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    • Abstract: Uniclass EPICL325:P4142 F631:X442Cl/Sfb (31.9) Hh2April 2011A Tata Steel EnterpriseLintel Product SelectorTechnical Guide Lintel Product Selector Introduction

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Uniclass EPIC
L325:P4142 F631:X442
Cl/Sfb (31.9) Hh2
April 2011
A Tata Steel Enterprise
Lintel Product Selector
Technical Guide
Lintel Product Selector Introduction
With main steelmaking operations in the UK and the Netherlands, the
company supplies steel and related services to the construction, automotive,
packaging, material handling and other demanding markets worldwide.
It is a subsidiary of Tata Steel, one of the world’s top ten steel producers.
The combined Group has an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than
28 million tonnes and approximately 80,000 employees across four continents.
Catnic has pioneered the steel lintel for more than three generations
and designs, manufactures and supplies the construction
industry with technically superior products.
Catnic was the first:
• To gain both BBA Approval and the coveted Far from just leading, Catnic in fact has worked
• To develop the steel lintel in the UK and the
Kitemark to BS 5977 over the years with the BSI to establish the
first to gain BBA Approval
standards for lintels in this country and
• To incorporate a built-in Damp Proof Course
• Manufacturer to employ the revolutionary continues to develop and invest in improving
into its lintels
two-part corrosion protection system on its on these standards with its extensive range of
lintel as a standard offering • To provide a built-in plaster key products and unique features.
Technically Superior Products Steel Lintels Accessories
5 Leaders in Technical Innovation 17 Cavity Wall Lintels 65 Soffit Cladding
5 Regulatory authorities approval 29 Extreme Load Lintels 66 Arch Centres
6 Corrosion resistance 32 Closed Eaves Lintels 67 Stop Ends
7 Thermal performance 34 Timber Frame Lintels 68 Weep Vents
9 Features of Catnic lintels 36 External Solid Wall Lintels 69 External Plaster Key
38 Single Leaf Wall Lintels
Service 41 Internal Partition Installation
11 Help when you need it & Loadbearing Lintels 71 Installing a cavity wall lintel
11 Technical Service Package 44 Stainless Steel Lintels 72 Installing a lintel supporting
45 Steelwork concrete floors
Specification Guide 74 Installing a timber frame lintel
12 How to select a lintel Special Lintels
13 Specification Clauses 47 Standard Arch Lintels Technical Specifications
14 Product Selector 49 Bespoke Lintels 76 Where to use a separate DPC
77 Quality Assurance
78 Technical Information
79 The Environment
80 Guide to safe storage and handling
81 Material Specification
81 Glossary of technical terms
83 Catnic Technical Enquiry Request Form
Lintel Product Selector Technical Innovation
Catnic is committed to innovation and constant
improvement to meet the changes in building regulations
Leaders in Technical Innovation
Our rigid adherence to quality control and
compliance is your guarantee of technical superiority
Quality Material Specification Catnic’s CXL lintels and Special lintels are
Catnic are committed to quality control and Catnic’s Standard lintels are manufactured manufactured from structural grade steel plate
is a BSI registered company with quality from high quality grade galvanised steel to of grade S275 to BS EN 10025-2:2004 and
management systems in accordance BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D & Z275, with a black hot-dip galvanised after manufacture to
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008. coloured polyester resin finish. BS EN ISO1461:1999.
Catnic’s Stainless steel lintels are manufactured
from Austenitic Stainless Steel (chrome nickel
alloys) grade 1.4301 (304) and do not require
any further corrosion protection.
Thermal Performance / Insulation Independent Testing Environment & Sustainability
All Catnic lintels for traditional external cavity Extensive testing was undertaken at Catnic are committed to protecting the
walls are supplied fully insulated. Insulation the following test houses: environment by minimising the impact of our
extends continuously along the full length of • The University of Wales, operations and our products through the
the lintel, leaving no potential thermal bridges School of Engineering adoption of sustainable practices and through
and cannot be dislodged. • The University of Glamorgan, continuous improvement in environmental
Construction Centre performance and control. Further details can be
Structural Performance
• Ceram Building Technology, found on page 79.
The structural data published in the loading
tables included in this technical guide, was
achieved in accordance with the requirements Fire Testing
of BS 5977: Part 2:1983 and BS EN 845-2.2003. Catnic lintels have been independently tested in
accordance with the relevant parts of BS 476, ISO 14001
Methods of Determination of the Fire Resistance EMS 555046
of Loadbearing Elements of Construction.
Catnic lintels have gained the approval of the
Regulatory authorities approval regulatory authorities both in the domestic
Catnic’s excellence is internationally recognised and international markets. Such wide-spread
comprehensive approval is an assurance to
designers, specifiers and builders of the
reliability and state-of-the-art quality of the
Catnic range.
