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    • Abstract: THE THREE INTIMACIES THE THREE INTIMACIESOF MARRIAGE OF MARRIAGECapuchin Retreat House is happy to pre- with each other and listening with open

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Capuchin Retreat House is happy to pre- with each other and listening with open
sent a very inspiring and popular three- mind and hearts you will have the op-
part program for married couples: THE portunity to experience feeling close and
Come to each evening for an enjoyable Cost for the Program
Sunday evenings Dinner dinner, inspiring meditations, presenta- $55/couple per session
and Date with your Spouse tions and time for sharing with your Or
spouse. These evenings will help you
Emotional, Sexual and $150 if paid in advance
rediscover the couple you were and the
Spiritual Intimacy for all 3
couple you can be. Couples will learn to
explore the three basic foundations of
March 13, 2011 This is the best deal in town for a won-
derful evening with your spouse in a
April 10, 2011 intimacy in mar-
peaceful, relaxing and inspiring setting.
May 15, 2011 riage: emotional,
Call Rose Ann Miller, Administrator to
sexual and spiritual. register or if you have any questions, or
register on line.
4:00 p.m. Registration Through medita-
Capuchin Retreat 4:30 Refreshments and Social Capuchin Retreat
5:15 Delicious Dinner tion, learning prac-
62460 Mt Vernon Rd
P O Box 396
6:15-8:30 Program tical communica- (248)651-4826 www.capretreat.org
Washington, MI 48094 Walk in peace and
love with God and with
tion skills through
Phone: 248 651-4826
Internet: www.capretreat.org
E-mail: [email protected]
Capuchin Retreat House each other.
productive dialogue
WHAT YOU WILL GAIN IN What is emotional intimacy? What is Spiritual Intimacy?
A sharing of thoughts and feelings with an- A relationship with myself, others and God. Fred Cavaiani, LLP, LMFT, LMSW, Licensed
ATTENDING THE THREE IN- other person free of fear of judgment or rejec- It is the coming together of emotional en Marriage Counselor, Limited Licensed Psy-
tion. sexual intimacy.
TIMACIES OF MARRIAGE? chologist, Licensed Master Social Worker will
Developing an understanding of how our past be presenting this program. He is the Founder
Developing an understanding of the impor-
♥ AN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEND can influence our present relationships. tance of prayer and meditation in our per- of the Marriage Growth Center in Troy, Michi-
sonal and marital lives.. gan and has presented programs in over 190
TIME WITH YOUR PARTNER OVER Developing an understanding that to know parishes and also at the three major retreat
myself I must be willing to reveal myself to Developing an understanding that when we
A WONDERFUL DINNER WITH another person. houses in the area. He has over thirty-five
connect emotionally and sexually we experi- years experience in psychotherapy and mar-
OTHER MARRIED COUPLES HUN- ence in a deeper manner our relationship with
Developing an understanding that I need to be God. riage counseling. He writes a bi-weekly col-
GERING FOR A DEEPER INTIMACY willing to be open and vulnerable to be close umn called the Counselor’s Corner for the De-
with you. WHAT PAST PARTICIPANTS HAVE troit Legal News, Oakland County legal News,
Developing an understanding that in order to SAID ABOUT THE THREE INTIMACIES and Genesee County Legal News. He has
have an emotionally intimate relationship I taught psychology and human relations in man-
♥ LEARMING must deal with the unfinished business in my OF MARRIAGE PROGRAM: agement for ten years at Davenport University
ABOUT THE life. “The evening was a beautiful gift. The and was twice awarded Best Teacher of the
talks given by Fred were inspiring, touch- Year. He is also a consultant for Women’s
ing and healing.” Center for the Detroit Medical Center and
CIES OF MAR- What is Sexual Intimacy? Henry Ford Medical Center. He has a success-
“I learned the tools to work and solve
RIAGE AND HOW A sharing of my thoughts and problems with continued love and affec- ful practice in psychother-
feelings which lead to a physical tion.” apy and marriage counseling
expression of love. in Troy, MI. Fred and his
Love is patient. HANCE YOUR RE-
“The day was very meaningful to my life wife, Alice, have been mar-
Developing an understanding and its experiences. It reaffirms that ried for 37 years and have
LATIONSHIP. that to be sexually connected we’re not the only ones with ups and
demands openness and vulner- three children and four
Love is kind downs.” grandchildren.
ability, honesty and integrity,
♥ SHARING YOUR FEELINGS AND giving and receiving. “I thought today totally opened my eyes
to what a commitment marriage really is.
Developing an understanding that to be physi- You gave me the tools to keep our mar-
TEN TO EACH OTHER. cally connected we first need to be emotionally riage fresh spiritually and emotionally.”
“I was touched by the spirit in the room
♥ BECOMING MORE INTIMATE IN Understanding the differences between how and sharing with others feelings and lives. Capuchin Retreat
women and men experience sexual intimacy I learned the principles to take back home
YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH and the differences between how men and 62460 Mt Vernon Rd
to create a better relationship and be- P O Box 396
OTHER. women think.
come stronger in spirit.” Washington, MI 48094
“Tonight’s program has put a breath of Phone: 248 651-4826
fresh air in our relationship.’ Internet: www.capretreat.org
E-mail: [email protected]

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