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    • Abstract: Pet Behavior SolutionsPage 1 A Letter from Sam Kabbel Spring, 2011IN THIS ISSUE: Dear Friends, modate everyone! Please read the I want to take a moment to thank

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Pet Behavior Solutions
Page 1 A Letter from Sam Kabbel Spring, 2011
IN THIS ISSUE: Dear Friends, modate everyone! Please read the I want to take a moment to thank
section we dedicated specifically to you for all you have done to earn
 Letter from Sam Kabbel I hope you are having a wonderful Edu-Care for DogsTM to learn more a rewarding relationship with your
2011! I thank you all for your about the program and to read the pet. By reaching out to get help,
 New Phone Number support during my incredible ex- wonderful testimonials from our resolving training issues, learning
perience as a kidney donor late in clients. We developed a web page about animal behavior; and mak-
 Fast Eating Dogs 2010. I continue to get questions ing adjustments in your lifestyle to
specifically for this program due to
as to how the recipient is do- its uniqueness. Check us out at accommodate your pet you have
 Earn Back Credibility with
ing. Dave has fully recovered and www.edu-carefordogs.com. taken the first critical steps. We
your Dog
is in amazingly good health. We look forward to helping you with
 Blog are both well. Thank you again Thank you for your support as we all of your future
for all your calls and e-mails! continue to develop this program. training needs.
 Outdoor Cat Hazards We truly appreciate the trust you
In February of 2011, we began have placed in us and we are
 NEW PROGRAM: Edu- Edu-Care for DogsTM. The re- aware that is something we must
Care for DogsTM sponse to the program was so continually earn. Sam Kabbel
amazing that we had to offer an
 Dog Park Dangers
additional day in order to accom-
 Edu-Care Testimonials
Fast Eating Dogs
Some dogs are just obsessed obsession and potentially exacer-
with their meals! They eat in- bate the food guarding. Though If your dog has food guarding or
credibly fast and are often pos- it is intended to be training, these aggression issues, you should get
sessive of their food. Traditional techniques are often nothing professional help. Proper treat-
We have a new phone techniques used to ment is aimed at teaching your
more than teasing.
number! address this issue dog to relax and learn that guard-
Please update your records with are: to make the If your dog simply is food ob- ing isn’t necessary. Dominance
our new phone number: 480-200 dog comply with a sessed – eating quickly but training aimed at “showing your
-2011. Feel free to text us at that wait or stay com- without guarding – consider dog who is boss” by exerting con-
number as well. As always, you mand before get- purchasing a brake-fast bowl trol over the food is often not an
can e-mail me directly at ting his food; to put www.brake-fast.net/ or appropriate way of
[email protected] the food on the floor and repri- a portion pacer . You can dealing this prob-
mand the dog for attempting to also place large river lem.
eat until he receives permission; rocks in the bowl so the
to frequently take the food away dog has to work around Some dogs may
during a meal in order to assert these items to get the always frenetically
dominance over him; punish him food. It is a good idea to eat their meals. We
for protecting his food by repri- teach your dog to comply need to be aware
manding him while taking the with a command in order to have that training techniques may be
Check out our Facebook page: food away; etc. The problem is access to food but don't use a making it worse by inadvertently
www.facebook.com/ that these techniques can actual- "stay or "wait". A simple sit or
ly make things worse. If the dog promoting guarding tendencies.
petbehaviorsolutions. We post down is sufficient, allowing him to
photos, links to articles, tips, already feels like food is the have immediate access to the Understanding how best to work
and updates so please keep most valuable thing in his life, food once he complies. Remem- with your dog’s mealtimes will
up with us on Facebook. then these techniques can actu- ber the more he has to do or the help make things more enjoyable
ally INCREASE the value of the longer he has to wait – the higher for you and your dog.
food! It can also increase the the value of the food!
PAGE 2 P E T B E HA V I O R S O LU T I O NS S P R I NG , 2 0 1 1
Earn Back Credibility With Your Dog
Providing feedback to your dog about his issues is clearly important, the bigger prob- counter but doesn’t help himself: when he
behavior is what dog training is all lem is that you have no credibility with your politely interacts with the cat: when he elimi-
about. Unfortunately, much of the time we dog anymore! They have learned how not to nates outside; when he chews on his own
provide far more negative feedback than get caught instead of how to properly behave. chew toy and not your rug; when he chooses
positive feedback. We reprimand or punish not to beg while you are eating, etc.
