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    • Abstract: Installation InstructionsRoll-Up Gym Divider by DraperCaution① Locate and identify all parts using the hardware list and the drawings. 23/8“ Ø Drive Pipe

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Installation Instructions
Roll-Up Gym Divider by Draper
① Locate and identify all parts using the hardware list and the drawings. 23/8" Ø Drive Pipe
“As built” drawings and hardware list are packed in hardware carton. Do
not discard with packing material.
½"-13 Threaded Rod
② DO NOT touch divider curtain while it is in motion.
③ Key switch is packed in winch crate, do not discard. Lower Cradle Assembly
④ Divider operates on 110-120V, 60 Hz current (unless noted otherwise).
⑤ Key switch or controls to be in full view of both sides of curtain ½"-13 Flange Lock
Nut C018.088
during operation.
⑥ Wiring diagram can be found inside winch limit cover panel. Chain
⑦ Instructions for attaching and wiring the winch are packed in winch
carton. Figure 1
NOTE: Winch has been tested at the factory and found to be operating cor- Top Cradle Assembly
rectly prior to shipment. C187.026SA
23/8" Ø Drive Pipe
These instructions are meant as a guide only. They do not bind Draper, Inc. in
any way and do not imply any responsibility of Draper, Inc. for improper installa- ½"-13 Threaded Rod
tion or faulty workmanship at the jobsite. Lower Cradle Assembly
Hardware Installation
½"-13 Flange Lock
① Verify overall height and width with shop drawing to determine possible
Nut C018.088
discrepancies. Chain
② Attach winch support brackets to winch housing and install winch per loca- C022.002
tion shown on shop drawing.
③ Install drive pipe support assembly (typically Z-Bracket and Flange Clamps) Figure 2
per locations shown on shop drawing.
3" 3"
④ Attach drive pipe support assemblies to Z-Bracket with threaded rod. Adjust
assemblies vertically to proper height shown on shop drawing (see Fig. 1).
⑤ Install double drive pipe support assemblies to Z-Bracket with threaded rod
at positions shown on shop drawing (typically adjacent to belts only) (see
Fig. 2).
⑥ Using the project drawings, identify the 23/8" drive pipe section that attaches Center line 3/8˝ x 13/4" set screw
to the winch (normally the shortest section). Attach to winch output shafts, splicer (Typical)
drilling and installing hardware as shown on drawings. Drive pipe
⑦ Raise the other drive pipe sections as indicated on project drawings.
⑧ Attach pipes together with drive pipe splicers to obtain one long continuous
run of drive (see Fig. 3).
⑨ Operate the winch to determine that the drive pipe is rolling level. Make
adjustments accordingly.
⑩ Position lift cables onto drive pipe in preparation of lifting curtain (lift cable Drill 9/16" hole (2)
not supplied).
Figure 3
Curtain Installation
① Lay the curtain out with the top of the curtain close to the lift cables hanging 5/16" x ¼"
13/8" O.D.
4½" Tube 4½"
down from the drive pipe. setscrew
② Slide 15/8" top batten tube into top pocket one section at a time, as-
sembling as you go. Use 13/8" OD x 1'6" tube to connect sections of batten
tube. Splice should be installed with so equal portions are inside each tube 15/8" O.D. 9"
that is being connected. Install 5/16" x ¼" setscrews in pre-drilled and tapped Batten Tube
holes in batten tubes. Make sure outer tube sections are rotated to where Figure 4
the setscrews are in line prior to tightening (See Figs. 4 and 5). 9" 9"
③ Assemble 4" bottom batten as shown on shop drawings using 3¾" OD x Field Drill Ø.191" (#11) holes 1" 7"
using holes in 4" tube as guides
18" splice tubes. (See Fig. 5).
④ Using a chalk line, mark along the length of the assembled 4" batten
tube to be used as a guide when attaching the curtain.
⑤ Attach the square raw bottom edge of curtain fabric to the 4" bottom tube
using adhesive strip. Make sure the curtain is flat, square and rolled
Splice Tube 4" O.D. Bottom Batten
straight. C162.020
Rivet C012.138
12 places C073.444
Please Note: Use of floor rollers or of inverted top cradles used in Draper Roll- Figure 5
Up Dividers make it easier to keep fabric square to 4" tube.
➅ Curtain fabric is 6"+ wider than 4" bottom tube. Attach fabric so equal Drive Pipe
amounts of fabric overhang each end. Do not allow fabric to extend onto the
heat seamed edging of curtain fabric. Cut 4" bottom tube if necessary. Belt Pre-wraps
➆ Refer to shop drawing and mark finished height of curtain. The typical
curtain height received is 20" longer than shown on shop drawing, allowing
1½+ revolutions around pipe. Top Batten
➇ Roll curtain on tube to desired position. Attach stop strip in predrilled holes
with self–tapping screws supplied. Installer should use a file to round the 5" Wide Belt
corners of the stop strip to lessen the possibility of curtain tears (see Fig. 6). Vinyl
Aluminum Bottom Batten
Stop Strip
Bottom Batten
Roll Direction Vinyl Pre-wrap
When Raising Direction
Figure 6
If you encounter any difficulties installing or servicing your Roll-Up Gym Divider, call your
Copyright © 2011 Draper Inc. Form Roll-Up-Divider_Inst11 Printed in U.S.A. dealer or Draper, Inc., Spiceland, Ind., (765) 987-7999, or fax (765) 987-7142.
