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    • Abstract: Facesparty onPicture Perfectpa rtiesWith its never-ending supply of soirees, there’s never a dull moment inpasadena! But thanks to our stellar staff of intrepid photographers,you don’t have to Worry aBout Being left out of the loop. planning to

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party on
Picture Perfect
pa rties
With its never-ending supply of soirees, there’s never a dull moment in
pasadena! But thanks to our stellar staff of intrepid photographers,
you don’t have to Worry aBout Being left out of the loop. planning to
host or Wanting to Boast aBout a great upcoming event? let us knoW!
email your event details to [email protected]
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4 5 6
7 8 9
10 noir food & Wine presented a celeBration of pinot 11
noir at the 3rd annual pasadena pinotfest
Saturday, February 12th, 2011; altadena Country Club, altadena
(1) Mike Farwell, Lynn Farwell, Claud beltran (2) Craig Sloane, Michael
Williamson, rob berry, Gene huang (3) Michael Smith, Michael
Williamson (4) John angelopulos, Gonzalo herrera (5) rob Myers, tom
dugan, Mike Farwell, Octavio becerra, Claud beltran, Nancy Garni (6)
Nancy Garni, rob Myers (7) Pinot Fest attendees (8) Kate Griffith, Joyce
evans-Flying Goat (9) evan Pontoriero-Fogline Vineyards (10) Nita
Moore, Marisol barrios (11) Octavio becerra, Jamie edlin
April 2011 19
party on
1 2 3
4 5 6
8 9
10 Pasadena Magazine celeBrated its march “hot
off the press party” Benefiting the princes
of pasadena, With a valentine’s day themed
event for singles, couples and friends. love
Was definitely in the air! special thank you to
point08 Bar and polkatots cupcakes
thurSday, MarCh 10th, 2011; Point08 bar
(1) Linda Whitney, Maia and Patrick Giordani, ruthie Goldberg,
Kyle Kemp (2) Nick Cacarnakis, Jonathan yepez, efren Cornejo 12
(3) rachael bhagat, Phil Wills (4) Point08 Live entertainment
(5) Shoshana Puccia, Jason Wilson (6) yuyri Garayan, Kym
Pietsch (7) bG and Joe Casas (8) anique Gonzalez, briana Sosa
(9) Gary Kearney, heather Ogden (10) Pasadena Magazine
February Issue (11) Shirley han, Stephanie uchima, amanda
Ma (12) John angelo, Mark Papara
20 April 2011
party on
1 2 3
4 5
6 7
8 9 villa esperanza guild presented
“a day of thoroughBred racing”
Saturday, February 26th, 2011; turf Club at
Santa anita Park, arcadia
(1) Patty Zuber, Kathy Palmer, brian Palmer, Jayne
Parsons, Gioia Pastre, Larry Pastre (2) Front row:
beth Conway, Marcie robinson;back row: brian
Zuber, Kathleen Pastre, Jennifer Kennedy, Monty
Kennedy, brian Parsons (3) Kathryn trimbell,
angelica Gonzalez, Kathy hess (4) Carolyn and
don Mcbride (5) Sue and John Chandler (6) Joan
10 11 bergman, debbie Meymarian, Kathleen regan
(7) alyce Willamson, david Cunningham (8) alysa
renee hart, Kevin hart, Isabella Leanne hart (9)
Kelly White, Wendy Petry, harlan tripp, Nancy
Cook (10) alison Voors, allison di Giovanni, Kate
Lawrence, eric bright (11) Craig and Claire hart
22 April 2011
party on
the distinguished speaker series of southern cali- the Whole child celeBrated its california Black tie
fornia presented former first lady of the united gala “the heart of a child” Saturday, February 12th,
states laura W. Bush 2011; the Langham huntington hotel, Pasadena
WedNeSday, JaNuary 12th, 2011; Pasadena Civic auditorium, (1) Pam Kennedy, Mary Jones, Jeanette Fasone (2) Margaret Pashko,
Pasadena Janice roodzant, Kay hudnall (3) ernesto Marales, Maria Segovia,
Laura bush, Carolyn Swan, Phil May terry Kennedy, Pam Kennedy, Meg rottman (4) edgar bandera,
ernesto Marales, Maria Segovia, Charlene dimas-Peinado (5) erick
Garske, Sara Garske, Charlene dimas-Peinado, epifanio Peinado,
belen Peinado
1 2
47th annual pasadena shoWcase house of design
empty house party FrIday, JaNuary 21St, 2011; Showcase
house, La Cañada Flintridge
(1) Kristi Nelson and Francesca dalessandro (2) Joshua Cain, (3)
alice Sin, eileen atwood (4) Kathryn hofgaarden, delise Menik, Marti
Farley, beverly Marksbury
1 2
3 4
24 April 2011
party on
1 2 in celeBration of heart month and national
Wear red day, the american heart associa-
tion’s go red for Women and macy’s presented
stiletto strut thurSday, February 3rd, 2011;
Macy’s at Glendale Galleria, Glendale
(1) actress Nia Peeples emceed and led the strut (2) Cynthia
rodriguez, Macy’s Glendale Cosmetics Manager; robin
Lujan, Macy’s Glendale young Men’s Sales associate; Olivia
eng, Macy’s Cause Marketing Manager (3) huntington
hospital conducting blood pressure screening (4) KabC
tV director of Public affairs teresa Samaniego with pro
motorcycle racers tommy aquino (left) and Chris Clark
3 4
the fashion institute of design & mer- 2 3
chandising presented the 19th annual
art of motion picture costume design
exhiBition, celeBrating the costumes
from the outstanding films of 2010
Saturday, February 5th, 2011; Fashion
Institute of design & Merchandising, downtown
Los angeles
(1) Nick Verreos, Kevin Jones (2) Costumes from
the King’s Speech (3) Colleen atwood, Mary
26 April 2011
party on
1 2 hillsides presented
its annual Benefit
“diamonds are forever”
raising $370,000 for
hillsides’ programs
and services for
vulneraBle children,
youth and families.
Saturday, February 26th,
2011; Private Club, downtown
Los angeles
(1) dr. drew Pinsky, Paul
rusnak, elizabeth arizmendi
3 4 5 rusnak, donna Ford, dr. henri
Ford, Joseph Costa, and Fritz
Coleman (2) Joe Costa and Jean
Smart (3) Susanne Crummey
with John and Ida hitchcock
(4) Susan and dr. drew Pinsky
(5) bill and Megan Phelps
the pasadena recovery 1 2
center celeBrated 10
years of helping drug
addicts and alcoholics
overcome their
MONday, JaNuary 17th, 2011;
Pasadena recovery Center,
(1) bob Forrest, Michael bloom,
Shelly Sprague, Will Smith,
tobie bloom (2) Mayor bill
1 2 3
rose BoWl half marathon SuNday,
February 6th, 2011; rose bowl, Pasadena 4
(1) Katherine howard and friend give a thumbs
up after their completion of the rose bowl half
Marathon 2011 (2) Participants gather around
the finish line in the rose bowl Stadium (3) two
finishers enjoy their drinks in front of the rose bowl
Stadium after the rose bowl half Marathon 2011
(4) raul engle, Zenia Irani, adriana delgado and
emmanuelle Lopez enjoy the complimentary beer
garden beverages
28 April 2011

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