BS 5977
BSI Kitemark BBA Certification Housing Association Local Authority Building National House-Building Fully Part L Compliant
Property Mutual (HAPM) Control Council (NHBC)
Catnic steel lintels have Catnic steel lintels are Catnic steel lintels
been awarded the BSI certified by the British Catnic steel lintels Catnic steel lintels are Catnic steel lintels meet comply with Parts L1 &
Kitemark license number Board of Agrément achieve 35+ years life to compliant with current NHBC technical L2 of the Building
KM07234. under certificate number first maintenance to UK Building Regulations requirements. Regulations Approved
91/2638. HAPM requirements. and therefore meet the Documents. LABC in
requirements of the England and Wales.
LABC in England and
Catnic lintels are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 845-2:2003
Lintel Product Selector Technical Innovation
Duplex Corrosion Protection
Open Back Lintels
Initially, Catnic standard lintels are manufactured from
hot-dipped galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 of grade
DX51D plus coating type Z275.
Built-in DPC profile
A coating of thermal setting polyester powder is then applied
Steel by an electrostatic process, further protecting the lintel.
High temperature curing then produces a tough durable
Galvanised steel
surface highly resistant to impact, abrasion and damage
during rough on-site handling. This double method of
Duplex coating
protection gives Catnic lintels inherent benefits over those
Continuous offered by other manufacturers using the more traditional
insulation pre- or post-galvanised steel techniques.
Plaster key Both these processes rely on just a simple coating of zinc to
provide cathodic protection. The zinc protects the steel but is
itself liable to rust with aqueous alkaline solutions leaching
from the building fabric and therefore corrode. The famous
black coating makes Catnic lintels instantly recognisable and
provides an effective barrier against moisture or chemical
attack leached from the mortar and masonry.
Steel Hot-Dipped Post Galvanised
All Catnic CXL lintels and fabricated lintels are fully
Post galvanised submerged in a zinc bath after manufacture, to
BS EN ISO 1461:1999, fully protecting every surface, cut edge
and weld with a metallurgically bonded zinc coating. The
post-galvanisation provides protection from corrosion and
eliminates the need for on-site painting or maintenance.
Hot-dipped Post-Galvanised lintels require a separate damp
proof course, regardless of profile shape.
Stainless Steel Lintels
Open Back Lintels
Catnic stainless steel lintels ensure a high degree of
corrosion resistance without requiring additional
protection. Manufactured from Austenitic Stainless Steel
(chrome nickel alloys) grade 1.4301 (304) to
BS EN 10088-2-1.4301, they do not require any further
Built-in DPC profile
corrosion protection and offer excellent corrosion
resistance combined with high ductility and strength
Stainless steel making it suitable for schools, hospitals and
particularly aggressive environments. Stainless Steel
Continuous lintels incorporating our unique tray profile do not
insulation require a separate damp proof course.
Plaster key
Open Back Lintel - Design Features:
Suitability of cavity wall lintels to meet the stipulated thermal performance
requirements of Part L1 & L2 of the Building Regulations Approved Document
Fully-insulated, reducing heat loss
Catnic Cavity wall lintels are supplied fully Catnic undertook its own assessment using The results confirmed that the combination
insulated. To further minimise any thermal a ‘two dimensional steady state heat flow’ of a fully insulated lintel in conjunction with
bridging the lintels are designed without a analysis on the full standard range of cavity no base plate or perforated base plate ensures
base plate or with a perforated base plate. wall perforated lintels with the window frame that Catnic Lintels comply with the necessary
overlapping the cavity by 30mm. requirements of Part L of the Building
Catnic’s standard range of open backed lintels
Regulations 2010 where walls must have a
fall into two categories:
U value of no more than 0.35 W/m2K.
• CG open back lintels with no plate base.
• CH & CX open back lintels with a perforated
base plate.
Open Back without base plate Open Back with a perforated base plate
CG style lintel CH & CX style lintel
‘Partial’ (or ‘Full’ Fill)
Insulation ‘Partial’ (or ‘Full’ Fill)
Inside face of window
head to overlap inside 30 Min.
face of outer wall by Inside face of window
30mm minimum head to overlap inside 30 Min.
face of outer wall by
30mm minimum
Lightweight plaster or Lightweight plaster or
plasterboard plasterboard
Sealant required to front and Sealant required to front and
back of window head back of window head
Catnic CG lintels use unique, discrete brackets in place of a place of Catnic CH & CX lintels incorporate a perforated steel base plate to
base. Depending on the wall construction, they can have a linear help minimise cold bridging without affecting structural performance.
thermal transmittance ψ value of less than 0.21 W/mK. The unique pattern of the perforated base plate provides and effective
conductivity through the steel of less than 30 W/mK.
