• PR Log - Tend-A-Tot Wins 10 Top Home-Based Businesses of 2009 Award!

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution
Tend-A-Tot Wins 10 Top Home-Based Businesses of 2009 Award!
By Elizabeth VouVakis of Punim Products, LLC
Dated: Nov 20, 2009
Punim Products, LLC - home of the 6-in-1 Magical Shape-shifter Tend-A-Tot(tm) Baby Bag is proud to
receive the Start-Up Nation's award for being one of the 10 top home-based businesses of 2009.
Punim Products, LLC, home of the amazing 6-in-1 Tend-A-Tot(tm) Baby Bag/Travel Tote, came about as a
result of Mom/Grandmother Elizabeth VouVakis' creative endeavor to improve on the shawl sling used in
Greece and elsewhere in old-world countries. She needed something that would provide nurture, comfort,
security and mobility for the littlest members of her growing family as well as ease of care, when away
from home.
She started with a proto-type bag, using it with her youngest granddaughter at the time, tweeking it as they
utilized the different functions, adding new features and functions over the ensuing weeks. Finally,
Elizabeth was satisfied that she had "taken it to the top!" And the final product provides an incredible six
functions! The one-time simple diaper bag grew into a Travel Tote, Child Carrier, Insta-Chair,
Umbrella-Stroller-Converter, Shopping-Cart-Cover and Highchair Up-Grade - all in one!
As Elizabeth and her little granddaughter used the Tend-A-Tot(tm) daily on short outings, shopping trips,
while visiting friends, dining in restaurants as well as traveling, camping and on long vacations, the creator
was bombarded with questions and requests to have a Tend-A-Tot(tm). This overwhelming public reaction
- never mind the family's encouragement - lead to a decision to find help in producing the Tote. Today, she
has 100 Totes in her website Catalogue Store at www.tendatot.com. There is an endless variety of colors,
prints and themes, including the currently-popular demand for those Retro-Prints!
Somehow, Elizabeth heard about Start-Up Nation's home-based business competition. She entered in June
2009. And just last week - mid-November - she received the outstanding news that Punim Products'
Tend-A-Tot(tm) won the top 10 home-based businesses for 2009 in the category of "Baby Boomers".
The honour has not gone unnoticed by those whose certainty that Elizabeth's efforts, dedication and
persistence would receive their "just reward".
About Tend-A-Tot, this amazing baby gear product came about when experience met creative innovation in
the mind and heart of a Mom/GrandMother who never stayed home, simply because their was a little one in
the family. Throughout 48 years of nurturing, caring for and raising children, she never stayed home
because of a baby or young child. She made daily outings, traveled the country by car, train and plane,
staying in hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds. Needless to say, this Mom/Grandmother found
ways to simplify life-on-the-go with baby; and the old adage – necessity is the mother (and in this case
Grandmother, too) of invention – has proven to be a truism.
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