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    • Abstract: _________________________________________E______ __ _____*14DEAR _______________ VIN: _________________CONGRATULATIONS! You are now covered by a genuine CHRYSLER SERVICE

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DEAR _______________ VIN: _________________
CONGRATULATIONS! You are now covered by a genuine CHRYSLER SERVICE
CONTRACT. You made a wise choice when you elected to protect your vehicle
The enclosed Plan Provisions are your actual Service Contract. They fully describe
the coverage and features of your Plan and identify you and your vehicle as being
eligible for Plan service.
The personalized Plan Provisions should always be presented to your servicing
dealer when requesting Plan service. We recommend that you keep your Plan
Provisions with your vehicle’s other important papers in the glove box at all times
for prompt service.
If you have any questions regarding the specific service contract you purchased,
contact your selling dealer.
Should you have questions about your service contract coverage or benefits that
your dealer cannot answer, or need assistance obtaining Plan Service from a
Chrysler dealer, please feel free to call us toll-free, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday
through Friday.
1-800-521-9922 In USA
1-800-465-2001 In Canada
We sincerely hope you never need a covered component repair—but, if you do—
you have the security of a Chrysler Service Contract.
Mike Ross
Chrysler Group LLC
Director, Chrysler Service Contracts
Chrysler Service Contracts
P.O. Box 2700
Troy, Michigan
______-_ ___ / ______
ISSUED TO: SERVICE CONTRACT # ________ _______
_______________ ______
____________ _________________
______ __ _____ EFFECTIVE: __/__/__
SELLING DEALER: __ _____ EXPIRES: __/__/____ OR ___,___ MI
DEFINITIONS: The following are key words which are included in these Provisions which have particular meaning:
*you, your - Means “you” the Plan purchaser *Plan - Means this “ _/___ Maximum Care Plan” which is a
*we, us, our - Means "Chrysler Group LLC” Service Contract
*Dealer - Means “Authorized Chrysler Service Contract Dealer” *Chrysler Vehicle – Means “Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep brand
vehicles only”
between you and us. It protects you against major repair bills THAN A CHRYSLER, DODGE OR JEEP DEALER IS NOT
should a component covered by the Plan fail in normal use. REIMBURSABLE UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY CHRYSLER
This Plan is not part of the vehicle’s factory warranty. We are SERVICE CONTRACTS BEFORE THE SERVICE IS
solely responsible (liable) for fulfillment of the provisions of PERFORMED. DEALERS CANNOT AUTHORIZE
the Plan. REPAIRS.
IMPORTANT! The maximum reimbursable amount should a ELIGIBLE VEHICLES: 2010 to current model year
covered component fail will be THE TOTAL COST OF THE Chrysler vehicles (excluding all Sprinter and all Ram
REPAIRS, PER VISIT, LESS THE DEDUCTIBLE, OR THE Cab/Chassis vehicles) covered by a minimum of BOTH a
CASH VALUE OF THE VEHICLE WHICHEVER IS LESS! 3/36 Basic Warranty AND an active 5/100 Powertrain
The cash value of the vehicle will be determined by the Warranty are eligible within 48 months of the in-service date
average retail value as listed in the current NADA Used Car and 48,000 miles
Pricing Guide. In situations where the repairs costs exceed IMPORTANT! The following vehicles are not eligible for a
Chrysler Service Contract: Vehicles registered outside of the
the cash value of the vehicle, the remainder of the Plan 50 United States, District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto
coverage will be cancelled. Rico; Vehicles equipped with right hand drive; Motor Homes;
PLAN PROVISIONS: These are your plan provisions. Vehicles placed in taxi or limousine service (except vehicles
Place them in your glove compartment. You must present placed in van pool service); vehicle used for emergency
these provisions to the servicing dealer when requesting plan service, ambulance, towing or police service; vehicles used
service. They will describe the plan you purchased and for postal, dump truck or severe off-road use; vehicles
converted from two to four-wheel drive; vehicles altered or
identify you and your vehicle as being eligible for plan service converted from the original manufacturer’s specifications;
by a specifically assigned service contract number.
vehicles not used in accordance with manufacturer’s
This issuance of Plan Provisions by us shall not be deemed specifications for payload and/or towing capacity; vehicles
as a waiver of our right, or considered a restriction of our equipped with a diesel engine (except Chrysler); vehicles
right to refuse to pay for service and/or to cancel the Plan that operate on other than Gasoline Fuel Systems (i.e.
