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For Immediate Release
Real de Santa Ana Breaks Ground!
Todos Santos’ Newest Residential Resort Community
is Now Under Construction.
August 27, 2007 marked the official ground breaking and Phase 1 of the construction of 220
homes in the Real de Santa Ana resort community, an exciting start to the visionary Santa Ana
family master-plan. The first phase, known simply as "Todos Santos," will soon become an
extension of the history and culture of the town itself. Years of careful planning by the Santa
Ana family has culminated in a unique development plan, offering 3 and 4-bedroom residence
options from 1,200 to 1,800 sq. ft. with prices starting at $190,000 USD.
Within the gated community, each lot provides a minimum of 5,300 square feet, offering plenty of space to call home. Lush
landscaping comprised of bougainvillea, flowering vines and fruit trees and a variety of palms will enhance the feeling of living
in a tropical oasis. The first ten homes will be ready for occupancy in March of 2008. Five have been sold, three will remain model
homes, and two of the initial ten are still available.
Envisioned by Dr. Santa Ana and designed by Juan Manuel Velasquez of Velasquez Asociados, Real de Santa Ana will soon become
a part of the Todos Santos community — a place where you can savor the flavors of rich Mexican traditions, immerse yourself in
a warm Baja oasis and slow down long enough to experience what truly matters in life…
For centuries, the tropical oasis of Todos Santos has nurtured those who seek a more tranquil existence — one closely connected
to the rhythms of nature. Within the Real de Santa Ana resort community, you’ll become reacquainted with your senses while
immersed in the healthy lifestyle that has existed since the first pioneers arrived.
Your home is walking distance from the colonial heart of the pueblo where you can enjoy fine dining, great shopping,
entertainment, the local fish market offering the fresh catch-of-the-day, plus the local produce vendors where you can find
numerous varieties of organic fruits and vegetables.
The subdivision of Todos Santos is designed to appeal to those seeking to own a home in a tranquil resort community close to
nature, with all the modern services and amenities you expect including meticulously maintained landscaping, 24-hour security,
concierge service and wireless communications.
“Become part of the Todos Santos community and enjoy the rich flavor of a tropical Baja oasis.”
To arrange for a private tour, contact Rory King at 011 521 (624) 151-5840 (from US).
For more information, visit www.todossantosliving.com.
To download a brochure in PDF format, see www.todossantosliving.com/pdfs/RDSAKingiBook.pdf

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