• Rulemaking: 2008-9-23 OMT OAL memo

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Air Resources Board
Mary D. Nichols, Chairman
Linda S. Adams 1001 I Street P.O. Box 2815 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Secretary for Sacramento, California 95812 www.arb.ca.gov Governor
Environmental Protection
TO: Dale Mentink
Senior Staff Counsel
Office of Administrative Law
FROM: Amy J. Whiting
Regulations Coordinator, BARCU
DATE: September 15, 2009
SUBJECT: OAL Regulatory Action Number 2009-0804-01S
Outboard Marine Tanks and Components
Pursuant to your findings in review of the above-referenced Rulemaking, the Air
Resources Board (ARB) hereby authorizes you to correct the rulemaking record as
1. Substitute the enclosed 7 copies of the revised "Final Regulation Order"
behind each copy of the Form 400 for filing with the Secretary of State. The
revisions make nonsubstantive changes to the regulation text. Also, attach a
copy of the final regulation text to the Executive Order R-09-002 in Tab 2 of the
rulemaking file.
2. Substitute the enclosed revised Updated Informative Digest in Tab 1 of the
rulemaking file.
3. Substitute the enclosed revised Final Statement of Reasons in Tab 4 of the
rulemaking file.
4. Substitute the enclosed revised and updated Certificate of Closure for the
Rulemaking File at the beginning of the rulemaking file following the Table of
5. Substitute the enclosed revised Test Procedure California Exhaust Emissions
Standards and Test Procedures for 2001 Model Year and Later Spark-Ignition
Marine Tanks attached behind each copy of the Form 400 and for filing with
the Secretary of State.
The energy challenge facing California is real. Every Californian needs to take immediate action to reduce energy consumption.
For a list of simple ways you can reduce demand and cut your energy costs, see our website: http://www.arb.ca.gov.
California Environmental Protection Agency
Printed on Recycled Paper
Thank you for your assistance with this matter. If you have any questions, please call
me at 445-9564.
cc: Aron Livingston, Senior Staff Counsel

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