• 6 March 2010

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    • Abstract: [CD/CDM] Daft. €8.99. Wind (Re) Wind [CD] Daft. €15.99. Absurd Minds. Serve or Suffer [CD] Scanner. €16.49. Accessory ... [CD/CDM] Daft. €8.99. True Lies [CD] Daft. €16.49. vs. Diskonnekted: Frozen [CD/CDM] Alfa Matrix. €8.99. DJ Bossi. Embassy Of Love [Vinyl ...

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6 March 2010
Down With The System, Long Live The System! [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Floral Annihilation [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
In Floriculture There Is No Law [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
1200000 Dead Tibetans
1200000 Dead Tibetans [CD] Mus.Max.Mag. 8.99
13Th Monkey
Redefining the Paradigm of Bang [CD] Hands 14.99
16 Volt
FullBlackHabit [CD] Metropolis 14.49
18 Summers
Phoenix From The Flame [CD] BMG 14.99
Virgin Mary [CD] BMG 14.99
2Kilos & More
8Floors Lower [CD] Jeans Records 12.99
Entre3Villes [CD] Jeans 12.99
5F_55 Is Reflected To 5F-X [CD] Hands 14.99
The Xenomorphians-Your Friendly Invastion [CD] Hands 14.99
1 [CD] Hands 14.99
2 [CD] Hands 14.99
A Challenge Of Honour
Ashigaru [CD] Eternal Pride Productions 17.49
Leonidas [CD] Old Europa 14.99
Monumentum [CD] Vrihaspati 16.49
No Way Wut [CD] Vrihaspati 16.49
Only Stones Remain [CD] Divine Comedy 14.99
Seven Samurais [CD] Divine Comedy 14.99
Trilogy [CD/DCD] Vrihaspati 20.99
Where No Angels Dare To Come [CD] Vrihaspati 16.49
Ab Ovo
Le Temps Suspendu... . [CD/DCD] Ant Zen 15.99
Mouvements [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Absolute Body Control
Lost / Found [CD/DCD] Daft 19.99
Never Seen [CD/CDM] Daft 8.99
Wind (Re) Wind [CD] Daft 15.99
Absurd Minds
Serve or Suffer [CD] Scanner 16.49
Titan [CD] Out Of Line 16.49
Across The Rubicon
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6 March 2010
Elegy [CD] Rage In Eden 14.99
Adam X
State of Limbo [CD] Rustblade 15.49
Minnenspiel [CD] Steamhammer 17.49
Adjacency Pair
Adjacency Pair [CD] Hands 14.99
Luminous Vapors [CD] Hands 14.99
Advocatus Diaboli
Sternenmensch [CD] Sonorium 14.49
Never Fragile [CD/CDM] Equilibrium 5.99
Aesthetic Meat Front
Temple Of Flash [CD] Old Europa 16.49
Aesthetic Perfection
Closer To Human [CD] Out Of Line 16.49
New Dawn [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis [CD] Eternal Pride Productions 16.99
Cherries [CD] The Eastern Front 11.99
Sculptor [CD] The Eastern Front 11.99
Sculptor [Vinyl/LP] Avant 9.98
Ah Cama Sotz
Dead Cities [CD] Bats & Cats 15.99
Declaration Of Innocence [CD/CD Box] Bats & Cats 18.99
Epithaphe [CD/CD + 7"] Hands 37.99
Ghost In The Shadow [CD] Spectre 17.99
Mantra [CD/CDM] Hands 12.49
Terra Mantra [CD] Hands 14.99
The Way To Heresy [CD] Hands 14.99
Ah Cama Sotz / Iszoloscope
Echoes Ov A Beckoning Arcanum:Camanecroszcope 2 [CD] Spectre 12.99
Echoes Ov Who Lieth Dead But Ever Dreameth:Camanecroszcope 1 [CD] Spectre 12.99
Ahnst Anders
Dialog [CD] Pflichtkauf 14.49
Ain Soph
Ars Regia [CD] Athanor 18.49
