around the house to deepen 8!
make these shapes. Plenty of tape their understanding of “lighter
Room 24 Susie Carlson
The children, Ms. Malouf, and a bonding experience for our graduat- newspapers, etc. Ask about QDPA!
host of parent volunteers have been ing class, and an opportunity for The Walkathon was another opportu-
all over the map since school children and adults alike to stretch nity to make math real. Children
started, creating, experiencing, and their limits. A solo night walk (to- measured their steps, and counted the
advancing their knowledge of their ward a counselor with a candle), a number of steps it took to go around
world and themselves. 40’ climbing wall, and cabins with the field, then estimated how many
no electricity all served to push par- steps they would take on Walkathon
San Jose Museum of Art ticipants to learn their limits while Day.
The class had a field trip to the San at the same time relying on each
Jose Museum of Art in September, other. The children studied the Writer’s Workshop
where were treated to a docent- flora and fauna of the Santa Cruz About 45 minutes, three to four times
guided tour of the museum, and got Mountains, electricity, and other a week, the kids just WRITE. They
to create their own masterpieces re- natural forces, and also had an op- are learning to help their peers, to re-
lated to the works they had viewed. portunity to explore and play on read for revision, and the importance
Among the works the children ex- Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz be- of detail in a written work. Their fi-
perienced that day were Dale Chi- fore going home. nal, error-free pieces will eventually
huly’s blown glass chandeliers, be published. The kids are loving this
Hung Liu’s painting, Chinese Pro- Math process and are very excited when
file II, and Mildred Howard’s instal- After a general review, the kids have Writer’s Workshop time comes
lation piece, Adobe:Sanctuary for moved into studying the parts of a around. They are producing all kinds
the Familia(r). whole – fractions, decimals, per- of creative written works – poetry,
centages, division, etc., using all the works based on a piece of art of their
Science Camp operations. Students are finding own, and a freeze-frame piece about
Science Camp, which incorporated them everywhere, in everyday one moment at Science Camp.
the entire fifth grade, was a major items: Can labels, cereal packages,
Page 4 NOVEMBER 2005

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