• “[air navigation control, […] is a task involving the exercise of public

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"[air navigation control, […] is a task involving the exercise of public
authority and is not of an economic nature, since that activity constitutes a
service in the public interest which is intended to protect both the users of
air transport and the populations affected by aircraft flying over them".
(Extract of decision C.364/92 of the European Court of Justice).
ICB 10 meeting 24.04.06
Attending for ATCEUC Vincent Poty
The information note dated 21.04.06 describing the differences between the two
drafts from the commission to the council dated 02.02.06 and 05.04.06 was accepted
and supported by all participants.
Report by the commission. ( Daniel ONIDI )
The position from ICB helped to move forward in a positive way.
1. Scope of the JU: The intention is to extent the livespan towards the
implementation phase.
2. Governance of the JU: EU + Eurocontrol + 2 New members: Research
institutes and Military representative.
3. Funding: The 100 Millions€ from EU will come from the research budget and
TEN. 50% each.
4. New members: A new text will explain the rights and responsibilities of new
members in the JU.
A request from the commission to the ICB was made by M.Onidi to know what each
member of the ICB is doing in R&D + actual activities that could be included in
SESAR and what are the essential return ICB members are expected if the get
involved in the JU ( Voting rights, right of initiative, Ownership of the Master Plan,…)
Q: Why put the research institutes in such a position in the JU?
Position from the states is that a lot of Research Centers are involved in ATM
research activities and there is no arm to involve them in JU.
Q: Problem of the wording of the unanimous decision. For ICB, it is nearly impossible
to get a unanimous decision with such a variety of members.
The wording from the ICB was not accepted by the lawyers + The commission
doesn’t want that each members could have the power to stop the process.
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SSKL (Slovenia) - TUEM (Eurocontrol) – USCA (Spain) - ZZKRL (Poland)
The ICB request is that the main members that would support the costs of the
implementation and the development would have a veto right.
The 10 Millions from Eurocontrol will mainly come from the Bretigny’s budget (About
60% of the budget will be invested for SESAR)
The ICB questioned the role of Supervisory Board. The ICB can accept a SB
controlling how the money is being spent but not controlling the Master Plan.
The SESAR sub-group will meet on the 08 05.06.
Presentation on present SESAR status by Olaf DLUGI.
The external kick-off meeting was a success, there will be another kick-off meeting
roughly 6 weeks after each Deliverables to allow each sector in ATM to comment on
the Deliverables.
Interoperability Sub-group.
The report from the sub-group was adopted.
Common Charging.
( Ben VAN HOUTTE ) Work has to be done on common rules of the air.
The paper on common charging from ICB was adopted with the exception of the GA
representative on the recovery of costs.
The commission will put the proposal in good form and ask Eurocontrol to run
simulations to see if there would be significant changes for the different users.
If everything goes according to plans, the final proposal would be voted and
published before the end of the year.
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