Aurora [CD] Old Europa 15.99
I (OECD 036) [CD] Old Europa 16.49
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 2/90
6 March 2010
II (OECD 037) [CD] Old Europa 15.49
III (OECD 023) [CD/DCD] Old Europa 15.49
Kshatriya [CD] Hauruck/SPQR 16.49
Oktober -2nd Edition [CD/CD + 3"CD] Old Europa 18.49
Rituals [CD] Old Europa 15.99
Aktivate Sin
Psychology Of The Hateful Mind [CD] DeLuid01 5.99
feat. Ian Read & Sonne Hagal - Indaco [CD/CDM] Cynfeirdd 15.99
I Passi Di Liu [CD] Palace Of Worms 15.99
Il Volo Insonne [CD] Cynfeirdd 15.99
Alec Empire
Atari Teenage Riot - Sixteen Years of Video Material [DVD/Video] Digital Hardcore 22.49
Alex Fergusson
The Castle [CD] Eis und Licht 14.49
Alien Skull Paint
Nobody Dies Twice [Vinyl/12"] Genetic 8.49
Travel To Ternity [CD] Kafue 14.49
Alio Die
& Francesco Paladino: Angels Fly Souvenir [CD] Hic Sunt 15.99
& M. Galvagni: Eleusian Lullaby [CD] Project 15.49
Music Infinity Meets Virtues [CD] Nextera 16.99
The Flight Of Real Image [CD] Fario 16.49
Alio Die & Jack Or Jive
Mei-Jyu [CD] Project 15.99
Music Under Intoxication [CD] Old Europa 15.49
All My Faith Lost
As Youre Vanishing In Silence [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
The Hours [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
/ Neutral / Otzepenevshiye: Georg Trakl -Umnachtung [CD] Ewers Tonkunst 14.99
/ Sangre Cavallum: Barco do Vinho [CD] Ahnstern 13.49
Abenteuerliches Herz [CD] Arorta 14.49
Archaische Arbeiten [Vinyl/2x LP] Ahnstern 21.99
Cruor [Vinyl/2x LP] Ahnstern 21.99
Edelweiss [CD] Aorta 14.49
Flamme [CD] Aorta 14.49
Flamme [Vinyl/2x LP] Ahnstern 21.99
Hallstatt [CD] Ahnstern 14.49
Heimliche Welt [Vinyl/2x LP] Aorta 21.99
Knistern Lwin [Vinyl/7"] Arorta 4.99
Pedra [CD/CDM] Terra Fria 14.49
Sturmlieder [Vinyl/2x LP] Aorta 21.99
Venezia [CD] Aorta 14.49
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 3/90
6 March 2010
Weight of Death [CD] Invasion Wreckchords 15.49
Enclave [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Le Mensonge [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Ammo / Szkieve
Terra Amata / Perturbacee [Vinyl/LP] Ad Noiseam 13.99
And Also The Trees
The Millpond Years [CD] Normal 14.99
Virus Meadow [CD] Normal 14.99
And One
Bodypop 1 [CD] Out Of Line 15.99
Military Fashion Show [CD/CDM] Out Of Line 7.49
So Klingt Liebe ( e ) [CD/CDM] Out Of Line 6.99
So Klingt Liebe ( s ) [CD/CDM] Out Of Line 6.99
So Klingt Liebe ( x ) [CD/CDM] Out Of Line 6.99
Traumfrau [CD/CDM] Out Of Line 6.99
Andres Mustonen
Hortus Musicus:Himmel-Earth-Heaven [CD] Privat 7.99
Andrew King
The Amfortas Wound [CD] Athanor 15.49
Andrey Kiritchenko
Interplays In Between [CD] Ad Noiseam 15.99
Anemone Tube
Existence [CD] Auf Abwegen 7.99
Flowers Of Reality [Vinyl/10"] FIX 4.99
Anenzephalia - Live 1996 [CD] Cold Meat Industry 11.99
Ephemeral Dawn [CD] Tesco 16.49
Angels & Agony
Avatar [CD] Out Of Line 16.49
Forever [CD/CDM] Out Of Line 7.99
Angina P
Sensitive Files [CD] Hands 14.99
Destructive Forces [CD] Aliens Production 12.49
Anima Mundi
Somnium [CD] ArsBenevolaMater 15.99
