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    • Abstract: www.vandenhul.comv a nd e nh u lloudspeaker cablesand accessoriesthe link between technique and emotion van den hul the link between technique and emotionThe Magnum Hybrid The Royal Jade Hybrid

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v a n
d e n
h u l
loudspeaker cables
and accessories
the link between technique and emotion
van den hul the link between technique and emotion
The Magnum Hybrid The Royal Jade Hybrid
F or those who need a maximum of qual-
ity metal between their amplifier and
speakers we designed The Magnum
Hybrid. The combination of a thick layer of
Linear Structured Carbon ® (L.S.C.) and
O ne of our most recent additions in our
speaker cable program. The Royal
Jade Hybrid is designed to fully max-
imize its transmission quality. A wonderful
match of very spacious reproduction and
AWG-8 metal conductors is a warranty for high resolution, unsurpassed in quality when
unsurpassed listeningpleasure. related to the price. This cable should be very
A benchmark in speaker cable quality! high on the demanding audio lover’s wish-
The CS-122 Hybrid
The Snowline Hybrid
A cable with a long standing reputation,
now with innovations like a Hybrid lay
out and a creamcolored HULLIFLEX®
jacket to complete the perfection.
Both sound quality and lifespan are of the
O ur quality answer on demands for a
non-expensive but soundwise very
good twinlead loudspeaker cable.
Looking at the cable it is hard to believe that
such a slender cable is doing the job. This is
highest level. This multiple award winning the perfect loudspeaker cable in any budget
cable is ideal for the demanding bass lovers audio system.
who also know to appreciate a high level of
The Snowtrack
T he Snowtrack is the four-lead version
of The Snowline. Applicable in those
situations where you need a low cost
solution for a bi-wiring set up. Hard to
imagine that such a relatively thin cable can
perform this well!
van den hul the link between technique and emotion
The D 352 Hybrid The Skytrack Hybrid
T he CS-122 Hybrid’s big brother. A 10
Gauge per conductor Hybrid with all
the advantages of a L.S.C. coating
(smooth high frequencies and a very natural
transmission of accoustically correct
T his is the four-wire version of our The
Skyline Hybrid speaker cable. Our
very fine metal technology combined
with L.S.C. and HULLIFLEX® is all you can
wish for in one cable. An excellent choice
recordings, combined with an absence of for the demanding music lovers amongst us.
ageing effects). It’s midband articulation is Very interesting solution in any lower budget
rarely found in any other speaker cable. bi-wiring situation
The Clearwater
A lready sold in many hundreds of kilo-
meters worldwide. An extremely well
balanced combination between excel-
lent sound quality and high flexibility. The
flagship in our lower priced non-Hybrid
loudspeaker cable range.
Strongly recommended!
The Skyline Hybrid
W ith this cable we prove our point that
an elimentary but well designed
loudspeaker cable can still be friend-
ly priced. The Hybrid advantages combine a
smooth signal transmission with the absence More information and technical specs can be found on:
of aging effects thanks to materials like
L.S.C. and HULLIFLEX®. www.vandenhul.com
van den hul the link between technique and emotion
The Cleartrack Hybrid The Revolution Hybrid
W hen you have a twinload winner and
the need for a bi-wiring speaker
cable arises, what’s the logical
solution? We took The Clearwater and dou-
A thinner version of The Revelation.
Truly a revolution because it has kept
most of the sonic properties while los-
ing quite a bit of it’s price! Spacious and
detailed without any specific accent on high
bled it. Due to the shape of the HULLIFLEX® frequencies.
jacket the leads are clearly identifiable, thus
making it extra easy to set your system up
correctly. The Revelation Hybrid
The Wind Mk II Hybrid
O ne of our first hybrid designs of high
grade Matched Crystal OFC with a
thick and very dense coating of pure
silver, covered with a L.S.C. saturated layer.
T he Wind Mk II is a highest quality
multi-core single conductor loud-
speaker cable with a very complex,
computerdesigned, strand construction.
Coated with L.S.C. and finished with an
This centre core has a combined diameter of
7.5 mm!. Around it are 16 helically wound
conductors. The combination applied in
parallel gives an extremely low 1 Ohm/km
resistance. It may very well be you’ll never
outer HULLIFLEX ® jacket. The result is want to change your loudspeaker cable ever
very detailed and spacious. again! This cable has been used many, many
times as a reference in various loudspeaker
cable tests. With this cable audio reproduc-
HULLIFLEX ® tion is as it should be: perfect.
