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Pre-Solicitation Workshop
September 8, 2010
Companies Represented by Attendees
Company Name Y/N Primary Trade 1 Trade 2 Trade 3 Trade 4 Trade 5 Trade 6
AAI Poggen Pohl N Millwork Cabinetry
ACE Hardware N Blinds & Shades
ADI Pools N Swimming Pool Fountains
Adina Inc. N Tile Stone
Advanced Building Science, Inc. N Insulation
AIW, Inc N Miscellaneous Metals
Alphagraphics Y Blue Printing Services. Printing Services Copying & Reprographic Services Duplicators Signs & Posters
ANR Construction Management Y Construction Management
Aquatic Design N Swimming Pool Fountains
AVSmoot, LLC Y Painting Wood Restoration
B & B FLOOR SERVICES, LLC Y Carpet VCT Hardwood Sheet Goods
B Construx N General Construction
Bank of Georgetown Y Banking Services
Barbara J Architectural Sales LLC Y Shades Entrance Mats Mesh Partitions Terra Cotta
Bartimaeus, Inc. N Window Treatments
Bausum & Duckett Electric Company, Inc. N Electrical
Blue Lake Crane N Cranes
Blueboy Document Imaging Y Reprographics Blue Printing Services.
Bocalje Services Inc. Y Interior Finishes
Brannan & Brannan N Carpentry Flooring Concrete Patios
Calply Door Systems N Doors Frames Hardware Installation
Capitol Property Development LLC Y General Construction Carpentry Drywall Flooring Rough Carpentry Painting
Casework Inc N Casework Millwork Furnishings
CB Flooring Corporation and Jones and Wood, Inc. Y Flooring
CBO Glass N Curtainwall
Chesapeake Sprinkler N Fire Sprinkler Fire Protection
Clean City, LLC Y Final Cleaning Window Washing Power Washing Carpet Cleaning Water Extraction Grafitti Removal
Cleaning To Perfection dba CTP Full Facility Services Y Final Clean-Up
Cleveland Construction N
Commonwealth Blinds & Shades N Blinds & Shades
CONTINENTAL CONSTRUCTION, INC. Y Glass/Glazing Carpentry Misc. Metals Wood/HM Doors
Continental Group N Glass Showers Balcony Railings Bus Shelters
Crown Corr Inc. N Metal Panels Glass and Glazing Ornamental Metals Louvers
Cuz-N-Em Enterprise Y Trucking Hauling
David Allen Company N Tile
DC Fire Protection Fire Sprinkler Fire Protection
Dean's Custom Floors, Inc. N Flooring
Delaware Elevator N Elevators
Diversified Enterprises Group, LLC Y General Construction Systems Integration IT Security
Docsav Industries Inc. Y Supplier Building Products Metal Lockers Lumber Appliances Dock Levelers Overhead Doors
Drake, Inc. N Carpentry Painting Drywall
Dynalectric Company N Electrical
Dynamic Concepts, Inc. Y Telecommunications
Extra Clean Inc N Final Clean Window Washing
Fajardo Investments N General Construction
Fire & Life Safety America N Fire Sprinkler Fire Protection
Flooring Solutions Inc. N Carpet Ceramic Wood Resilient Flooring
Floors Etc N Flooring
Fort Myer Construction Corporation Y Site Utilities and Electrican Site Preparation Roadway Construction
Francis Lee Contracting Y Site Concrete Site Pavers Paving Landscaping and Irrigation Low Voltage
Full Circle Development, Inc. Y Project Management
GCS, Inc. Y Carpentry General Labor Concrete Demo Construction Services Project Management
Gelberg Signs Y Signage
Glenn Rieder N Carpentry Millwork Casework
Global Suppliers&Traders,LLC N Electrical Low voltage Computer Hardware HVAC & Plumbing
Goodwin Brothers N Blinds & Shades
Gymbar Enterprises N Interior Finishes New Construction HVAC
H&H Services N Pipe Fitting
H&M Supply & Electrical Company Y Electrical Trade Doors Frames Toilet and Bath Accessories
HH Gregg N Appliances Televisions
High Concrete Group LLC N Archtiectural Precast
Honeywell N ATC Low Voltage Systems
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Company Name Y/N Primary Trade 1 Trade 2 Trade 3 Trade 4 Trade 5 Trade 6
HRGM Corporation Y Roofing Waterproofing
HRY Design Y Finishes Wood and Plastic
HS Solutions Y Low Voltage Communications
ICON EBS, LP N Glass & Glazing
Ideal Electrical Supply Corporation Y Electrical Supplies
J&M Tile, Granite and Marble N Interior Finishes Tile Marble Granite
