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    • Abstract: Keep this manual handy as you use your new product. It contains practical step-by-step instructions, as well. as technical ... contents of the user manual are subject to change without. notice. SPECIFICATIONS. RADIO FUNCTIONS. Channels ...

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BACK VIEW 000 into the county section.
2. Radio status mode ICON DESCRIPTION
1 2 3 4 5 6
To switch between the radio status mode displays, State code:
Main unit is searching for sensor(s). Moving towards the left, the next 2 digits are for state
press NOAA. coding. Each of the 50 U.S. States has their own 2-
WR606 A channel has been found. digit code.
Desktop Emergency Weather County sub-section code:
Station The sensor cannot be found.
The last digit on the left is for county sub-section cod-
ing. A county may be subdivided into nine sub-sections;
each number between (1-9) represents a specific county
USER MANUAL 8 TIP The transmission range may vary depending on To change the radio channel, navigate to “Set Channel”
setting mode and select the desired Channel, as shown
many factors. You may need to experiment with various
locations to get the best results. in the Change Settings section. NOTE If the county sub-section code is stated as 0,
then that county is not sub-divided and all alerts for that
INTRODUCTION NOAA ALERT MESSAGES SET THE LOCATION county will be received. To receive all of the alerts for a
1. NOAA: Press to switch between NOAA On / given county, insert 0 into the county sub-section.
Thank you for selecting the Desktop Emergency Weather Standby / Mute / Off modes; press and hold to turn When the NWR airs urgent warnings, a digital code You need to set the location so that you can receive
Station (WR606). This device operates on the same On / Off NOAA display known as Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) is weather and environmental information for an area that A county can be subdivided as follows:
radio frequencies used by the National Weather Radio included as part of the message. This coding system is relevant to you.
(NWR) and can send you NOAA alert messages to warn 2. MSG: Press to switch between NOAA alert mes- NOTE Leaving the unit in NOAA ON mode will consume contains specific information including the localized 1 Northwest
you about weather and other environmental dangers. sages; press and hold to activate / deactivate keypad substantially more power. To save power, set the unit geographical area affected and the expiration time of You can choose the location by either the state and
This weather station is constructed of durable materials lock to NOAA Standby when you are not listening to radio the message. The WR606 retrieves and interprets SAME county name, or FIPS code. Up to 9 locations (1-9) 2 North Central
and has a reception range of up to 50 miles (64 km). It 3. MEM: Press to switch between the current, maximum broadcasts. code messages and alerts the user. When SAME codes can be stored.
is also equipped with weather information display, digital and minimum temperature or humidity reading; press for a specific region have been entered into the unit, the 3 Northeast
clock and daily alarm. and hold to clear all maximum / minimum records unit alerts the user to relevant warning information for NOTE If you do not set a location, the unit will use the
4. CH: Press to switch between temperature and hu- CHANGE SETTINGS the specified region. Once alerted, a voice broadcast default setting “CO:All” for all counties. 4 West Central
Keep this manual handy as you use your new product. midity display; press and hold to enable auto-scan To change clock, alarm, channel and location settings: can be heard.
It contains practical step-by-step instructions, as well of remote outdoor sensor channels To set the location: 5 Central
as technical specifications and warnings you should 5. PRESSURE: Press to select the barometric pressure 1. Press and hold MENU for 2 seconds to enter
unit (mb and inHg); press and hold to set the altitude setting mode. FIND LOCAL CHANNELS AND SAME CODES 1. Navigate to “Set Location” setting mode as shown
know. in the Change Settings section. 6 East Central
compensation range for barometric reading 2. Press or to scroll through the setting
options (Set Alarm / Set Clock / Set Channel / Set The codes are subject to change. Therefore, to ensure 2. Select where you want to store the location e.g.
