• y first compound was a Several companies take credit at Ike Branthwaite and Steve Graf

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y first compound was a Several companies take credit at Ike Branthwaite and Steve Graf
Bear Whitetail Hunter that for popularizing the next big thing during the first year that they mar-
I purchased with a sum- in arrow rests, but none was as keted the Whisker Biscuit. I remem-
mer’s worth of lawn mowing money instrumental as Trophy Taker and ber laughing even at the name:
29 years ago. I shot six Easton 1918 Muzzy in the role of creating a mar- would I find it in the grocery aisle
arrows with white plastic vanes and ket for drop-away rests. Carolina next to the Pecan Sandies? No one’s
no sight – Savora Super S broad- Archery Products was the leader in laughing now – except Ike and
heads. I can remember well the the role of creating a market for full Steve. In fact, everyone is scram-
bow’s adhesive-backed Bear capture rests. bling to keep up with the amazing
Weatherest with its soft rubber fin- success that Carolina Archery
ger that usually held my arrow in Of course, conventional arrow Products is having with the latest
place - though sometimes I had to rests are still around, but the tide is versions of “The Biscuit”. Back in
pick the Weatherest out of the grass definitely turning. Drop-away rests 2004, Ike and Steve made the bris-
and stick it back on. Even though I and full capture rests are where you tles softer on the top and sides so
was only in fifth grade, that seemed will find the greatest innovation. they would produce less damage to
a little odd to me. I knew there had That’s where you will find the soft plastic vanes.
to be a better way. Unfortunately, at action.
the time there was little else on the The bristles on the bottom are
market from which to choose. CAPTURE RESTS still stiff enough to support the shaft
When it comes to arrow rests, we’ve I doubt I have to explain how properly. You can find the second
come a long ways! these rests work, so I’ll skip right to generation Biscuit on all models in
the meat of the matter. The thing the line including the very popular
During the 29 years that sepa- people like about capture rests is side-loading Drop-Tine QS and the
rate me from my first big archery their ease of use. I recommend full Deluxe QS Camo.
purchase, the industry has seen capture rests to many of my friends
some incredible changes, starting and even my wife and children. Golden Key Futura: Golden
with the development of the first They are just so easy to use. The Key makes the Whisper Disk, which
spring-loaded two-prong launcher arrow doesn’t fall off the rest – that’s features a thin piece of closed cell
in the 70’s by Freddie Troncoso at what they want. Anyone is a good foam with cutouts to permit the
Golden Key Futura. (the TM in TM candidate for a full capture rest – arrow’s fletchings to pass through
Hunter stands for Target Master – heck, I often use a Whisker Biscuit cleanly. Like the Whisker Biscuit, it
one of history’s most popular hunt- myself. However, full capture rests also has a side-loading feature. It is
ing rests had its roots in target are perfect for bowhunters with unaffected by rain or freezing con-
archery.) That single invention did novice to mid-level experience. ditions.
more to revolutionize arrow rests
than anything that came along in Carolina Archery Products may Golden Key also makes a few
the next decade. It was a major have popularized the full capture other capture rests. For example,
trendsetter in the arrow rest indus- rest, but they weren’t the first to their Shoot-Out has been around
try. make one. In fact, the ArrowTamer for several years, at least as long as
from American Archery Products the Whisker Biscuit. It features
The next big trendsetters came and the Stalk-Master from Hunter’s three Teflon tipped support arms
during the 90s. Rest makers real- Choice Products (neither company that all point to the center from 120
ized if they were serious about sell- remains in business) came out with degrees around the arrow to lock it
ing to bowhunters they must do two full capture rests a few years before in place once you have loaded it in
things well. First, they must prevent the arrival of the Biscuit. Both of the rest.
any possibility that the arrow might these rests held the arrow in place
fall off the rest. Second, today’s best using three contact points at 120 Fuse: For 2006, Fuse added a
arrow rests – and those that are degree spacing around the arrow. capture rest that employs a Whisker
shaping the future, must permit Biscuit Quick Shot disk encircled
excellent arrow flight with small Carolina Archery Products: with trademark Fuse Shock Rod
diameter carbon arrows. Many people pointed and laughed Technology to soak up vibration.
by Bill Winke
You can argue that
the Whisker Biscuit
causes some fletching
wear and some slight
loss in arrow speed.