should it subsequently be discovered that the vehicle for diesel, natural gas, electric, hybrid gas / electric vehicles);
which the Plan was purchased was not eligible for Plan vehicles with a gross weight (G.V.W.) of over 14,000 pounds;
coverage. vehicles where the factory warranty has been voided,
reduced or restricted by the manufacturer; vehicles that have
NOTE: In addition to your service contract, your vehicle is been declared to be a total loss by any insurance company,
also covered by your vehicle’s factory warranty. For warranty is rebuilt after being declared a total loss, or is issued a title
coverage details, please refer to your warranty information indicating that it is designated as ‘salvage’, ‘junk’, ‘rebuilt’ or
booklet. THIS PLAN DOES NOT COVER ANY REPAIR words of similar impact.
WARRANTY. Interruption starts on the date you purchase the Plan. Car
OBTAINING PLAN SERVICE: Plan service will be Rental starts on the date you purchase the Plan, and covers
provided or assisted by the Dealer who sold you the Plan, at those repair instances when a replacement vehicle is not
his place of business, using authorized remanufactured otherwise provided. ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE AND
parts. If remanufactured parts are not available, the FACTORY WARRANTY EXPIRES.
dealer will use new parts. In the event you cannot return to
the selling Dealer for service, you may request service from PLAN COVERAGE EXPIRES _ YEARS AFTER THE
any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep Dealer within the 50 States, the FACTORY WARRANTY START DATE OR WHEN THE
District of Columbia, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico or Mexico. VEHICLE ODOMETER READS ___,000 TOTAL MILES
FORM #: 09-NMAX5100 PAGE 1 OF 6 09-WMB-GN (10/09)
COVERED? The plan will pay the total cost (parts and air conditioning installations only. Air Conditioning
labor) less a deductible per visit, to correct any of the Compressor, Clutch, Coil, Condenser, Evaporator, Receiver-
following mechanical failures, caused by a defect in materials Drier, Expansion Valve, Hoses and Lines, Low Pressure Cut-
or workmanship of a covered component and are not Off Switch, High Pressure Cut-off Switch, Clutch Cycling
covered by the vehicle’s factory warranty. The only Switch, Instrument Panel Control Assembly, Power Module,
exceptions are those listed under “What is not covered by Air Conditioning/Heater Blower Motor; Seals and Gaskets.
the Plan”. ENGINE COOLING & FUEL: Cooling Fan, Clutch and
This plan offers comprehensive mechanical Motor; Radiator; Coolant Temperature Switch; Fuel Pump;
coverage for your vehicle. COMPONENTS Water Pump and Housing; Fuel Tank Sending Unit; Fuel
Tank and Lines; Serpentine Belt Tensioner; Seals and
FRONT SUSPENSION: Struts; Strut Mounting Plates,
GASOLINE ENGINE: Cylinder Block and all Internal Bushings and Bearings; Upper and Lower Control Arms;
Parts; Cylinder Head Assemblies; Timing Case, Timing Control Arm Shafts; Control Arm Bushings; Upper and Lower
Chain, Timing Belt, Gears and Sprockets; Harmonic Ball Joints; Front Wheel Bearings.
Balancer; Oil Pump; Water Pump and Housing; Intake and REAR SUSPENSION: Rear Leaf Springs; Rear Coil
Exhaust Manifolds; Flywheel with Starter Ring Gear; Core Springs; Auxiliary Springs; Spring Interliner; Spring Bushing;
Plugs; Valve Covers; Oil Pan; Turbocharger Housing and Spring Shackle; U-Bolt Rear Spring; Spring Hanger; Axle
Internal Parts; Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator; Trac Bar; Lateral Link Arm; Shock Mount Plate; Rear Trailing
Supercharger; Fuel Injectors (excluding clogged injectors); Arm Assembly; Stabilizer/Sway Bar; Stabilizer/Sway Bar
Serpentine Belt Tensioner; Seals and Gaskets. Link; Stabilizer/Sway Bar Bushing;
Cylinder Block and all Internal Parts; Cylinder Head (Alternator); Engine Control Module - (Single Module Engine
Assemblies; Timing Gears and Cover; Harmonic Balancer; Controller) (SMEC); Powertrain Control Module; Distributor;
Oil Pump; Water Pump and Housing; Intake and Exhaust Ignition Coil; Coil Pack Assembly; Voltage Regulator; Horn
Manifolds; Core Plugs; Valve Covers; Oil Pan; Turbocharger and Horn Pad; Transmission Control Module.