6. : Press to adjust the altitude when setting the successful operation you must obtain the most ap- 7 Southwest
ABOUT THE NATIONAL WEATHER RADIO SYSTEM altitude compensation range Location) and press MENU to select the desired C1.
one. propriate, up-to-date NWR radio channels and SAME 3. Select the 6-digit number e.g. “000000”. (“----“
The National Weather Service (NWS) is an agency 7. RESET: Press to reset the unit to default value codes for a specific county or region, from the contact 8 South Central
8. °C / °F: Switch to select the temperature unit one. means the location is disabled.)
within the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administra- 3. Use or to change a setting, then press details listed below. 4. Select “Name” or “FIPS”.
tion (NOAA) that operates a nationwide network of radio 9 Southeast
MENU to confirm and move onto the next one.
stations known as the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR). GETTING STARTED - MAIN UNIT 4. Press EXIT to leave the setting mode at any time. To contact the NWS by telephone: • If you select “Name” you can select first the State
The NWR radio system broadcasts warning information 1. Phone 1-888-NWR-SAME (1-888-697-7263). and then the County of your chosen location, then
for all types of hazards, both natural and technological.
Working in conjunction with the Emergency Alert System
ADAPTOR AND BATTERIES NOTE To reach a number quickly, press and hold 2. Follow prompts through a simple voice menu. press EXIT. (If you wish to receive State-wide NOAA 1 2 3
or . messages, press EXIT once you have selected the
(EAS), NWR is an all-in-one hazards radio network and is You must use the AC/DC adaptor as the main source of To obtain NWS radio channels and SAME codes on State.)
considered to be the single source of all comprehensive power supply. Make sure the adaptor is not obstructed the internet:
weather and emergency information. and the adaptor socket is easily accessible to the unit. RECEPTION SIGNAL STATUS 1. Locate www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr/indexnw.htm • If you select “FIPS” you need to enter the 6-digit
SAME code of your chosen location and then press
4 5 6
To check the status of the reception signal, look at the 2. Click the State for which information is needed. EXIT (see Find Local Channels and SAME Codes
A nationwide network, the NWR consists of more than For example, clicking on “Montana” will give a list of
900 stations in 50 states, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin reception icon on the display. section for how to obtain a SAME code).
Islands and US Pacific Territories. Broadcasts are
information relevant to the State of Montana including
the names of counties, SAME codes, NWR transmitter
NOTE If at step 2 you select “C0:All” you will receive 7 8 9
designed to meet local needs. Routine programming is ICON DESCRIPTION all warnings within the unit’s reception range. This may
locations, the frequency of the transmitter, the strength of result in giving you information for regions that are not
repeated every few minutes and consists of local fore- the signal in WATTS, and any remarks as applicable.
cast, regional conditions and marine forecasts. Current selected channel signal is strong relevant. The regions can be as large as 5,000 square
Additional information, including river stages and climatic miles (13 sq km). If you select “CO:----” you will disable RECEIVING NOAA ALERT MESSAGES
Example of the first 10 county radio channels and SAME the ALL option and will only receive warnings from
data, is also provided. During emergencies, these routine Current selected channel signal is weak codes for Montana. To receive NOAA alert message, press NOAA to set
broadcasts are interrupted to report specific warnings. specified local areas.
the unit to one of the following options:
No NOAA alert message has been
COUNTY SAME# NWR FREQ. CALL WATTS RE- NOTE Once the location name is selected, the cor- • ON [ ]: The unit is ON and voice messages
CONSUMER ELECTRONICS ASSOC. (CEA) received for 10 days. Current selected
TRANSMIT- MHZ MARKS responding FIPS code will be set into the memory.You
can be heard continuously.
channel signal is weak cannot convert the code back to the location name.(FIPS • Standby [ ]: The unit is in Standby and will switch
This product complies with the Consumer Electronics is the Federal Information Processing System number
Association (CEA) testing standards. Beaverhead 030001 Butte, MT 162.550 WXL79 100 to ON when NOAA alert message is received.