You can point out
that at longer ranges
it may not offer the
precision accuracy
a really good archer
wants. But hundreds
of thousands of
bowhunters will tell
you the Whisker Biscuit
is what they want on
their hunting bow, a
trouble free rest that
holds the arrow secure
no matter how far they
have to wrap around a
tree or how hard their
hands are shaking .
Whisker Biscuit Deluxe Quick
Shot in camo is from Carolina
Archery Products, (919) 245-1400.
Quik Tune 360 CaptureRest from New Archery Products uses brush-
es on the 2006 model. Reach the manufacturer at (800) 323-1279.
The mounting plate is shaped like a between the fletchings) to Whisper Disk is by
flint-napped arrowhead and is avail- lock the arrow in place. It Golden Key Futura,
able in either Realtree camo or can’t fall out no matter how (800) 448-7378.
brown anodize. you tip the bow or how hard
New Archery Products: The the wind blows. The rest is
QuikTune 360 CaptureRest uses ideal for hunters who don’t
three fingers (one for each gap want to have to worry
whether their
arrow is in place
Air Rest is being distributed and marketed
when they reach
by American Whitetail, which calls it the
full draw. With
“world’s only touchless arrow rest.” Get
the CaptureRest,
ordering information at (888) 233-1976.
they know it is. The the principles of magnetism. You
rest’s framework is solid install a magnetic slug in the arrow in
and the adjustments are the form of a specially made insert that
simple and secure. adds only a minimal number of grains
to the weight of the arrow. When you
Air Rest: The new Air draw the bow back, the insert serves to
Rest was the talk of the repel the arrow from the magnets in
2006 ATA Show in Atlanta. the ring that encircles the arrow. Think
Everyone stopped by to of it in terms of a Whisker Biscuit with
see and everyone had an magnets instead of bristles to hold the
opinion. The rest works off arrow in the center. The magnetism
only kicks in during the last fraction of
an inch of draw so the bow must be set
up correctly and the archer must
maintain good form (no creeping) or
the rest won’t properly center the
Of course, the payoff is the fact
that nothing touches the arrow dur-
ing its forward flight but air. I am
looking forward to testing the rest
some day so I have a better idea if it
produces the needed stability for
consistent arrow flight. If it does, the
Air Rest could take a big bite out of
the rest market.
Drop-away arrow rests are the
best choice for bowhunters using car-
bon arrows with a high degree of heli-
cal offset. It can be tough to tune
42 Circle 214 on Response Card
wide launcher to cradle the arrow so
it won’t fall off. The newest addition
is the Shakey Hunter Pronghorn.
The launcher is the only significant
change on this rest; it is not as wide
as the original Shakey Hunter’s
launcher but is deep enough to cra-
dle the arrow very securely as soon
as you start to draw the bow. The rest
is ideal for bows with narrow rest
shelves that won’t accommodate the
wider launcher.
Muzzy: The Original Zero Effect
The new Shakey Hunter Pronghorn Fall-Away (left) was introduced in 2006 to better fit is still in the line. It works through a
the bows that have narrow shelves on their risers. It’s shown in the Slide Adjust version. linkage attached to the cable guard
The much wider launcher of the Shakey Hunter is shown at right, on the more economi-
slide that powers the large hook-
cal SL base. The Plains, Montana firm also builds a micro-adjust version of both of these
rests, as well as of “The Original” Fall Away, which has a much narrower launcher. For a shaped launcher up and down dur-
catalog or complete dealer kit, call Trophy Taker at (406) 826-0600. ing the shot. For 2006, Muzzy has
expanded the line to include new
these small diameter arrows with con- introduced the Zero Effect the same models ideally suited to the most
ventional rests because the launchers year. popular bows on the market. For
need to be set so close together to example, there is a model that has
hold the shaft that they create inter- Trophy Taker: Trophy Taker rests increased rest travel with short bows
ference with the fletching. Though are all very rugged and reliable. The having compact limbs, a model for
not as critical, aluminum arrow users Original is still in the line and selling Mathews bows with Roller Guard
will also find that drop-away rests can well. The Shakey Hunter is the most cable guards and a model for Hoyt
solve tough fletching contact prob- popular model because it features a bows with Tec series risers.