H ULLIFLEX® is a world wide regis-
tered and patented material, specif-
ically designed by the Van den Hul
company. It is very flexible and combines a
high chemical stability with a superb mecha-
Linear Structured
Carbon ®
nical protection of the signal conductor. It
enhances both sound quality and durability
of the product.
For obvious environmental reasons,
HULLIFLEX® is PVC and Halogen free.
L inear Structured Carbon® (L.S.C.) is an
uninterrupted chain of carbon atoms,
perfectly aligned in multiple individu-
ally insulated fibers. It makes a thermally,
chemically and mechanically extremely sta-
ble conductor, superior to any metal. It’s
Pricerange sonic properties remain, unlike any metal
conductor, the same over time.
With the application of L.S.C. in our prod-
ucts we avoid harsh sound and, in doing so,
T his is a price-indication. More red
means more money, more yellow
means less money.
support the spatial information.
Very smooth mid-band articulation and
extremely high resolution are the result.
van den hul the link between technique and emotion
N ever before has there been a 100% metal free loudspeaker cable. We designed THE THIRD®
as a first! Over 3.5 million individually insulated L.S.C. fibers are combined to build a cable
with qualities not found in any metal-based cable. THE THIRD® does not age, there is no cross
crystal distortion, no skin effect, it’s free from directionality and time smear. It exhibits a very low
0.07 Ohm/m resistance.
The result being extremely smooth and exceptionally detailed, natural sound characteristics. This
cable will stay with you “till the end of time”!
The Breeze Hybrid
O ne of our latest additions in our state of the art cables series is this multi-core single conductor
loudspeaker cable. Based on the The Wind Mk II Hybrid, The Breeze Hybrid’s design comprises
a higher metal cross-section area. The resulting great sound quality displays itsself in a very
detailed signal and a superb spacious character.
The Inspiration Hybrid
T win leaded Fusion Series loudspeaker cable, also applicable for biwiring or as an interconnect.
Due to the placement of the signal leads in a so called star quad configuration and a central
ground lead possible audio signal interference is avoided, thus keeping your systems noise floor
down, allowing it to reveal more and richer detail without any sign of sonic harshness. Listen and be
The Polarity Checker
n easy and extremely useful tool that helps to enhance your audio system’s resolution
A by minimising its residual ground currents. Complete with English manual. Needs
no batteries to operate!
van den hul the link between technique and emotion
The Solution Busconnector
C ontact treatment and protection
fluid, the very same we apply to our
interconnects before packing.
The Solution stabilizes contacts against
chemical attacks from atmospheric pollu-
U niversal modular, solder style, speak-
er cable termination system. All
parts are heavy 24 carat gold plated to
warrant a reliable high quality connection.
For maximum flexibility banana and spade
tants. The result is time stable (it does not are exchangeable within seconds without
age) and helps improve the sound. the use of tools.
Fusion Technology Our Patents
F usion Technology is one of our latest
cable-innovations. It’s an amorphous
alloy of three metals: copper, zinc and
silver. Being free from intercrystalline
boundaries, the result is an extremely pure,
D ue to our constant stream of inven-
tions and innovations we have to
protect ourselves from less creative
people. Please note that Van den Hul ® ,
open en natural sound without sonic harsh- THIRD®, HULLIFLEX® and Linear Structured
ness. In our series of speaker cables we Carbon® (L.S.C.) are all world wide patented
applied this technique in The Inspiration materials and registered trademarks in 68
Hybrid. This cable also makes use of our countries.
world wide patented L.S.C. coating and
HULLIFLEX® jacket.
Our other products
s a High End Audio company we have many fine other products to offer beside our
A loudspeaker cables program. There is an extensive range of interconnects, using
the same full Carbon (L.S.C.), Hybrid and/or Fusion technology, both for audio
and/or AV applications (also presented in a PDF format brochure).
Our phono cartridges are used all over the world and we take pride in being one of the
very few companies to have a repair- and retipservice for almost any brand of cartridge.
We further have some very fine electronics in our program.
Our The Mainsstream powercord makes any other kind of netfiltering superfluous.
Terminated with either SCHUKO, British standard, US standard or US Gold plated to IEC
connectors they are applicable in most countries of the world.
We also have a wide range of connectors, specialized tools and many industrial products,
all manufactured with the same purpose: to make THE LINK BETWEEN TECHNIQUE AND
EMOTION. Any further information you may want is available on our website:
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