the dog for doing things we don’t want such Positive feedback is the most critical part of
as peeing in the house; training your It sounds simple but these are the most gold-
chewing the rug; getting up dog! This should en opportunities that are often
on counters; and/or getting primarily come in the missed! While he won’t learn NOT to do
“Dogs need to be “caught in
into the litter box. Often, by form of touch and these things using this methodology alone,
the time families are calling the act” of doing the right praise – food is not a he will give you more of what he was doing
for help, they have success- things and making the right necessary reward when you praised him. It is essential that
fully trained their dogs but when you are trying to you catch and praise him doing the things
not with the outcome they choices..” rebuild your credibil- you want in order
wanted. Their dogs have ity. Dogs need to be to regain your
been effectively trained not “caught in the act” of credibility when
to do these things in front of the owners in doing the right things and making the right training your
order to avoid the punishment! choices. This type of feedback causes dogs dog.
to look to you for approval, look to you when
By the time I get the call, it is almost impos- in question as to what they should do, and to
sible to catch the dog doing these things but do more of the behaviors that you catch him
the evidence is there! It is very difficult to doing. Catch your dog making the right deci-
resolve issues that you cannot catch your sions. Tell him what a great dog he is: when
dog doing. While the resolution of these he merely sniffs the garbage or sniffs the
Did you know we have a BLOG? We post educational and informative articles monthly. We answer questions about crate training,
housetraining, use of dominance in dog training, how to choose the best professional for your pet’s needs, and integrating a new cat with your
existing cats. We have articles on these topics and so much more! Sign up to receive updates and tell your friends about it!
Outdoor Cat Hazards
Did you know fight with another cat and is bitten, it posed to toxic substances such as
the average could result in the spread of disease or antifreeze or pesticides.
lifespan of an a painful abscess, with the need for Vehicles - An outside cat darting across the
outdoor cat is veterinary care. Always check your cat street can be an unfortunate victim of a
less than 3 for painful lumps and bumps. moving vehicle, and cats that are hit by
years? Com- Predators such as coyotes and raccoons - In cars rarely survive.
pare this to the average lifespan of 12 to 15 many areas, wild animals are potential Harsh weather: Weather conditions can
years for an indoor cat. Here are some of predators. change abruptly, and your cat could
the most common hazards faced by outdoor Diseases - Contact with wild animals and experience frostbite in the winter or
cats. other cats can result in the transmission dehydration, burning of paw pads,
of life-threatening diseases such as and/or skin cancer in the summer.
Cruelty - Not all people love cats. Cats have feline leukemia or feline immunodefi- Getting lost: Your cat could be shut into a
been known to be injured by angry ciency virus. building, stolen, taken to an animal
neighbors who dislike cats digging in Parasites - The risk of infestations with fleas, shelter, or adopted by others.
their gardens or hunting birds. ticks, intestinal worms, and other para-
Unfriendly dogs - Dogs can inflict life- sites increases in outdoor cats. Please see our blog for the full article provid-
threatening injuries especially to cats Poisons - Although you may have "cat- ing information on how to make the indoors
who have learned to trust dogs. proofed" your outdoor area, others may more exciting and how to make the outdoors
Other cats - If your cat gets into a territorial not have, and your cat could be ex- safer for cats.
S P R I NG , 2 0 1 1 P E T B E HA V I O R S O LU T I O NS PAGE 3
Edu-Care for Dogs is Here! TM
Pet Behavior Solutions has developed an often arise. When dogs are left to play gram experience the freedom to explore
innovative new program called Edu-Care wildly without effective supervision and and play but are required to have manners
for DogsTM. This program combines fun proper intervention the result can be dogs and interact with other dogs politely. We
and effective train- who are over stimulated and teach the dogs how to negotiate conflict
ing; guided sociali- “We have activities that encourage stressed, dogs with poor instead of reacting to it. Dogs are guided
zation; and safe, and stimulate dogs mentally as impulse control, and dogs toward appropriate learning 100% of the
educational group who forget their “house man- time. We recognize that each dog has a
well as physically and encourage
play. ners.” Good dogs can have different temperament and play style and
group behavior instead of terrible experiences and shy we accommodate each dog’s individual
Dog owners recog- competition.” dogs can develop aggressive needs. We have activities that encourage
nize and appreciate behaviors in an overwhelm- and stimulate dogs mentally as well as
the needs of their dogs. As owners have ing, chaotic environment. physically and encourage group behavior
gotten busier, dog daycares and dog parks instead of competition. Edu-Care for
have increased in popularity. While day- Edu-Care for Dogs TM was created by two DogsTM “The Ivy League of Dog Daycare!”