lems, as well. I’ve shot various styles
for four years now and have found
them to be reliable and easy to tune
with a well-made bow.
One of the great advantages of
drop-away rests is their potential
ability to hold an arrow solidly in
place until you release the string.
Because fletching clearance is not a
factor, these rests can offer the ulti-
mate in heavy-handed containment.
Though most drop-away rests don’t
contain the arrow as well as a cap-
ture rest prior to draw (there are
exceptions), they do a great job as
soon as you start to draw.
Most drop-away rests follow a
similar design scheme. They are not
much different from conventional
rests with their springs reversed and
a cord attached between the launch-
er axle and the bow’s harness sys-
tem. In fact, the first drop-away rest
I ever saw was on a target shooter’s
bow and he made it exactly this way.
One of the first popular commercial-
ly available drop-away rests for
bowhunters also fit this mold. It was
the original Trophy Taker. Muzzy
Circle 70 on Response Card 43
Muzzy’s reputation with dealers and
bowhunters and the considerable marketing
muscle it put behind the Muzzy Zero Effect
helped raise bowhunters’ interest in drop away
rests. It didn’t hurt that Muzzy also put a pair of
top shooters on the road to promote the accura-
cy possible with a well-designed drop away.
Muzzy has introduced variations of the Original
Zero Effect, including this version at right
designed for Mathews bows equipped with the
company’s Roller Guard.
Contact Muzzy Products at (770) 387-9300.
New Archery Products: New
Archery Products (NAP) built its rep-
utation in the rest market on the
QuikTune series. The Illinois firm
offers several conventional and For 2006, NAP added the new
drop-away rests. The QuikTune 2000 QuikTune SmartRest. The rest fea-
and 4000 are the drop-away rests. tures a cord that attaches to the
They use a thin steel cable connect- bow’s downward moving cable like
ed to the cable guard slide rather many other drop-away rests, but this
than a cord running to the bow’s har- rest also features a cushioned
ness to lift the launcher. I have used launcher head to smooth out the up
the 4000 for a number of years and and down travel of the arrow before
have found it to be very functional. I it leaves the bow. Also, the rest
like the steel cable and the ease of allows the archer to fine-tune exactly
setup. when the launcher drops to give the
greatest amount of arrow guidance
The QuikTune 4000 at left remains in the 2006 line from New Archery Products, while a
new choice is the company’s QuikTune Smart Rest at right. You can see all the arrow rests
from this industry veteran by calling (800) 323-1279.
44 Circle 11 on Response Card
possible before dropping out of the When you sell a cus-
way of the fletchings. tomer on the Ultra-
Rest from Quality
Archery Designs, they
Quality Archery Designs: The
won’t dump an arrow
QAD Ultra-Rest has a launcher even if they have to
shaped like a tuning fork. It has a let down from full
deep throat that holds the arrow draw. The tuning-
snuggly in place. You simply flip it forked shaped
up until it engages and it will hold launcher arms stay in
the arrow perfectly in place until the the upright position,
shot. If you decide not to shoot and dropping only when
let the string down slowly, the rest you release a shot.
Find out more by call-
remains in the upright position
ing (434) 846-5839.
holding the arrow in place. It only
drops when the bow fires. When you
draw the bow, the cord attached to
the bow’s harness pulls tight, disen-
gages the lock mechanism and acti-
vates the VDT mode (Velocity Drop-
Away Technology). Now, the rest will
fall quickly out of the way when you
fire the bow. An integrated arrow
holder finger above the arrow keeps
it from falling out of the cradle even
if you turn the bow upside down.
