• Andrei Chikatilo

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    • Abstract: Andrei Chikatilo“Andrei the Great (middleschool), Butcher of Rostovand The Red Ripper”Information researched and summarized byChristina Goss, Alyssa Gray, & Joshua VillalvazoDepartment of Psychology

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Andrei Chikatilo
“Andrei the Great (middle
school), Butcher of Rostov
and The Red Ripper”
Information researched and summarized by
Christina Goss, Alyssa Gray, & Joshua Villalvazo
Department of Psychology
Radford University
Radford, VA 24142-6946
Date Age Life Event
1930’s 0 Older Brother Stephan was abducted and cannibalized by town people.
10/16/1936 0 Born in Yablochnoye Ukraine with water on the brain.
1941 5 Mother told him about his brother.
1942-1943 7 Father left to fight in the war.
1947-1948 11-12 Was at the height of the famine. He and his sister would eat grass and leaves.
1948 12 Ate bread for the first time.
Would pray to have his father back from war; when his father came back later that
1949 13 year, he was sick with tuberculosis and would spit up blood and would moan and
lay on the bed
Tried to be better than all his classmates. Participated in literary and musical
1950 14
events and became editor of the schools newspaper.
1951 15 Completed 7th grade
1952 16 Went to work at a brick factory in the summer time, had part of a wall fall on him
Cried when Stalin died, wanted to go to Moscow and believed that communism
would soon conquer the world;
1953 17
That summer he worked on the farm and was using a horse-drawn rake for
harvesting and it fell on him
Finished the 10th grade; he applied for Moscow University to study law, failed his
1954 18 entry exam and wasn’t accepted into the University- he was convinced that he
didn’t get in because of his fathers war record
1960 24 Worked at a telephone engineer
1963 27 Met and married his wife Fayina (3 years younger than him)
1965 29 Had his first child; Lyudmilla
1969 33 Has his second and last child son Yuri
Enrolled in a Rostov Liberal Arts University, got a degree in literature and
1971 35
philology when he graduated he became a teacher
Tried to rape; didn’t get punished for it
4/1973 37 Anna-one of his students, asked her to stay after school and then continued to beat
her with ruler; all the while getting aroused, ejaculated in his pants
1/1974 38 Gets “let go” from teaching job
Chikatilo meets Tanya Petrosyan and they become lovers. Their relationship is
4/1978 41 short due to Chikatilo’s impotence. Both were married and neither spouse found
Got laid off again, found new job as a warden at a school, his wife wanted to keep
9/1978 41
tabs on him and so she also got hired on staff to watch over him
Killed his first victim. Lena Zakotnova 9 year old girl; lured her into the second
house, raped and strangled her, he stabbed her 3 times in the stomach and then he
12/22/1978 42 threw her in a frozen stream. Later the police had him in custody as a suspect but
then another guy was tried and convicted for the crime.
Molested 3 six year old girls
Larisa Tkachenko- 17 years old; filled her mouth with dirt, strangled her and bit
9/3/1981 45
off and ate her nipple
Lyuba Biryuk- 13 years old, Lyuba Biryuk; stabbed her repeatedly and wounded
6/12/1982 46 her eyes, killed her and then rapped the corpse and then threw her and stuff into
the woods.
Lyuba Volobuyeva, 14, savagely killed during Chikatilo’s business trip to the
7/25/1982 46
southern region of Krasnodar
8/13/1982 46 Oleg Pozhidayev, 9, brutality murdered on another business trip
8/16/1982 46 Olya Kuprina, 16, brutality murdered back in the Rostov region
Ira Karabelnikova and Sergei Kuzmin, within 9 days and a mile of each other,
9/1982 46
found stabbed to death
12/11/1982 47 Olya Stalmachenok, 10, found brutality tortured and murdered
Laura Sarkisyan, 15, murdered, but body was never found; Police learned of this
6/1983 47
case through Chikatilo’s confessions
Ira Dunenkova, 13, found stabbed to death in Aviators’ Park; This murder stands
out because he knew her and she had even been to his house. Her older sister was
one whom Chikatilo had past sexual relations with and would sometimes bring
7/1983 47
alone Ira.
Lyuda Kutsyuba, 24, a tramp, was killed near a small railway stop just outside
Shakhti. She wasn’t found till 9 months later.
Igor Gudkov, 7, found slaughtered in Aviators’ Park and Valya Chuchulina, 22,
8/1983 47
brutality stabbed in late summer
10/27/1983 48 Vera Shevkun, 19, prostitute killed on the edge of Shakhti
Sergei Markov, 14, school boy murdered on a piece of wasteland about a mile
12/27/1983 48
north of the nearby town of Novorherkassk.