J.ROBERTS, INC N Carpentry
JCM Associates, Inc. N Mechanical Plumbing
John J. Kirlin, LLC N Mechanical Plumbing
Jones & Wood, Inc, Y General Construction Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
Kadida Construction Group, LLC N Carpentry
Katchmark Construction Y Roofing Siding
Keystone Plus Construction Y Finishes
Legacy Builders & Construction Services, Inc. N Construction Management Specialties Flooring Construction Cleaning Landscaping Electrical
Lexell Development LLC Y General Contractor Construction Management
Longobardi & Associates DC LLC Y Construction Management
Lyn Tile Inc. N Ceramic Tile Stone
Madison Mechanical N HVAC Plumbing
Mahogany Interiors, Inc Y Millwork Casework
MARS Construction Y Drywall
Maryland Applicators N Drywall Accoustical Insulation Carpentry
MATEK, Inc. N Electrical Voice, Data, AV Security
MD Bath and Kitchen Contractors N Kitchen & Bath HVAC Plumbing Construction Waste Management
Metro Painters, Inc. N Painting Wall Covering Resinous Flooring
Michael Marshall Architect Y Architectural Landscape Architecture Interior Design
Modern Mosaic N Architectural Precast
Mona Electric Group, Inc. N Electrical
Mortensen Woodwork N Architectural Millwork
National Fire Protection, LLC N Fire Sprinkler
National Service Contractors Y Doors & Windows Finishes
Nitterhouse Concrete Products, Inc. N Concrete
OCI N Painting Drywall Cleanup, Trash Removal Computers Networks Data Recovery
Old Glory Construction N Fire Protection Life Safety Mechanical
Oldcastle BuildingEnvalope N Glass &Glazing
orion systems group N Security
Otis Elevator Company N Elevators
Paddock Swimming Pool Company N Swimming Pool Construction
Paige International Y Voice, Data Security
Parkway Glass & Mirror N Glass
Perlectric, Inc. N Electrical
POST Construction Y Framing Drywall Ceilings Painting Rough Carpentry
Prospect Waterproofing Company N Roofing and Waterproofing
Quintessential Construction Managers, Engineers and
Consultants, LLC Y Blinds & Shades
Regional Contracting Services, LLC Y Rough Carpentry
Rugo Stone LLC N Stonework
Site Concrete/Asphalt/Curb and
Ruppert Landscape N Landscaping and Irrigation Site Pavers Gutter/Street
Schneider Electric N Electrical
Serahski LLC N Construction Contractor Maintenance
Shapiro & Duncan N Mechanical
Shockey Precast Group N Precast
Sparkle Painting Company, Inc. N Painting Wallcovering
Strittmatter Metro Y Sitework Excavation
Sunshine Construction N Roofing Drywall Carpentry Painting
T. A. Beach Corp. N Electrical Fire Alarm
Team Roofing N Roofing
Ted Turner Company Y Ornamental Metals
The Anderson Company N Excavation
The Art Gallery @ The Washington Design Center N Interior Design Art Custom Framing
The Calhoun Group Y Interior Finishes Exterior Finishes
Page 3.
Company Name Y/N Primary Trade 1 Trade 2 Trade 3 Trade 4 Trade 5 Trade 6
The GreeCon Group N Eleveator Escalator
The Justin Company Y Drywall Metal Framing Acoustical Ceilings Insulation
The Marketing Showcase, LLC N Signage Marketing Technical Support
The Remedy for Living Y Furnishings
The Tyler Companies N
Touch AV Y Low Voltage Communications AV
Townhouse Carpet & Interiors, Inc N Flooring Carpet Ceramics VCT
Trainor Glass Company N Glass & Glazing
Triangle Sign & Service, LLC N Signs
Tricon Construction, Inc. N Drywall
Truland Systems Corporation N Electrical
TSI/Exterior Wall Systems, Inc. N Glass Metal Panels
Ulster Carpet N Axminster Carpet
United General Contractors, Inc Y Glass/Glazing Doors, Frames & Hardware Rough Carpentry
Universal Concrete Products N Architectural Precast Concrete
Urban Service Systems Corporation Y Hauling
Window treatments (blinds, Shades,
Valley Lighting, LLC - Shading Division N drapery, window film) Projection Screens Specialties Furnishings
ValleyCrest Landscape Development N Landscape Irrigation Hardscape
W.E. Bowers N HVAC & Plumbing
Wes Wal Consultants, Inc N Electrical Fire/Sprinkler Detection Design, Painting Parking Construction, Drywall Tile