BRE Information Paper 1/06 states that steel lintels without a base
plate, such as the CG lintel, can use the default linear thermal BRE Information Paper 1/06 states that steel lintels with a perforated
transmittance ψ value of less than 0.30 W/mK. base plate, such as the CH and CX lintel, can use the default linear
thermal transmittance ψ value of less than 0.50 W/mK.
For all applications a sealant should be provided at front and back of
the window frame to improve air tightness. For designs incorporating
lintels with unperforated base plates, suitable insulated lining is
Lintel Product Selector Technical Innovation
Catnic lintels offer many benefits to specifiers and builders through a
combination of their design, thermal efficiency and corrosion protection.
These major features ensure that Catnic lintels are widely used
and respected, throughout the building industry.
Built-in DPC profile
Galvanised Steel
Duplex coating
Continuous insulation
Plaster key
Open Back Lintels
Duplex Corrosion Built-in Damp Proof Course Integral Plaster Key
Protection System Many Catnic lintels offer a unique Many Catnic lintels come complete with
Many Catnic lintels employ not just one but profile shape that combine with the unique an integral plaster key that avoid the hazards
two methods of protection against corrosive Duplex Corrosion Protection or Stainless Steel of working with a mesh key. In addition the
attack: the unique, sophisticated Duplex to create an effective barrier that acts as a unique design of the perforated base plates on
Corrosion Protection system. built-in DPC meaning any water penetrating CH/CX lintels minimise cold bridging without
into the cavity automatically transfers across affecting the structural performance.
Manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised
the sloping face of the lintel and is disposed
steel to BS EN 10346:2009 of grade DX51D
& Z275 with the added protection of a black
of externally. Continuous Insulation
Many Catnic lintels are supplied with
coloured polyester resin finish. The protection The ease of brick laying directly onto a solid
CFC & HCFC free insulation maximising their
system complies fully with the chemical and surface eliminates the risk of damage while
thermal efficiency and compliance with Part L.
physical test requirements outlined in Table 2 installing, or any possibility of incorrectly
of BS 5977:PART 2:1983 and table C.1 of installing a separate DPC membrane. The The insulation is accurately shaped to
BS EN 845-2:2003 for lintels effectively having result is an aesthetically pleasing, clean-line optimise the thermal performance extending
their own built-in Damp Proof Course (DPC). finish above the window head that saves time continuously along the full length of the lintel
and cost. In areas of sheltered to medium and cannot be dislodged, leaving no potential
The famous black coating makes Catnic lintels
exposed weather conditions there is no need ‘cold spots’.
instantly recognisable and provides an
to install a separate DPC.*
effective barrier against moisture or chemical
attack leached from the mortar and masonry.
* NHBC & Zurich Municipal technical requirements demand a
separate DPC for severe exposure zones as determined by
BS 8104. For further details refer to Where to use a Separate
DPC on page 76.
Lintel Product Selector Catnic Service
Catnic is committed to delivering the most comprehensive
service to architects, designers and engineers to meet any
requirement for any project
Fully committed to providing first class service support:
Catnic is committed to providing the building industry with new and improved
products, borne from investment in design and manufacturing technologies.
Catnic means: Catnic’s team:
• The strongest brand in the industry Catnic’s sales and technical teams are • Are professional and experienced
• A partnership approach to the way we work dedicated to matching the quality of our • Are extensively trained
• Dedicated haulier - liveried lorries products with the excellence of our service, • Have comprehensive product
• Servicing builders, architects, specifiers and from the professional voice at the end of the and industry knowledge
merchants telephone to our on-site consultation. • Have a committed
• Committed to both national and parent company
independent merchants Full service support for customers - Tata Steel.
• Investment in plant and machinery Catnic has been at the forefront of lintel design
and the latest technologies
• Continuously dedicated to research and
development of the industry and our
for over 40 years. Our reputation for exceptional
quality and technical expertise has ensured
customers satisfaction and loyalty in the
Delivery Available
product offering products and services that we offer. terms and conditions apply
• Dedicated haulier
Technical Service Package
The Catnic service package includes: Technical support Design service for bespoke lintels
• Experienced and dedicated team of lintel sales Experienced engineers qualified in In addition to its standard range, Catnic
representatives construction enable Catnic to offer an design and manufacture a huge range
• Fully trained, professional internal customer advisory service to anyone engaged on of ‘specials’. The bespoke range is designed
support team for all your needs; from placing building projects, regardless of size, from a and fabricated to satisfy features such as long
orders, to enquiring about prices or deliveries private house extension, to a major housing spans, chamfered brickwork, reduced toe
• Comprehensive range of back-up literature development or commercial building. lintels for cant bricks, arched openings and
• On-line help via www.catnic.com other applications where non-standard
Free scheduling service
• CAD details available on-line providing instant construction is utilised. For further
CLASS – The Catnic Lintel Advanced
access to lintel drawings information please turn to page 46
Scheduling System is the most
• Technical enquiry forms to accompany of this guide.