Natalya Shalapinina, 17, tramp and an alcoholic, murdered in Aviators’ Park and
1/10/1984 48 in terrible condition. Her body was covered in stab wounds and nose and upper lip
had been cut off – as had one of the fingers of her left hand.
Formal charges were made against Chikatilo for theft of state property. It was
suggested in no uncertain terms to him that it would be a good idea if he found
2/22/1984 48 himself a new job.
Marta Ryabyenko, 44, was found brutality murdered; She was a tramp seeking
oblivion in sex and alcohol.
Police arrest a man not far from the scene of the crime who is slightly mentally
slow. He was charged with the two killings and he confessed, but late withdrew
2/27/1984 48
his claim insisting that it has been obtained under duress. But it was too late. He
was already in jail. Later on he killed by firing squad.
3/27/1984 48 Ptashniko, 10, He was found stabbed to death with over 54 stab wounds.
Tanya Petrosyan and Chikatilo randomly see each other by chance and go on a
picnic together with Tanya’s daughter, Sveta. Tanya mocks Chikatilo when he
cannot get an erection and stabbed Tanya hard in the side of the head and then
5/1984 48
began hitting her with a hammer. Chikatilo then runs after Tanya’s young
daughter and stabs her in the head as well and then hammered her to death and
then severed her head off.
Yelena Bakulina, 22, Anna Lemesheva, 19, and Dima Illarionov, 13, all found
murdered that spring.
5-6/1984 48
Fayina; Chikatilo’s wife, makes him seek psychiatric help for what she believed
was his lack of sexual drive.
Anna Lemesheva, 19, a prostitute, he stabbed her and cut out her uterus and threw
7/19/1984 48
it into the nearby bushes.
August 1, 1984: Chikatilo becomes head of a department at a plant making heavy
industrial machinery.
August 2, 1984: Natasha Golosovskaya, 16, Chikatilo murdered her by throwing
himself on her, ripping off her clothes, and cutting her with a knife.
August 5, 1984: Lyuda Alekseyeva, 17, murdered in a particularly grisly way. He
planted the knife at points in her body where it would not kill her so he could see
8/1984 48
her suffer, but eventually died. He covered her body and left.
August 8-15, 1984: Two women are murdered. The first was never identified and
her head was never found. The second, Akmaral Seidalieva, 12, had run away
from home and was stabbed to death.
August 18, 1984: Sasha Chepel, 11, found so badly mutilated that his father
passed out when he saw his son. Sasha’s eyes had been gouged out.
September 6, 1984: Irina Luchinskaya, 24, Chikatilo punched her hard and drew
his knife from the bag and stabbed her to death.
9/1984 48
September 8, 1984: Sveta Tsana, 22, was found murdered in Aviators’ Park by
being brutally stabbed.
Yuri Velikanov, the head of the criminal department of the Russian Public
10/8/1984 48 Prosecutor’s Office, signed the necessary order to link all of the cases and
dropped murder charges against the existing suspects.
Chikalito appeared in the People’s Court of the Leninsk Region of the city of
Shakhti charged with theft. He was found guilty and given a sentence of one year
12/12/1984 48
of corrective labor. Little did they know that at this time he had already killed 31
Natalia Pokhlistova, 18, a mentally subnormal girl who was homeless. Chikalito
Early 1985 49
stabbed her 38 times before strangling her to death.
Irina Gulyayeva, 18, a mentally subnormal girl who had no friends and no place to
8/27/1985 49 stay. Chikatilo killed her and left her naked body about 500 yards from the bus
stop he found her at.
Irina Gulyayeva, 18, a mentally subnormal girl who had no friends and no place to
Early 1987 51 stay. Chikatilo killed her and left her naked body about 500 yards from the bus
stop he found her at.
Ivan Bilovetski, 12, a smart outgoing little boy with a bright future. He was found
7/29/1987 51 mutilated and his stomach was ripped open and mud was stuffed in his mouth so
that he would not cry out.
Police found the body of an unknown woman who appeared to have been
4/6/1988 52
slaughtered two to five days earlier.
5/14/1988 52 Voronko, 9, found cut up and stabbed to death.
7/14/1988 52 Zhenya Muratov, 15, found brutality stabbed and left under a pile of leaves.