The new LD rest locks the
launcher in the down position when
the bow fires to prevent the launcher
from bouncing back up and interfer-
ing with the fletching.
Quality Archery Designs offers
an affordable version of the Ultra-
Rest called the Ultra-Rest Hunter
that retails for about half as much as
the original Ultra-Rest. It features
manual adjustments instead of the
full micro-adjustment capability
found on the original.
PSE: PSE’s Top Gun Phantom is
another drop-away design that com-
pletely contains the arrow until it is
time to release the string. The arrow
lies in a hoop-shaped cradle that you
load through an opening at the top.
When you draw the string, a cord
attached to the rest’s axle brings the
hoop upward under spring tension.
The hoop automatically centers the
arrow so you never have to worry
about its location. Then on release,
the rest flips down quickly and the
fletchings pass cleanly through the
hoop without any contact.
Doty Manufacturing: Doty has
been making rests for many years yet
Circle 154 on Response Card 45
The Top Gun line of accessories from PSE, (520) 884-9065), now
includes this Phantom model with enclosed springs and bearings and
a large hoop that contains the arrow unless your customer turns the
bow upside down.
At right, the Ripcord has been improved for 2006 but still offers the
total arrow containment that many bowhunters want. Reach the firm
at (406) 683-0100.
few people are aware they exist. draw. a built-in cradle to hold the rest until
Much of their work has been in sup- you draw the bow. When you draw
port of the industry, rather than in Ripcord: The Ripcord rest fea- the bow, the flared tips of the launch-
the front row. This year they have tures a tuning fork style launcher er then hold the arrow securely in
introduced a rest that is sure to gain that locks in the up position until place until you release the string.
them more attention. The new XPert you reach full draw at which time the For 2006, Copper John improved the
Drop-Away rest features a dual cord cord disengages the lock and the rest ScardyCAT to include easier adjust-
attachment system that permits the is free to drop when you fire the shot. ment and a factory installed felt cov-
cord to be attached either to the The system provides very secure ering to eliminate any sound during
cable guard slide or to the bow’s containment before and during the the draw. Larry Wise tested many
downward traveling harness. shot so you always know where your drop-away rests for the Dealer
arrow is resting. For 2006, Ripcord Workbench column in this issue, and
HHA Sports: HHA is best known upgraded the rest to include easier said he was particularly impressed
for their great line of sights, but they installation, better resistance to cord with how easy the ScardyCAT was to
also make three rests. Two are very wear, lots of windage adjustment to set up and how well arrows flew from
economical shoot-through models fit all bows, a stronger spring and the it.
while the third is a drop-away same damped internal mechanisms
model. The TN-1000 is very rugged that have always made the rest quiet. Cobra: Cobra makes several
and easily adjustable. It has a V- rests but their most prominent
launcher to hold the arrow securely Copper John: The ScardyCAT hit model is the Diamondback Drop
in place as soon as you start the the market in 2005. This rest features Away. The rest has a launcher with a
large V-shaped arrow holder and
A Derringer Drop-a Way Rest is silent on the draw built-in cradle to hold the shaft
thanks to these molded Teflon holders, and has no securely before and during the shot.
cable or rod. The launcher is held in position by a
It operates off a cord attached to the
magnet embedded in the mounting bar. At
release the mini explosion of the shot breaks the downward traveling harness and is
magnetic connection and a torsion spring pulls it very rugged and easy to adjust. For
downward to clear the vanes or feathers. A quick 2006, the Diamondback Drop Away
flip of the thumb returns the arm back to its mag- Short Extension features a shorter
netic catch. Reach Savage attachment bracket so it fits on a
Systems at (800) 545-4868. wider range of top end bows.