Ant Zen
Ant-Zen Pin [Accessores/Pin] Ant Zen 3.99
Atomic Ant. Hooded Sweatshirt: Boy XL, L, M [T-Shirt/XL + L + M] Ant Zen 29.99
Atomic Ant.: Boy XL, L, M, S [T-Shirt/Xl + L + M + S] Ant Zen 15.49
Atomic Ant.: Girl S [T-Shirt/girlie] Ant Zen 15.49
Beware The Ants: Girl [T-Shirt/girlie] Ant Zen 15.49
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 4/90
6 March 2010
Antigen Shift
Next To Departed [CD] Frozen Empire 12.99
The Way Of The North [CD] Ad Noiseam 14.99
Antlers Mulm
Of Withered Sparks [CD] LOKI 14.99
Silbergrauer Staub [CD] Sonderbertragung 12.99
Maschinenraum 173 [CD/CD-R] Steinklang 12.99
Lifethesis [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Aphex Twin
Classics [CD] R & S Record 16.49
Selected Ambient Works 85-92 [CD] R & S Record 16.49
Bannwald [CD] Tesco 16.49
Schattenmdchen [CD] Tesco 16.49
Apoptygma Berzerk
7 (+Bonus) [CD] Harddrive 18.99
Arbre Noir
Beyond [CD] Polymorph 12.99
Madurai [CD] Polymorph 12.99
Roam [CD] Arbre Noir 14.99
Serpent [CD] Polymorph 12.99
Arbre Noir meets Polygon
Traveller [CD] Polymorph 7.99
Arcardia [Vinyl/10"] Halbwelt 4.99
Cyclic Sounds From The Forms [CD] Divine Comedy 15.49
Body Of Sin [CD/3"CD] Cold Meat Industry 4.99
La Serpent [CD] Displeased 15.49
Raspail [CD] Kalinkaland 14.99
Arcana Obscura
Themes Of Doom [CD] Con Sequence 7.99
/ Klima: Noiseambush E.P. [Vinyl/MLP] Kellermusik 9.49
Consume Adapt Create [CD] Hymen 14.99
I Went Out Shopping To Get Some Noise [CD] Hymen 14.99
Lower Lip Interface [CD] Hymen 15.99
Noise Is Out Of Stock [Vinyl/12"] Hymen 8.99
Arctic Museum + Re-Paired Museum [CD/DCD] Polymorph 14.99
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 5/90
6 March 2010
Archon Satani
In Shelter [CD] Dark Vinyl 13.99
Mind Of Flesh & Bones [CD] Cold Spring 15.49
/ Signa Inferre: Statues of Gods / Invictis Victi Victuri [Vinyl/10"] Equilibrium 17.99
Marching On To Victory [CD] Equilibrium 14.99
Omne Ensis Impera [CD] Equilibrium 14.99
Omne Ensis Impera [Vinyl/LP] Equilibrium 16.99
Spirit Of Sacrifice [CD] Blood 16.49
Standards Of Triumph [CD] Equilibrium 14.99
Standards Of Triumph [Vinyl/LP] Equilibrium 16.99
Trans Plutonium Transmision [CD] Soleilmoon 16.99
Le Luci Di Hessdalen [CD] Ark Records 12.99
Mundana Humana Instrumentalis [CD] Ark Records 12.99
Armageddon Dildos
East West [CD/CDM] Infacted Recordings 7.99
Ars Moriendi
Live At Maschinenfest 2002 [CD] Pflichtkauf 14.49
Memorandum [CD/LP + CD] Ant Zen 39.99
Art - Irr
Gothic - Music - Culture Nr. 01 [Zeitschriften] Privat 4.00
As All Die
Failure Of Human Spirit [CD] Cold Spring 15.49
Distorted Disco [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Recycling Art - Live Deadly Actions Festival [CD] Nuit Et Brouillard 21.99
Ashbury Heights
Ash Morningstar In A Black Car [CD] Out Of Line 11.49
Shining Silver Skies [CD] Equilibrium 14.99
Aslan Faction
Blunt Force Trauma [CD] Black Rain 15.49
Involution Toward Chtonian Depths [CD] Solistitium 16.49
Asmus Tietchens
& John Mueller: 8 Stcke [CD] Auf Abwegen 15.99
Assemblage 23