cares and dog parks do provide social ex- canine behavior experts. Dogs in our pro-
periences and exercise, several problems
Dog Park Dangers By: Stefanie Strackbein
I love the idea of dog parks. Dogs can run see if your dog is playing back or giving cut frequent dog parks, let your vet know so they
at top speed, play ball with abandon and off signals. How can you tell? If your dog can make any special recommendations for
socialize with other dogs and humans. goes back for more, or the play seems mutu- vaccinations or preventatives. Puppies under
However, dog parks can also be dangerous al, he is probably having fun. If the play is 4 months are not ready for dog park play as
or scary places for dogs. As someone who one-sided your dog will be trying to get away they are not fully immunized and at a higher
studies dog behavior and body language, I or disengage from the other dog. When this risk for contracting diseases. They are also
can never relax at a dog park. I am con- happens, the play is not fun. Goofy, exagger- vulnerable to being negatively affected by
stantly watching my own dogs and watching ated movements indicate fun, while stiff, fo- their experiences with other dogs.
everyone else’s dog too. You don’t want cused movements do not. If your dog likes to
your dog to be a victim or a bully so super- play rough, watch how other dogs respond How can you ensure your dog will have a
vision and management is necessary for a and be ready to step in to prevent your dog wonderful time at the dog park? You can’t.
positive dog park experience. Proper play from harassing others. But you can be proactive and minimize any
and socialization can make the difference risks and maximize your dog’s fun. Try watch-
between a dog that is well-adjusted and Be aware that not all dogs share well with ing the crowd for a few minutes before enter-
friendly with other dogs and one who is others. If you take Spike’s favorite toy with ing the park and look for dogs who are bullies
fearful, anxious or even aggressive. you, be aware of any guarding behaviors or play too rough. Look at the “energy” of
your dog may display or play. Does it look like they are playing for fun
Your dog may be friendly and other dogs may display to- or playing to win? Do you hear a lot of argu-
outgoing with others, but there ward your dog. Avoid taking ing between the dogs? Know your dog’s
are many dogs at dog parks treats or toys to help avoid preferences, behaviors and stressors so you
who are rude overbearing potential conflict between can step in before anything gets out of hand.
bullies. Dogs who body-slam, other dogs due to crowding If your dog is being bullied, talk to the owner
mouth, mount or incessantly and competition. Also be and politely explain what their dog is doing
wrestle and/or bark at others can trigger aware that the dynamic of every dog park will that your dog doesn’t like. Apologize for your
conflict. Ambushing and stalking are preda- change every day with every new dog. Your dog’s behavior if necessary. Go during off-
tory behaviors which are provocative and dog may play great with a group of dogs one peak hours when there are not as many dogs
may be threatening to another dog. Many day and may not enjoy their antics the next. present. Be prepared to leave if necessary. If
dog parents are quick to say “Oh, he’s We all have “off” days where we are less you have to leave after a few minutes, that’s
friendly, that’s just how he plays”. This may tolerant of annoying behavior. okay. Just treat your dog to an extra long
be true, but that doesn’t mean your dog walk or an extended game of fetch at home.
should be subjected to this type of play. Other potential dangers at a dog park are He’ll understand and be grateful you’re
Watch your dog’s reactions to this “play” parasites and other communicable diseases. watching his back!
and be prepared to take your dog to anoth- There are always risks when coming into
er part of the park or even leave. Watch to contact with feces or standing water. If you
Pet Behavior Solutions
Thank you so much for offering We are thrilled with Edu-Care for Lola! Follow us on Facebook:
such a wonderful service! I signed My energetic puppy slept like a top.
up Coco within minutes of getting Luna is looking forward to attending too LIke us on our Facebook page:
the email about the program. She (she's almost 6 years). She's a little shy www.facebook.com/
is a retired Australian Sheppard so some time with other dogs (except educarefordogs
show dog and very nervous - I Lola) will be great for her. Pick-up and Check out our photos, videos, fun
wanted to see if we could get her delivery is fabulous. stories, and commentary from the
to relax a bit. So far she is doing parents of Edu-Care Students (and
very good - for certain the exercise Lola’s mom at times from the students them-
and play is helping her gain more selves!) Please keep up with us on
confidence and is starting to play Facebook!
more with my other dog.
I am looking forward to the next 8
Recently we had family stay with us,
Smiles, including their dog. Waverly had never
Shellie, Coco's mom met her "cousin" before but each day
tried to get her to play. She shared all
of her toys, beds and people even
though the cousin was not as generous.
Waverly had perfect manners even
though the situation lent itself some
stress for her. It was fun to watch her
be quite the social negotiator.
I love knowing that Anjali is having I truly believe that Waverly was able to
Hobbes completing his Valentine’s Day
project with a little help.
the time of her life under the watch-
demonstrate this remarkably tolerant
ful eyes of people who "speak dog"
behavior due to Edu-Care. It is so good
and are sincerely interested in her
for their heart and soul to be with others
behavioral development. Tradition-
-under supervision with those that care
al dog daycares don't offer any-
for their well-being. Thank you both for
thing similar - despite any claims
providing this wonderful Ivy League of
they may make.
Doggie Schools.
Shannon Shannon, Waverley’s mom
Bianca flirts with Blade.

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