Tatyana Ryzhova, Chikalito took her to his daughter’s house that she no longer
lived in and pushed her down on the floor and tried to have sex with her. She
began mocking him for not being able to get an erection, so he pulled out a
1/11/1989 53
folding knife and stabbed her in the mouth. After her had died, he cut off her head
and legs and cut her into pieces and carried her on a sled to some near by woods
and left her.
Sasha Dyakonov, was murdered the day after his 8th birthday. He was stabbed to
5/11/1989 53
death and was left in the bushes – 20 yards from the road.
53 Chikatilo killed four more times that summer, three of which were little boys.
1989 53 Lyosha Moiseyev, 10, was murdered by Chikatilo and not found for 66 days.
Yelena Varga, 19, found murdered in some abandon woods.
August 29, 1989: Alyosha Khobotov, 10, Chikatilo hit him over the head, but off
8/1989 53
his tongue and cut off his sexual organs. He then threw his body in a put and
covered it with dirt.
1/14/1990 54 Kravchenko, 11, found stabbed to death and his genitals were cut off.
Yaroslav Makarov, 10, Chikatilo jumped on the boy and began to assault him by
an attempt to have oral sex with the boy. In ended in an orgy of hacking and
3/7/1990 54
stabbing and Chikatilo cut off the tip of the boys tongue and genitals. Both were
tossed into the gardens.
Lyubov Zuyeva, a mentally retarded woman whom Chikatilo had met on the train.
4/4/1990 54 He murdered her in the woods and she was not found until her body was almost
completely decomposed.
7/1990 54 Vitya Petrov, 13, Chikatilo killed the boy once he got him to a deserted spot.
Ivan Fomin, 11, was found slaughtered on a river beach – he had forty five
8/14/1990 54
different knife wounds.
Vadim Gromov, 16, mentally handicapped from birth, he was persuaded to follow
Chikatilo into the woods and then Chikatilo pinned him and began to sexually
10/17/1990 55 molest him. He tied the boys hands and bit off the tip of the boys tongue and
began to strike him in the head and stomach with his knife. After he had died,
Chikatilo cut off his genitals and tossed them away into the undergrowth.
Vitya Tishchenko, 16, was persuaded to leave a train station with Chikatilo and
11/03/1990 55 then found stabbed to death only a short distance from the station, this is the one
time that he wasn’t being patrolled/watched.
Svetlana Korostik, 22, Officers found the naked remains of a young blond woman
half buried under a pile of leaves. She was horribly mutilated and had multiple
11/13/1990 55
knife wounds to the vital organs, including stabbing of the stomach and
amputation of the genitals and tongue.
11/29/1990 55 Chikatilo admitted for the first time to authorities that he had killed.
1/18/1991 55 Chikatilo described the various methods he had used to pick up his victims.
Summer Investigators had almost completed their case against Chikatilo. They believed
1991 that they had a clear and conclusive case of 53 killings.
Chikatilo was taken to experts at Moscow’s Serbsky psychiatric institute to
undergo a detailed analysis of whether of not he was insane. The doctors’ final
8/1991 55
conclusion was clear and unequivocal. If sanity is the ability to be in control of
one’s own actions, then Chikatilo was undoubtedly sane.
4/14/1992 56 Chikatilo’s trial began.
10/15/1992 56 Chikatilo was found guilty of 52 counts of murder (the day before his birthday).
2/14/1994 58 Chikatilo dies by firing squad; gunshot to the back of the head.
General Information
Sex Male
Race Russian/ White/Ukrainian
Number of victims 52+
Country where killing occurred Russia
States where killing occurred
Cities where killing occurred Rostov and other places
Type of killer Missionary/Unorganized
Height Between 5’10” and 6-feet tall
Childhood Information
Date of birth October 16, 1936
Location Yablochnoye, Ukraine
Birth order 2nd child of 3
Number of siblings 2
XYY? No but Chikatilo’s blood was Type A, but his sperm was type
AB, this was a one in a million chance.
Raised by Mother; his father went to war
Birth category Middle child
Parent’s marital status Married
Family event
Age of family event
Problems in school? No
Teased while in school? Yes, was bullied and called names
Physically attractive? No
Physical defect? Yes he was nearsighted but was too afraid/embarrassed to tell
anyone about it
Speech defect? No
Head injury? Lesions on brain and water on the brain at time of birth
Physically abused? Yes
Psychologically abused? Chikatilo was always mocked for his impotence and that people
always teased him all through his life
Sexually abused? No
Father’s occupation Peasant and laborer
Age of first sexual experience 18, jumped on a girl who was 13, wrestled her to the ground and
ejaculated as the girl struggled in his grasp.