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Curtain installations continued Caution
⑨ Attach dangling lift cables (supplied by installer) around top 15/8" pipe Operating the curtain too far in either direction could cause severe damage
contained in the top pocket of the curtain, and raise curtain. to the divider.
⑩ When the curtain is in the raised position, attach chain from drive pipe
support assemblies around top pipe. Small cut in pocket required for Limit Switch Adjustment
chain. As the chains are attached, disconnect the cable from the top pipe. Please Note: One upper and one lower travel limit switch is provided. Proper
⑪ Attach belts, shiny side in, to drive pipe with the aid of double face tape. adjustment is simple and quick with the following procedure. Always shut power
Position all belts at the same position on the drive pipe and secure with off from the winch when working inside the electrical compartment. The cover
self–tapping screws. has been designed for quick removal to simplify limit switch adjustment.
⑫ All belts are to be wound onto drive in the same direction. 2'-0", or three ① Run the winch in the "up" direction to raise the divider curtain to the desired
complete wraps, should remain on drive when divider is in full down (fully raised) position and stop it in this position. Turn off the power to the
position (called the pre–wrap). winch and remove the electrical compartment cover. (2 screws)
⑬ Rolling action of curtain should be against the stop strip, or in other words, ② Slacken the two thumb nuts holding the upper limit switch.
the stop strip should never roll under the curtain. The positioning of the ③ Slide the upper limit switch across until the blade contacts the limit trip rod,
belts onto the drive pipe will determine the direction. then slide it a little further until an audible click is heard as the switch opens.
⑭ Once belting is attached to drive pipe, drop belting to the floor, pass Tighten the thumb nuts. The top limit it is now set.
beneath the curtain and raise the belt up to the top 15/8" pipe contained in ④ Temporarily install the cover and run the divider curtain down to the desired
the top pocket of the curtain. lower stop position and set the lower limit switch in the same way.
⑮ Drill holes in belting for the nuts and bolts used to secure belting around the ⑤ Run the curtain up and down again to check the settings
top 15/8" pipe. Small cut required in pocket for belts. Trim excess belt from ⑥ Make a final check to make sure that all fasteners are tight.
① Operate curtain up to the stored position and set limit (see Fig. 7). Operate Blade
curtain to the down position and set limit. Trip Rod Blade
② In the down position make sure limit has been set to allow the fabric build
up to be fully extended.
③ There are two basic vertical adjustments to this divider. One is the threaded
rods attaching the drive pipe support assemblies to the drive pipe support
angles. The other is the chain from the drive pipe support assembly to the
top of the curtain (see Fig. 1).
④ If the belt tends to runoff in one direction when the curtain rolls up, instead
of stacking up in a uniform pile, shim the belt within the pre–wrap (pre–wrap
is described in step 11 above.) To shim: cut a ½" wide piece of belt from Thumb Screws
your excess belt. Unroll the curtain all the way and disengage down limit to
expose pre–wrap on the drive. Position the ½" piece under an edge of pre- Limit Switch Limit Switch
wrap (use the edge opposite the direction of runoff) and secure with double Figure 7
face tape. Roll the curtain back up a few turns to cover the pre–wrap and
reset the down limit switch. Then continue rolling the curtain up. Repeat as
necessary. No two curtains behave the same, so this is a trial and error
procedure. Circuit breaker rated amp. 20 amp.
Fused circuit rated amp. 20 amp.
Minimum Wire Size
90' maximum run. . . . . . . . . 12 ga.
90' to 140' run. . . . . . . . . . . .10 ga.
Wiring Diagram Over 140'. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 ga.
Sizes of wall masonry boxes required
Motor for single and ganged key switches--
1 HP All boxes 2" (w) x 3¾" (h) x 2½" (d).
M 110-120V/1/60
Instant reverse 11 (Black/Hot)
18 (Up) 12 (Down)
G G Ground
White Line 1, Neutral, white
1 1 110-120 Volt, 20 Amp Service
Blue 13/8" 3/8"
4 4 12 13/8" 13/8"
KEY Black
Red SWITCH 11 (Hot)
8 8 18
Limit Limit
Switch Switch
Wiring by factory
Dashed wiring by electrician
Red use minimum No. 12/3 wire
www.draperinc.com (765) 987-7999

Use: 0.1069