Fuse: Fuse makes a version of
the NAP Smart rest called the Fuse
Smart Rest. The model features all
the characteristics that I discussed
above but it has a trademark Fuse
attachment plate in the shape of a
flint-napped arrowhead. The rest is
available in a film-dipped Realtree
The ScardyCAT models from Copper John include the ScardyCAT Pro
(above) with independent horizontal and vertical adjustments for
easier mounting. The ScardyCAT (right) rotates in the mounting base
for the vertical adjustment, slides in and out for the horizontal. If
your customers have one of the earlier AlleyCat models, you can
update it to the ScardyCAT’s hunter friendly wide launcher style by
using the ScardyCAT Retro component at upper right. Reach Copper
John in New York at (315) 258-9269.
camouflage finish or in a anodized rests. They run the
brown finish. gamut from the affordable stream- ioned bumper. In between, you’ll
lined TKO to the extravagant Power find rests such as the Hunter Elite,
Golden Key Futura: Golden Key Drop that falls away when the har- the Speed Drop, the Golden
makes a number of drop-away nesses slam into a rubber cush- Premier Fall Away, the Free Fall and
Circle 79 on Response Card 47
The TKO is from Golden Key-Futura.
Cobra’s Diamondback Drop Away Short Extension model still has micro
adjustable prong height adjustments made through the socket head cap
screw just under the cord. But compared to the original Diamondback Drop
Away, the mounting arm is much shorter so it can fit on more bows, including
Hoyt’s with their TEC risers. Reach Cobra at (800) 352-6272.
the Mirage. The Mirage serves to kick the rest out of the way
is unique in that it guar- long enough for the fletchings to
antees that the arrow will pass. The concept was designed
be centered when you after watching super slow motion
draw it – you don’t have video footage of many arrow
The DropZone guide series models from Trophy Ridge to worry whether the launches. Bodoodle filed for bank-
micro adjust and come in black or this Match-Tec camo. arrow will be on the rest. ruptcy last year so it’s uncertain
For information on all four models for 2006, reach the
Gravity pulls it into the whether this rest will continue to be
Montana firm at (866) 444-7483.
V-shaped cradle every available on the market.
Trophy Ridge: Most drop-away It’s tempting to think of fall-
rests have launchers that pivot away rests as a trouble-free, fool-
from an axle, but not the DropZone proof accessory that eliminates the
from Trophy Ridge. These rests need to tune the rest to the bow.
drop straight down – the shortest Ads that emphasize total fletching
distance between two points. clearance help give that impres-
Therefore, the launcher of the sion. The truth is, these rests have
DropZone has the potential to get to be installed correctly so they
out of the way of the arrow faster support the arrow long enough to
than other rests. DropZone rests help stabilize it, then drop out of
come in four models. The most the way so they do indeed clear the
affordable is the Hunter model – a fletching, yet not drop so soon or so
no-frills design. The most evolved hard that they bounce back up and
is the Guide Series with camou- cause interference. If you’re a full
• Easy, just aim • a rifle.
SHOOT EARLIER likeSHOOT LATER flage, vibration dampeners and full service archery retailer, you know
• Eliminates low-light
shooting issues.
micro-adjustability. this already, because you’ve proba-
bly seen plenty of owner set-up fall-
With rifle-like accuracy.
• Ensures proper and consistent
shooting form.
Bodoodle: The Game Dropper
is a drop-away rest of a different
away rests that were giving bad
arrow flight.
• Quickfieldtarget with
See on testers’ results at sort. It balances from a pivot point To complement my review of
enhanced pin selection. and floats the arrow at a point this rest style, be sure to read the
• be used with Savage & Cobra pendulums.
Can CNC machined. where the rest is off the stoppers. Dealer Workbench column by Larry
• Dealer inquiries welcomed!
Patent Pending In other words, it is the spring ten- Wise that begins on page 48. It will
sion that is holding the arrow in a help you make some decisions on
consistent place rather than a what rests to stock and will help
mechanical stop. When you shoot you get the most out of any model
[email protected] - (618)526-4427 the bow, the arrow will invariably you’re working with.
www.peepeliminator.com make a downward thrust that
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