comprehensive, enviable lintel scheduling
your drawings ensuring necessary information
service available. One concise document Telephone Technical Services on
is received and turned around in a timely
leaves no room for confusion or
029 2033 7900
• On-site sales and technical support
CLASS clearly provides:
when required
• A description of each lintel, its location,
• Technical hotline for all queries
price and delivery time
• Dedicated hauliers for all your deliveries
• Guaranteed structural adequacy
• Consultation at every stage of your job
• A site summary
• Lintel scheduling and specification via CLASS
• Next day delivery available on selected items To access the benefits of CLASS free of charge,
• Extensive range of standard simply send your project drawings
and bespoke lintels (dimensional plans, sections and elevations),
floor layout and roof carcass, (along with a
copy of the technical enquiry form in the back
of this Product Selector) to our Technical team.
Lintel Product Selector Selecting a lintel
You need to know 3 things:
1 The wall construction Once you have established these, you will be able
to choose the correct lintel for your job by
2 The length of lintel required referring to the relevant tables in this guide
3 The load to be applied on the lintel
1 Wall Construction
Once you have determined your wall construction please refer to the lintel selector overleaf
Cavity Wall Timber Frame External Solid Wall Internal Partition and
If the construction is a cavity For timber frame constructions, There are three forms of lintel Load Bearing Wall
wall, see the Open Back lintel you need to know: for external solid walls: Lintels for internal partitions
section on page 18 - 26. You will • the external leaf dimension • single element lintels for a and load bearing walls come
need to know the cavity wall • cavity dimension single leaf of brickwork in three styles:
dimensions to choose the • two-piece lintels shaped to • corrugated lintels for non-
Once you have these
correct lintel: carry the two separate leaves load bearing applications
dimensions, please refer to the
• the external leaf dimension of a 215mm fair face brick wall • channel section lintels
Timber Frame lintels section on
• the cavity dimension • box profile lintels which have for loadings involving
pages 34 - 35.
including insulation a toe for use in solid brick blockwork and floor joists
• the internal leaf dimension or block walls from • box profile lintels for heavier
200mm – 215mm thick loads including point loads
and wider openings.
Lintels suitable for use in
external solid wall constructions These lintels are featured on
can be found on pages 36 - 37. pages 41 - 43.
2 Lintel Length
The length of lintel required is calculated by For example, an 1800mm structural
establishing the total width of the structural opening will require a 2100mm lintel
opening and adding 150mm (200mm for CXL (2200mm for CXL).
lintels) end bearing allowance for each end.
3 Applied Load
All lintels are designed to carry a specific If you are not skilled in the method of load Telephone Technical Services on
safe working load (SWL). assessment, or the load has not been
supplied to you by a third party,
029 2033 7900
for advice please contact:
Steel Lintels
Cavity Walls Timber Frame Single Leaf Walls Other Applications
Provide insulated steel lintel with Provide steel lintel with built in Provide steel lintel with built in Provide insulated steel lintels
built in damp proof course and damp proof course, manufactured damp proof course, manufactured with Duplex Corrosion Protection
integral plaster key, manufactured and designed in accordance with and designed in accordance with system, manufactured and
and designed in accordance with BS EN 845-2:2003. BS EN 845-2:2003. designed in accordance with
BS EN 845-2:2003. BS EN 845-2:2003.
Product reference: Product reference:
Product reference: Catnic CTF. Catnic ANG, MBA or CCS. Product reference:
Catnic CG… or CH… or CX… Catnic C…
Material: Material:
Material: DX51D & Z275 galvanised steel DX51D & Z275 galvanised steel Material:
DX51D & Z275 galvanised steel coated with Duplex Corrosion coated with Duplex Corrosion DX51D & Z275 galvanised steel
coated with Duplex Corrosion Protection system. Protection system (CCS, ANG, MBA), coated with Duplex Corrosion
Protection system. or Z600 up to 3m for standard MBA Protection system or DX51D Z600
& ANG. Galvanised coil is to galvanised steel.
Installation: Bed on mortar with a minimum
BS EN 10346:2009.
Bed on mortar with a minimum 150mm bearing at each end. Install Installation:
150mm bearing at each end. Raise pinch batten and restraint clips to Installation: Bed on mortar with a minimum
inner and outer leaves of masonry the timber frame as per Bed on mortar with a minimum 150mm bearing at each end. Raise
together. manufacturer’s instructions. Prop 150mm bearing at each end. When inner and outer leaves of masonry
and laterally restrain the lintel installing the masonry the lintels together whilst propping and
during construction. must be propped and laterally laterally restraining the lintel during
restrained during construction. construction.
Stainless Steel Lintels Lintel Accessories
Cavity Walls Lintel Stop Ends Lintel Arch Centre
Provide insulated stain

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