Pre-Solicitation Workshop
September 8, 2010
Morning Session - MEP and Exterior Trades
Registration and Attendance
Attendee 1 Attendee 1 First Attendee 1 Last Attendee 2 Attendee 2 First Attendee 2 Last Attendee 3 Attendee 3 First Attendee 3 Last Attendee 4 Attendee 4 First Attendee 4 Last Attendee 5 Attendee 5 First Attendee 5 Last Total Number of
Company Name CBE Certified Salutation Name Name Salutation Name Name Salutation Name Name Salutation Name Name Salutation Name Name Attendees
AIW, Inc No Mr. Frank Slonka 1
Alphagraphics Yes Mr. Zin White 1
ANR Construction Management Yes Mrs. Allison Reese 1
Bank of Georgetown Yes Mr. Jeffrey Banks 1
Barbara J Architectural Sales LLC Yes Ms Barbara Smith 1
Bausum & Duckett Electric Company, Inc. No Mr. Tommy Luc 1
Blueboy Document Imaging Yes Mr. Hiram Russell 1
Bocalje Services Inc. Yes Mr. Ernest Ezuma Mr. LUIS GUEVARA 2
Brannan & Brannan No Mr. Edwin Brannan Ms Tabitha Brannan Ms LaQuan McCarley 3
Capitol Property Development LLC Yes Mr. Sinatra Sutton 1
Crown Corr Inc. No Mr. Tom Niepokoj 1
Diversified Enterprises Group, LLC Yes Ms E Renee Ingram Mr. Eric N. Rickford 2
Docsav Industries Inc. Yes Mr. James Wilson 1
Dynalectric Company No Mr. Ben Patton Mr. Nagaraj Sosale 2
Dynamic Concepts, Inc. Yes Mrs. Gabrielle Alfonso Mr. Ronald Watkins Mr. George Price 3
Fire & Life Safety America No Mr. Mark Romano Mr. John Wood 2
Fort Myer Construction Corporation Yes Ms Anita Bonds Mr. Sam Patel 2
GCS, Inc. Yes Mr. Mike Sigal 1
Global Suppliers&Traders,LLC No Mr. Herman Edwards 1
High Concrete Group LLC No Mr. A.J. Sassaman 1
Honeywell No Mr. Roger Jones 1
HRGM Corporation Yes Ms Rachna Butani Mr. Zareh Tahmazian Mr. Ramesh Butani 3
HS Solutions, LLC Yes Mr. Jack Hsin Mr. Din Hsin Mr. Raj Sharma Mr. Zia Koreishi 4
Ideal Electrical Supply Corporation Yes Mr. Adeleke Yusuf 1
JCM Associates, Inc. No Mr. Tim Wolf Mr. James McReady III Mr. Joseph Parker 3
John J. Kirlin, LLC No Mr. Jason Carter 1
John J. Kirlin, LLC No Mr. Jason Carter Mrs. Mary Mathewson 2
Katchmark Construction Yes Mrs. Heather Porter 1
Lexell Development LLC Yes Ms Lisa Bass 1
Madison Mechanical No Mr. Calvin McColligan 1
MD Bath and Kitchen Contractors No Mr. Michael Dowdy Mr. Darryl Vaughn Mr. Darryl Brookes 3
Michael Marshall Architect Yes Mr. Michael Marshall 1
Modern Mosaic No Mr. Jason Elia 1
Mona Electric Group, Inc. No Mr. Randy Kurty 1
National Fire Protection, LLC No Mr. Brent Luers 1
National Service Contractors Yes Mr. Alex Woldu Mr. Sherasa Dokes 2
Nitterhouse Concrete Products, Inc. No Mr. Glynn Kindelan 1
Oldcastle Building Envelope No Mr. Nick Angellotti 1
Otis Elevator No Mr. Thomas Williams Mr. Russ Larson 2
Perlectric, Inc. No Mr. Billy Maykrantz 1
POST Construction Yes Mr. Alvin Smith 1
Prospect Waterproofing Company No Ms Elizabeth Evans 1
Rugo Stone LLC No Mr. Michael Myers Mr. Brett Rugo 1
Ruppert Landscape No Mr. Brad Rowland 1
Serahski LLC No Mrs. Olekanma Ekekwe-KauffmanMr. Robert Melnowski 2
Shockey Precast Group No Mr. Michael Jennings 1
Strittmatter Metro Yes Mr. Art Hathcock 1
Sunshine Construction Yes Mr. Raphiel Hampton Mrs. Lenora Zaccur Raphiel Hampton Raphiel Hampton Raphiel Hampton 4
Team Roofing No Mr. Chris Harrington 1
Ted Turner Company Yes Mr. Rex Medford Mr. Ted Turner 2
The GreeCon Group No Ms Brandey Rodgers Ms Zelda Wade 2
Trainor Glass Company No Mr. Blake Willbrand 1
Truland Systems Corporation No Mr. Rick Barrett Mr. 1
TSI/Exterior Wall Systems, Inc. No Mr. victor cornellier Mr. peter cornellier 2
United General Contractors, Inc Yes Mr. Nate Lewis Mr. Frank Clelland 2
Universal Concrete Products No Mr. Bill Hydock 1
Urban Service Systems Corporation Yes Mr. William Keating 1
ValleyCrest Landscape Development No Mr. James Wallace 1
W.E. Bowers No Mr. Scott Dean 1
Wes Wal Consultants, Inc No Ms Kristie Walton 1
(Ammka )ABCD Associates Yes Mr. Moses Kassa Mr. Bill-Al Aziz Mr. Jonathan Moges

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