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    • Abstract: Welcome to theGenbukan Organization... Genbukan World NinpoThe Genbukan WorldNinpo Bugei Federation Bugei Federation

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Welcome to the
Genbukan Organization... Genbukan World Ninpo
The Genbukan World
Ninpo Bugei Federation Bugei Federation
was created in 1984 by
Grandmaster Shoto
Tanemura in order to
preserve the traditions
of martial arts, and
present them in a way
that is practical to the
modern world.
Mark Bramble with Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura
Its foundation is 58
generations of The Bansenshukai Dojo
unbroken lineage passed down through ‘Bansenshukai’ is the name given to the
the ages for the protection of the body, dojo of Mark Bramble by Grandmaster
mind, and spirit, and ultimately the benefit Tanemura. Its meaning is ‘All The Worlds
of humankind. Rivers Collect In The Sea’.
As members of the Genbukan The school is located in Newark, AMATSU TATARA
organization, we study Ninpo, known Delaware, and offers classes to those in
more commonly by the terms Ninjutsu and Spiritual training & healing
the surrounding areas. Both public and
Ninja. In addition, we learn Ju-jutsu, Koryu private training is offered to adults age 15
Karate, Chinese martial arts, spiritual and up. NINPO BUGEI
training and more.
Authentic ninjutsu arts
Mark Bramble first began Ninpo training in
Training represents not just a look into the 1991. As a student of Grandmaster
past, but also a view into the future, of what Tanemura he has been fortunate to train Ju-jutsu
is possible when we contribute to a society both nationally and internationally in the
of peace and compassion. Traditional warrior training
We invite you to join us in our training, and
begin the journey. Genbukan Bansenshukai Dojo Genbukan Bansenshukai Dojo
27 Albe Drive, Suite E,
Newark, DE 19702 Newark, Delaware
Shikin Haramitsu Dai Komyo
‘The powerful light of wisdom’ (410)441-1340
(Traditional Ninpo Poem)
www.NinjaSeishin.com www.NinjaSeishin.com
About the arts...
About Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura
The highest and oldest scroll of Amatsu The Kokusai Ju-jutsu Renmei is held to
Tatara Bumon Shumon dates back to preserve the arts of traditional Japanese
700BC, and is comprised of Bumon ju-jutsu.
(martial arts) and Shumon (spiritual Grandmaster Tanemura first began his
training). Striking methods, joint locking, pinning, martial arts training at the age of nine.
throwing and choke techniques are taught First taught by his uncle and his father,
By polishing one’s heart like a mirror until it as a means of bringing down and the latter of which was a 17th
reflects clearly, the light of compassion is controlling an attacker. generation head of a samurai lineage.
sent out into your surrounding
environment, for the betterment of society He later would serve 15 years in the
and the world. Tokyo Police Department, leaving to
What training is like... keep alive and teach true Ninpo martial
This is accomplished through letting go of arts.
Genbukan training is held in a traditional
animosity, negativity, and that which
clouds our thoughts, to embrace our fullest Japanese manner. Classes begin and end
with relaxing meditation and formalities. In 1984, he organized and created the
potential as human beings. Genbukan organization to accomplish
The student typically starts with flexibility
exercises and conditioning, along with his mission of offering the world true
drilling fundamental movements of martial arts.
striking, evasion and tumbling skills.
Today, he has instructors in over 25
After this, level specific techniques are countries teaching thousands of
practiced depending on the individual skill students. Grandmaster Tanemura has
level, which can include a comprehensive masteries in 23 systems of martial arts,
system of unarmed defense, weapons which he teaches to his students at
training, and a variety of other arts. Honbu Dojo in Japan, and international
Ninpo, more commonly known through
Taikai (seminars).
the terms Ninjutsu and Ninja, is for the
defense of oneself and loved ones. Its Students also have the opportunity to
focus is on 36 areas known as the Ninpo attend Taikai (seminars) around the
Sanjurokkei. country and world to train directly with the “Without noise
Grandmaster. Without scent
These arts include a wide range of Without a famous name
traditional warrior training, including Members are part of not just a dojo, but a But the effect is cosmic.”
spiritual refinement, unarmed defense, family of martial artists from around the
weapons training and more. world.

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