Document [CD/MCD] Accession 7.49
Early, Rare and Unreleased Vol. 2 [CD] Privat 16.49
Storm [CD] Accession 16.99
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 6/90
6 March 2010
The Radio One Sessions Vol. 1 [CD] Strange Fruit 16.49
& Autumn Et Sa Rose: Odos Eis [CD/DCD] Equilibrium 19.99
Arcana Eco [CD/Buch + CD] Ark Records 17.99
Concerto No. 6 [CD] Twilight Records 16.99
Paris Spleen [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Atrium Carceri
Cellblock [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Phrenitis [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Ptahil [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Seishinbyoin [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Souyuan [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Betonmonolith [CD] Atacama 15.49
Empire State [CD] Atacama 14.99
The Other Face Of Delusion [Vinyl/LP] Steinklang 13.99
Atrox-Rasthof Dachau-Stahlwerk 9
A.R.S. [Vinyl/LP] Agit Prop 15.49
Aube / Telepherique
R-S+C [Vinyl/LP] Dbel 13.99
Auf Abwegen
Nr 32 +CDr: Illusion Of Safety [Zeitschriften] Auf Abwegen 8.99
Hunt for Glory [CD] Sigsaly Transmissions 17.49
Colonia [CD] Staalplaat 16.49
The Berlin Requiem [CD] Old Europa 15.99
Autumn Tears
Love Poems For Dying Children Act-3 [Vinyl/LP] Dark Sympony 7.99
Ca Ne Nous Rendra Pas Le Congo [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Il Pleut Des Cordes [Vinyl/12"] Ant Zen 8.99
Rictus [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Hearts for Bullets [CD] Alfa Matrix 14.99
Glacia [CD] Prikosnovenie 14.99
Azure Skies
Azure Skies [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Anthems From The Pleasure Park [CD] Discalcula 16.49
The Fourth Wall [CD/CDM] World Serpent 13.49
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 7/90
6 March 2010
Bad Sector
Dolmen Factory [CD] Membrum 12.49
Kosmodrom [CD] WAYSTYX 16.99
Plasma [CD] Old Europa 13.99
Plasma [CD] Old Europa 17.99
The Harrow [CD] Tonkunst 15.49
The Harrow [CD] 12SBKXD 17.99
The Storrage Part 1 [CD] Waystyx Records 15.49
The Storrage Part 2 [CD] Waystyx Records 15.49
Xela [CD] WAYSTYX 16.49
Bad Sector / Contagious Orgasm
Vacuum Pulse [CD] Old Europa 13.99
Bain Wolfkind
Music For Lovers & Gangsters [CD] Hauruck 16.49
The Swamp Angel [CD] Hauruck 16.49
Wasteland [CD/CDM] Hauruck 12.99
Bakterielle Infektion
Cities Of Glass [CD] Genetic 14.99
Early Recordings [CD/DCD] Genetic 15.99
Ballo Delle Castagne
Ballo Delle Castagne [CD] Hauruck/SPQR 16.49
Somnolence And Shivers [CD] Membrum 6.99
Baradelan / Dawn Projekt
Split [CD/CD-R + DVD-R] L.White 13.99
Bass Communion
V Muslimgauze CD [CD] Soleilmoon 9.98
V Muslimgauze EP [CD/CDM] Soleilmoon 8.99
Battery Cage
World Wide Wasteland [CD] Metropolis 15.99
In Medias Res [Vinyl/12"] Hymen 13.99
Polycontrale Contrapunkte [CD] Hymen 14.99
Viande De Gateau [Vinyl/10"] Delikatessen Records 5.99
Der Holzweg-13th Anniversary Edition [CD] Tantric 16.49
Das Wort mu eine Waffe sein [CD] Privat 8.99
& Rose Rovine: Grain [CD] Import 16.49
Perchta [Vinyl/7"] Percht 9.98