Age when first had intercourse 19; he tried twice but his attempts we unsuccessful
Mother’s occupation Homemaker and Laborer
Father abused drugs/alcohol No
Mother abused drugs/alcohol No
Cognitive Ability
Highest grade in school College
Highest degree Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philology
Grades in school Good
Source of IQ information
Work History
Served in the military? Yes for 3 years
Branch Army
Type of discharge Completed his term
Saw combat duty No
Killed enemy during service? No
Applied for job as a cop? No
Worked in law enforcement? No
Fired from jobs? Yes, 3-5 teaching jobs (1 asked to resign or be fired)
Types of jobs worked Teacher, Traveling sales, Telephone engineer
Employment status during series Traveling Salesman
Sexual preference Hetero but some sources say homo
Marital status Married
Number of children 2; daughter Lyudmilla and son Yuri
Lives with his children Yes
Living with Spouse and children
Animal torture No
Fire setting No
Bed wetting Yes, mother would beat and humiliate him for it
Killer Psychological Information
Abused drugs? No
Abused alcohol? No
Been to a psychologist? Yes his wife made him go get help with his un-
productive/impotent sex life
Time in forensic hospital? Yes when he was going through his trial
Diagnosis Sane even though the court thought he was insane
Killer Criminal History
Committed previous crimes? Yes he committed other crimes than the killings
Spend time in jail? Yes but not for the 52+ killings it was for other crimes
Spend time in prison? No
Killed prior to series? Age? No
Serial Killing
Number of victims 52 +
Victim type Young women, and children
Killer age at start of series 42
Date of first kill in series December 22, 1978
Date of final kill in series November 6, 1990
Gender of victims Male and Female
Race of victims White and Russian
Age of victims 7- adult
Type of victim Young women, prostitutes, alcoholics, mentally disturbed
women and children(boys and girls) and teenagers
Method of killing Stabbing and Strangling
Weapon Yes brought with him; knives (had 23)
Was gun used? No
Type n/a
Did killer have a partner? No
Name of partner n/a
Sex of partner n/a
Type of serial killer Disorganized Serial Killer and missionary because he began
to see himself not as a killer but a cleanser of society (The
Red Ripper pg 75)
How close did killer live? A lot of his killing were on trips and at various train stations
all over Russia, very few were committed close to his home
Location of first contact Streets, Buses and Train stations
Location of killing All in secluded areas off of streets and side roads
Killing occurred in home of victim? No
Killing occurred in home of killer? Yes; bought a second house for sex and then killed the girls
and threw the bodies in the woods and rivers
Victim abducted or killed at contact? Yes
Behavior During Crimes
Rape? Yes
Tortured victims? Yes
Stalked victims? No
Overkill? Yes
Quick & efficient? Sometimes but sometimes he would tortured the victim for a
while and kept them alive.
Used blindfold? Yes, so if the bodies were found the police could not see who
the killer was; because some say that the imprint of the killer
stays on the eyes when you die.
Bound the victims? Yes
After Death Behavior
Sex with the body? Yes
Mutilated body? Yes
Ate part of the body? Yes the tips of tongues, nipples, genitals were cut off.
The cutting off and even chewing the genitals became a ritual of
Chikatilo. Unlike a cannibal, he does not actually appear to have
swallowed human flesh.
Drank victim’s blood? No
Posed the body? No
Took totem – body part No
Took totem – personal item No, but he would take their clothes and or their purses and throw
them deeper into the woods or somewhere around the victim.
Robbed victim or location No
Disposal of Body
Left at scene, no attempt to hide No he would always try to hide or cover up the body
Left at scene, hidden Yes
Left at scene, buried Yes, he only buried a couple of them
Moved, no attempt to hide Yes he threw some of them in the river
Moved, buried Yes
Cut-op and disposed of Cut off body parts and would then stomp on them
Moved, too home No
Date killer arrested November 20, 1990
Date convicted October 15, 1992
Sentence Death
Killer executed? Yes gunshot to the back of the head
Did killer plead NGRI? No but everyone thought he was crazy
Was the NGRI plea successful? n/a
Name and state of prison
Killer committed suicide? No
Killer killed in prison? No
Date of death February 14, 1994
Life Timeline: http://www.angelfire.com/f15/andreichikatilo/chikatilo_timeline.html
Victim List: http://www.angelfire.com/f15/andreichikatiol/victims.html
Andrei Chikatilo- Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Chikatiol
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