No NOAA alert message has been assigned to each State, or open waters in or around the
received for 10 days. Current selected Beaverhead 030001 Dillon, MT 162.475 WNG638 150 US. The SAME code comprises of numbers generated • Mute [ ]: The unit is in Standby with the sound
PRODUCT OVERVIEW channel signal is strong by the FIPS system.) turned OFF. NOAA alert messages can be viewed but
Batteries serve as back-up only. Use 3 pieces of AA Big Hom 030003 Billings, MT 162.550 WXL27 300 not heard. Switch the unit ON to hear messages.
FRONT VIEW (UM-3) 1.5V batteries. Insert batteries before first use, NOTE When the unit is set to NOAA ON, Standby or
Mute, it will continually search for NOAA signal. Blaine 030005 Havre, MT 162.400 WXL53 300 ACTIVATE / DEACTIVATE LOCATION • OFF: The unit is turned OFF and will not respond to
matching the polarity. Press RESET after each battery NOAA alert messages.
change. You can activate / deactivate 1, some, or all of your
Blaine 030005 Billingd, MT 162.475 WWG85 100
stored locations.
GETTING STARTED - REMOTE OUTDOOR SENSOR Turning the unit off by setting it to Standby, Mute or OFF
1 Broadwater 030007 Helena, MT 162.400 WXK66 1000
2 9 When a location is activated, the 6-digit SAME code can will help to save power.
Carbon 030009 Billings, MT 162.550 WXL27 300 be viewed in your stored locations display.
4 10
6 Carter 030011 Baker, MT 162.550 WXK57 300 N
7 The fact that you can get clear voice reception does
8 11 Cascade 030013 Great 162.550 WXJ43 300 not guarantee that an emergency alert will trigger your
Falls MT unit’s alert tone. To test actual reception, your unit must
4 receive a test or emergency alert signal broadcast. The
3 5
Chouteau 030015 Miles 162.500 WWG84 300 National Weather Service (NWS) broadcasts a test alert
Hill, MT every week on Wednesday between 11AM and 12PM
When a location is deactivated, “----” can be viewed in (noon). To find out the specific test schedule in your area,
NOTE Many counties have been subdivided into as your stored locations display. contact your local National Oceanic and Atmospheric
many as 9 smaller subsections. The numbers 1-9 in the Administration (NOAA) or National Weather Service
far left column of the SAME code identifies specific sub- (NWR) office. These offices are usually listed in the
LOCATION MEANING sections of a county. If a county has not been subdivided, telephone book under “US Government”.
1. LED status indicator the first digit of the SAME code will be 0.
in outdoor Remote outdoor sensor REMEMBER For your system to be effective, you
temperature area batteries low 2. Wall mount hole must place the unit in a location where it can receive
13 ABOUT RADIO CHANNELS an emergency alert signal, you can hear its siren, and
3. Battery compartment see its flashing indicator lights.
in NOAA area Main unit batteries low The NWR radio channels work in the same way as a
4. RESET hole regular radio channel. All of the NWR transmission sta-
5. CHANNEL switch tions operate on 1 of 7 frequencies. To switch between activated or deactivated loca- RECEPTION PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS
The remote outdoor sensor can collect data from up CHANNEL CORRESPONDING RADIO 1. Navigate to “Set Location” setting mode as shown Forests, deserts, and hills / mountains tend to greatly
To turn the NOAA radio ON / OFF, press and hold NOAA. to 3 channels. FREQUENCY reduce reception. Reception in cities may be reduced
15 in the Change Settings section. due to steel and concrete, while higher elevations will
When the unit is first connected or reset, it will imme- To set up the remote outdoor sensor: 1 162.400 MHz 2. Select a stored location e.g. C4 and press MENU. enhance the signal. Reception can vary from room
diately enter the clock / language setting mode (see 1. Open the battery compartment and insert batteries, to room. Moving even a few feet can enhance signal
Change Settings section). It is advisable to set your Then when “000000” or “----” is blinking, press
matching the polarity. 2 162.425 MHz or to activate or deactivate it and press EXIT to reception.
1. Remote outdoor sensor reception icon

Use: 0.1067