• Small islands offer charming memories

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    • Abstract: ermen, Ieo Island is not a tourist. attraction, Mara Island is, and the trip. there starts ... Jeju Island. Jeju Island. Jeju City. Jeju City. Mara, Jeju and Biyang Islands provide ...

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JoongAng Daily
Friday, August 31, 2007 TRIP 7
Biyang lsland
Jeju City
Jeju Island
Mara lsland
Mara Island [JoongAng Ilbo]
Small islands offer charming memories
Mara, Jeju and Biyang Islands provide beautiful views and great seafood
By Lee Ho-jeong ermen, Ieo Island is not a tourist The first is a Chinese restaurant. photographs. behind Jeminilbo. The entrance fee is
Staff Writer attraction, Mara Island is, and the trip There are three Chinese restaurants on After Mara, I went to Biyang 1,000 won, which includes a small
When one has to get away from there starts with a 25-minute ferry the island and they all claim that they Island on the west side of Jeju Island. towel. Visitors can also bring their
the busy city, drifting to solitude at ride from Moseul harbor on the south- were the first to invent haemul The island can be seen from Hyeopjae own shower kit.
what feels like the far end of the ern tip of Jeju Island. The ferry sails jajangmyeon or noodles covered in beach, which is the most beautiful of There are many ways of traveling
world can be wonderful. eight times a day during the summer. black bean sauce with seafood. Jeju’s ten beaches. to Jeju Island. The most common and
Mara Island may not be the There is also a ferry from Mount Next to the Chinese restaurant is a Hyeopjae has shallow, emerald- convenient is to fly from Gimpo Inter-
world’s end, but most days, it is Songak harbor, which makes 14 trips school, which has only one student, colored water. Biyang Island looks national Airport. However, there is a
the southernmost part of per day. The ride takes about 30 min- although I was told that another stu- gorgeous when seen from Hyeopjae special “turtle cruise” for those who
Korea. Actually Ieo Island, utes. . dent will be enrolling soon. beach. The boat ride to the island prefer a leisurely trip. This is offered
which is 149 kilometers south Mara Island is ringed by high, Walking along the coast one takes about 15 minutes. There is a by the Golden Cruise Jeju tour agency
of Mara, is the southernmost dark cliffs that have a mesmerizing comes to Giwon temple. It is the only huge hill on Biyang Island and it takes and consists of a four-day trip to Jeju
part of Korea, but it only beauty. There are hardly any trees on Buddhist temple on the island and it about 15 minutes to climb to the top. that begins on a bus and then transfers
pops up above water once in the island. It would be one of the opened 18 years ago. There are two From the top there is a beautiful view to a boat.
a while. Legend has it that hardest places to play hide and seek. Buddhist monks and they offer cool of Biyang and Jeju Island. The trip starts at 10 p.m. in front of
one of the haenyeo, women The only trees are some pines that drinks and fruit to visitors. On the main Island of Jeju, the Seoul City Hall subway station
who earn a living by diving were planted near the lighthouse in The next stop is a building that unknown to many travelers is a small and the bus makes its first stop at a spa
for seafood, fell uncon- the 1990s on the westside of the island used to house a chocolate museum. natural pool the size of a bathtub. The in Goheung, South Jeolla.
scious and drifted next to a Catholic church. The museum has since moved to Jeju pool, which is called yongcheonsu, has From there passengers board a
away. She thought There are no snakes on the island. Island, which the people of Mara call clean water that has flowed down cruise, that will arrive in Jeju where
she was dead when Legend has is that an early settler “the mainland” but the museum sign from Mount Halla. In the past the various entertainment such as a Mag-
she suddenly found started a fire that burned all of Mara’s remains. The building looks like people of Jeju have used the pool as a ic World performance is provided. A
herself standing in original trees and forced the island’s something from the set of “Little public bathtub as well as a source of barbeque party is offered at night. On
the middle of the snakes to flee. Mara’s first permanent House on the Prairie” and it is now drinking water. Jeju, travelers can stay at the Jazz Vil-
ocean — but then she settlers arrived 120 years ago. Today private property. Another small one- Until recently the pool was out in lage (www.jazzvillage .co.kr) for two
realized she was sitting 90 people live on the island. story building that looks like a storage the open but the villagers have built a nights. After touring around various
on top of Ieo Island. A walk around Mara takes less room is actually a chocolate store. The structure over the pool and they have sites on Jeju Island passengers can
The island, which is than an hour on a path which is 4.2 next stop is a stone marker erected in redecorated it so that it looks more travel back on a bus via Haenam, in
surrounded by rich kilometers (2.6 miles) long. Visitors 1987 stating that the island is the far modern. At first sight the entrance the deep south of the peninsula, and
stocks of seafood, can take the same path in a rented golf end of Korea. may cause some disappointment. But the Boseong tea field before arriving
made her cart or on a bicycle. Four passenger Almost at the end of the trip is the the bone-chilling cold of the pool back in Seoul. There are trips every
wealthy. golf carts can be rented for 20,000 won island’s one and only Catholic church water really does freshen up visitors Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For
However, ($22) for 3 hours and 30 minutes. and the lighthouse, which has small and helps them to cool off from the couples taking a single room the price
unless we are Bicycles can be rented for 3,000 won models of lighthouses from around summer heat. is 380,0000 won per person and for a
talking about per hour. the world in its front yard. The white The pool is not far from the airport family of four the entire trip costs
marine biolo- After arriving, visitors walk up lighthouse and the pinkish church and just across the street is the 300,000 won per family member.
gists or weath- stairs to a pair of buildings. make a great backdrop for romantic Dodoobong bus stop, which sits right [email protected]
Above: A marker describes Mara Island as Korea’s southern-
most point. From left, the Mara Island lighthouse,
the Mara Island school and Biyang Island harbor.
By Lee Ho-jeong
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