Benny Benassi
Mixed By Benny Benassi: Subliminal Sessions [CD/DCD] Virgin 12.99
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 8/90
6 March 2010
Berkana [Vinyl/7"] Hauruck 12.49
Lichtrad [CD] Halbwelt 12.99
Beyond Sensory Experience
& Moljebka Pvlse - Zielona Gora [CD] Uran Records 15.49
Korrelations [CD] Old Europa 16.49
No Light In Our Eyes [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Ratan [CD] Old Europa 15.99
The Dull Routine of Existence [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
Tortuna [CD] Old Europa 15.99
Urmula [CD] Old Europa 15.99
Big Country
The Crossing [Vinyl/LP] Phonogram 4.00
The Seer [Vinyl/LP] Phonogram 4.00
Insomnia [CD] 12SBKXD 13.99
Fritter Away [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Ritual [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Nr 24 2001 [Zeitschriften] Black 2.00
Nr 25 2001 [Zeitschriften] Black 1.00
Nr 49 2008 [Zeitschriften] Black 3.50
Black Leather Jesus
Prove To Me That You're More Than Meat [CD] Audio Dissection 14.99
Black Lung
Concrete Octopus [Vinyl/12"] Ant Zen 9.98
Full Spectrum Dominance [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
Karmageddon [Vinyl/12"] Ant Zen 8.99
Silent Weapons For Quiet [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
The Coming Dark Age [CD] Ant Zen 14.99
The Grand Chessboard [Vinyl/12"] Ant Zen 9.98
The Grand Chessboard/The Sound Of Meat [CD/DCD] Ant Zen 17.99
Black Sun Productions
Chemism [CD] Old Europa 15.99
Im Gegenteil [CD/MCD] Sheela Moon 10.99
Operett Amorale [CD] Old Europa 16.49
The Impossibility Of Silence [CD/DCD] Old Europa 21.99
The Milky Smell of Phantom [CD] Old Europa 14.99
Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Remnants of a Deepr Purity [CD/DCD] Project 17.49
We Will Fight Back [CD] Klanggalerie 15.49
Believe You Me [CD] Demon Records 14.99
Happy Familie [CD] Demon Records 14.99
DE LUIDSPREKER Mailorder, Im Haargarten 4, D-66482 Zweibrcken, Fon +49(0)6332-15000 Seite 9/90
6 March 2010
Mange Tout [CD/DCD] Demon Records 15.99
Open Wound - Live In Kassel [CD] The Eastern Front 13.99
Pieces Of A Broken Dream [CD/DCD] Cold Spring 17.49
Way Of Crosses [CD] The Eastern Front 14.99
Blind Passengers
Destroyka [CD] Synthetic 7.99
Destroyka / The Forgotten Times [CD/DCD] Synthetic 9.98
The Forgotten Times [CD] Synthetic 7.99
Blixa Bargeld
Rede / Speech [DVD/Video] Potomak 20.99
Blood Axis
Blot:Sacrifice In Sweden [CD] Cold Meat Industry 14.99
The Gospel of Inhumanity [CD] Storm 16.99
Blood Axis / Les Yoyaux De La Princesse
Absinthe / La Folie Verte [CD] Athanor 15.99
Absinthia Taetra [CD] Athanor 15.99
Angel Dust [CD] Out Of Line 16.49
Demon Kiss [CD] Out Of Line 16.49
My Saviour [CD/CDM] Out Of Line 6.99
The Oxidisinig Angel [CD] Out Of Line 16.49
Bobby Konders feat. Massive S.
A Lost Era In NYC 1987 - 1992 [Vinyl/3x LP] Gigolo Records 18.99
Rinna Leathercluster Live Action 2008 [CD] 12SBKXD 16.99
The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara [CD] Wroty

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