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Where I fell in Love with Jazz
Be part of “one of the Top 100 Events in the US and Canada” (American Bus Association
2009). Join forces with the Festival that boasts “a model jazz lineup” (NY Times) and is
“one of the best of the best” (Jazz Times).
Litchfield Performing Arts, Inc – PO Box 69, Litchfield CT 06759 – P: 860-361-6285, F: 860-361-6288 –
Where I fell in Love with Jazz
This application once signed by both parties will have the force of an “Agreement” between Litchfield
Performing Arts, Inc. (hereafter known as “LPA”) and FINE ARTIST,
______________________________________________ (INSERT BUSINESS NAME HERE). Application is
accepted when the Fine Artist is notified via email or phone and deposit check is accepted. LPA will
present the Litchfield Jazz Festival, (hereafter known as “Festival”), on August 6 – August 8, 2010, at the Kent
School, Kent CT. Fine Artist agrees to be on-site during Festival operation and will abide by all Festival rules
and terms set forth below
LPA Agrees to provide:
• A 4’x 4’ Space on a hanging display inside Springs Center to hang either one piece or collage of
photos demonstrating work as well as contact information. Festival will provide signage for display
and a map for attendees to locate Fine Artists at the Gazebo Tent/Student Stage.
• 4, 3ft x 6ft wire panels for display (pictures of panels available upon request)
• High Intensity Display lighting
• Electric hook-up
• Two, 3-day Festival entry passes. Additional passes may be purchased for $20/each in advance
(passes are regularly $35).
• Security guards on the premises during Festival hours from Thurs. August 5 – Mon. August 9, in
addition to overnight watchmen
• Parking outside festival grounds. Exhibitors will have “drive-up” access to unload/set-up during
specific times then vehicle must be moved across street to Exhibitor parking area. If cars remain
on-site in unauthorized locations they will be towed at owner’s expense.
• A Description of work and web link on Festival website under “Exhibitors”
• A Listing in the Festival program book and inclusion on Festival map. (Distribution 40,000,
program book is inserted into newspaper the Sunday before the Festival)
Exhibitor Agrees to provide:
• Original artwork. All fine artists work must be pre-approved/juried by LPA.
• Additional Lighting, if desired
• All signage
Litchfield Performing Arts, Inc – PO Box 69, Litchfield CT 06759 – P: 860-361-6285, F: 860-361-6288 –
Where I fell in Love with Jazz
Exhibitor Village: Hours of Operation
o Thursday, August 5th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
o Additional Time will be allowed on Friday, August 6th from 9:00 am to Noon. ALL
VEHICLES must be removed by 1PM. Vehicles remaining after 1PM will be towed.
Friday, August 6, 2010 5 pm to 10:00 pm
Saturday, August 7, 2010 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday, August 8, 2010 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
o AFTER 9PM August 8 or 10 – Noon Monday August 9
(There will be no vehicles allowed on the property before 9PM Sunday, August 9)
Fine Artist Fee - $350 (All fees are non-refundable)
• $100 Deposit due at time of signing
• $250 Balance due on or before Friday, May 29, 2009
o $50 late fee applied to those Exhibitors with open balances after May 28th
• Exhibitors applying after May 28th must pay $350 balance in full at time of signing.
{NOTE: Fine Artist Fee is more than Exhibitor Fee as the Festival incurs the cost of Fine Artists set-up.}
Required Paperwork To Be Submitted With Contract
• Copy of Sales Permit for the State of CT (If you do not have a CT Sales Permit contact Patty
Paeletti at the CT Department of Revenue 860-541-7692)
• Copy of general liability insurance covering any and all possible liability for damages caused by
Exhibitor, his/her employees, and/or Exhibitor equipment/products. Liability coverage to be equal to
or above $1,000,000 naming LPA and the Kent School as additional insured during the Festival,
including set-up and teardown periods. .
Contract Checklist (Return the following with contract):
______ A Complete Copy of Application with Signature (return all pages) U U
______ Additional page with max 250 word description of products with website, if
available, for Festival website and program book.
______ Check made payable to Litchfield Performing Arts, Inc (for full amount or deposit)
______ Copy of CT Sales Permit
______ Insurance Certificate (contact your insurance agent for more information)
Litchfield Performing Arts, Inc – PO Box 69, Litchfield CT 06759 – P: 860-361-6285, F: 860-361-6288 –
Where I fell in Love with Jazz
Executing This Agreement:
• This document represents the entire Agreement between the parties. No amendments or alterations
shall be made unless agreed to in writing and signed off by both LPA and Exhibitor.
• LPA reserves the absolute right to terminate this Agreement in the event Exhibitor breaches any of
the terms, provisions, rules, regulations, and conditions contained herein for Exhibitors.
• In the event that LPA terminates this Agreement, Exhibitor shall immediately cease any activities at
the Festival and remove all equipment, personnel, and other property from the Festival site. All
Exhibitor fees will be kept by LPA as liquidated damages.
• With the exception of payments as stated in Exhibitor Fee, the Exhibitor shall retain all revenues
and profits from the operation of concession at the Festival.
• The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Kent School, LPA and all its officers, partners,
shareholders, employees, artists, contributors and volunteers from any liability or claims, which may
be made against them as result of any wrongful, negligent or other action or inaction by Exhibitor.
• The Exhibitor shall be an independent contractor and shall have no authority, actual or apparent, to
bind LPA in any respect contractually or otherwise.
• This agreement shall be binding upon the parties, their successors, assigns and personal
representatives. Time is of the essence on all undertakings. This agreement shall be enforced
under the laws of the State of Connecticut. This is the entire agreement
Mail to: Ellen Corsell, Exhibitor Coordinator
Heron American Craft Gallery
PO Box 535, Kent CT 06757
P: 860-927-8404
Email: [email protected]
The undersigned has read and agrees to abide by the provisions set forth herein:
Business Name (As it will appear in program book):_________________________________________________
Contact Person(s): ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip _____________________________________Email: __________________________________
Telephone:_______________________________________ Cell: ___________________________________
______________________________________________________ ____________________
Exhibitor’s Authorized Signature Date
______________________________________________________ ____________________
Vita West Muir, ED for Litchfield Performing Arts Date
Litchfield Performing Arts, Inc – PO Box 69, Litchfield CT 06759 – P: 860-361-6285, F: 860-361-6288 –

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