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    • Abstract: ODX SuccessfullyDeployed in DevelopmentBy Klaus Schneider,ProcessRobert Bosch GmbHStandard creates uniform prerequisites for powerful diagnosticfunctionsODX, the Open Diagnostic Data Exchange, is much more than just another XML-based

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ODX Successfully
Deployed in Development
By Klaus Schneider,
Robert Bosch GmbH
Standard creates uniform prerequisites for powerful diagnostic
ODX, the Open Diagnostic Data Exchange, is much more than just another XML-based
standard. Instead, it defines standardized requirements for highly efficient diagnostic
functions. With ODX-LINK, ETAS provides an INCA add-on that was specifically designed
for the development and validation of ECU diagnostic functions.
W ith the establishment of the
ODX V2.0.1 standard, the
ASAM committee has defined a
Lots of demands, and all of them
Bosch Diesel Systems has for several
For the reasons given, and in response
to the cited demands, Bosch Diesel
Systems has defined a diagnostics
powerful means of interfacing vehicle years consistently integrated ODX, the development process. To start with,
ECU and service tester. The current new diagnostic standard, in its devel- configuration data is defined in a
certification in accordance with ISO opment process. Their treasure trove machine-readable, Bosch-proprietary
standards translates for ODX into of practical experience in diagnostics XML/MSR format, and the fault
sufficient approval and acceptance enabled engineers to quickly define memory and measured values to be
among vehicle manufacturers in North the essential demands to be met by captured are specified. The ECU code
America and Asia. This indicates that an ODX solution. is then generated directly from the
ODX is increasingly becoming a rec- XML/MSR description.
ognized diagnostic standard, easing Data integrity: Because the very de-
the exchange of data and covering the tailed description of diagnosability Concurrent with this process, a con-
span along the entire development may raise the fault potential, the verter can translate the XML/MSR
process, right down to service on the synchronism between ECU software data into ODX-conformant descrip-
shop floor. For ODX V2.0.1 the ASAM and ODX must be guaranteed. For tions. Based on this data pool, data
committee has defined a standard- example, if the ODX documentation output suitable for flash programming
ized, machine-readable XML format. process occurs in parallel with the ECU or documentation purposes is also an
Diagnostic and communications pa- software development, data integrity option.
rameters are specified in a defined may no longer be taken for granted.  
content model. This establishes a
mandatory framework that is how- Modeling of customer variants: Be-
ever still open to individualization cause ODX users specify items such
by means of customer-specific exten- as individual naming scopes or con-
sions. ventions, the flexible handling of
customer variants is a must.
Dealing with large amounts of data:
ODX generates data quantities in the
two-digit megabyte range. The ODX
process must be able to handle these
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This approach has several benefits. ODX-LINK makes the connection
Because the function of the converter Because suitable diagnostic testers
is template driven, a variety of cus- were frequently unavailable in the
tomer variants can be generated by early phases of development, the
making simple changes to the tem- diagnostic software part is often de-
plate. Thanks to this tool support, the veloped after the development of the
processing of large data quantities is actual ECU software. With ODX-LINK,
entirely unproblematic. What’s more, synchronous development is possible.
the generation of ECU code and ODX At this juncture, the ODX-LINK add-on
description on the basis of the same for INCA is an excellent fit. In other
database guarantees data integrity. words, the user need not acquire an
Software developers also benefit additional diagnostic tool together
because they are able to process the with additional hardware. Instead, he
ODX data directly and without need- can use the familiar look and feel of
ing special ODX knowledge. INCA, along with additional diagnostic
ODX-LINK also includes a standardized
runtime environment for the execu-
tion of diagnostic sequences. Devel- Onboard/offboard
opers are therefore capable of pro- diagnostic verification
gramming the diagnostic tester func- with INCA.
tionality in the form of executable
*.xml Configuration Data sequences. This makes it possible to Benefits already in series produc- Aside from the cited benefits, such as
process pool Cust1.odx
activate and validate the diagnostic tion standardization, data integrity, consis-
functions already during development Generally speaking, the deployment tent and automated processes in con-
– without the physical presence of a of ODX stabilizes the development junction with options for improved
tester. The sequences can then be process and contracts development diagnostic testing, ODX makes it pos-
Development passed on to scan tool development timelines. Customer requirements are sible to obtain, in each individual case,
(implementation- engineers in the form of executable met much more rapidly and with a better adaptation of the service
specific data, Use case
documentation converter specifications. Using the described higher data quality, and iteration tester to the diagnostic capabilities
segments) methods in conjunction with the de- loops are shortened. Today’s vehicle of the ECU. The first vehicles and en-
ployment of ODX as a standard, it is manufacturers, for example, can use gine testers of several German vehicle
possible to respond flexibly to the ODX for the automatic reconciliation manufacturers are already working
various customer variants, as well as of error codes, whereas in earlier times with ODX-based software.
Cust2.odx accelerate the entire development – due to a variety of formats – the
configuration/ process. same procedure needed to be done
generation of Cust2.odx by hand.
diagnostic SW
to OEM Integration of ODX-generated diagnostic signals with INCA
• Selection of diagnostic signals by means of Variable Selection
Diagnostic process For instance, internal ECU variables – For example, are the obtained values Dialog in INCA
at Diesel Systems. such as engine temperature – can be and physical units of measurements • Visualization of diagnostic signals in the familiar INCA windows,
measured in INCA. Via ODX-LINK, the correct? ODX-LINK can also be used to e.g., Oscilloscope and Measure Windows/Tables
measured value is simultaneously read and clear fault memory entries. • Use of diagnostic signals as input for calculated signals
passed through the diagnostic inter- For the standard OBD analysis, the • Concurrent logging of diagnostic signals (e.g., fault memory
face for verification. user has a full-featured, convenient entries, OBD parameter identifiers) and MC signals
OBD scan tool interface, which en- • Definition of combined trigger conditions derived from diagnostic
ables him to perform all of the OBD and MC signals
diagnostics required by law.
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