Housing and Internal Parts; Fuel Injection Pump and
Injectors; Seals and Gaskets. EXPANDED ELECTRICAL: All Wiring Harnesses;
Electronic Fuel Injection System (excluding clogged
TRANSMISSION: Transmission Case and all Internal injectors); Windshield Wiper Motor; Rear Window Wiper
Parts; Torque Converter; Drive/Flex Plate; Transmission Motor; Wiper Control Module; Manually Operated Electrical
Range Switch; Transmission Control Module; Bell Housing; Switches; Park Neutral Position Switch; Temperature
Oil Pan; Seals and Gaskets. Sending Unit/Switch; Oil Pressure Sending Unit/Switch; Body
Computer; Body Control Module. Factory Installed Radio and
FRONT WHEEL DRIVE: Transaxle Case and all Internal POWER GROUP: Rear Window Defroster; Power Window
Parts; Axle Shaft Assemblies; Constant Velocity Joints and Motors; Power Window Flex Track; Power Antenna; Power
Boots; Front Wheel Bearings; Differential Cover; Oil Pan; Seat Motors; Power Door Locks and Linkage.
Transaxle Speed Sensors; Transaxle Solenoid Assembly;
PRNDL Position Switch; Transaxle Electronic Controller; LUXURY GROUP: Keyless Entry Receiver/Module; Trip
Torque Converter; Seals and Gaskets. Computer; Message Center; Overhead Electronic Vehicle
Information Center; Overhead Electronic Compass/
NOTE: MANUAL TRANSMISSION CLUTCH PARTS ARE Temperature; Power Sunroof Motor; Convertible Top Motor;
NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME. Electric Mirror Motor and Controls; Cruise Control Servo;
Headlight Door Motor; Concealed Headlamp Module.
REAR WHEEL DRIVE: Rear Axle Housing and all Internal
Parts; Axle Shafts; Axle Shaft Bearings; Drive Shaft NOTE: ANY REMOTE TRANSMITTER IS NOT COVERED
Assemblies; Drive Shaft Center Bearings; Universal Joints AT ANY TIME.
and Yokes; Seals and Gaskets. MOPAR ACCESSORIES: The following Mopar
accessories are covered provided they were installed by a
FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE (4x4): Transfer Case and all Chrysler authorized facility; Audio Systems (including
Internal Parts; Axle Housing and all Internal Parts; Axle Compact Disc and Cassette Players); Rear Seat Video
Shafts; Axle Shaft Bearings; Drive Shafts Assemblies (Front System; Air Conditioning Systems; Speed Control; EVS
and Rear); Drive Shaft Center Bearings; Universal Joints and (Security Systems); Clocks; Remote Trunk Release; Power
Yokes; Disconnect Housing Assembly; Seals and Gaskets. Steering; Remote Control Outside Mirrors; Power Sliding
ALL-WHEEL DRIVE (AWD): Power Transfer Unit and all Rear Windows (trucks); Transmission Oil Cooler.
Internal Parts; Viscous Coupler; Rear Driveline Module; INSTRUMENTATION: Electronic Instrument Cluster;
Front and Rear Axle Housing and all Internal Parts; Constant Amp/Voltmeter Gauge; Fuel Gauge; Temperature Gauge;
Velocity Joints and Boots; Drive Shaft and Axle Shaft Tachometer; Oil Pressure Gauge; Turbo Gauge;
Assemblies; Differential Carrier Assembly and all Internal Speedometer.
____ Parts; Output Ball Bearing; Output Flange; End Cover;
Overrunning Clutch; Vacuum Motor; Torque Tube; Pinion BRAKES: Master Cylinder; Assist Booster; Wheel
Cylinders; Disc Brake Calipers and Pistons; Brake Lines,
X Spacer and Shim, Seals and Gaskets.
STEERING: Steering Gear Housing and all Internal Parts;
Hoses, Fittings; Proportioning Valve; Seals and Gaskets.
Power Steering Gear; Power Steering Pump; Steering Shaft ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME.
X Lower Coupling; Rack and Pinion Assembly; Seals and
Gaskets. ANTI-LOCK BRAKES (ABS): Brake System’s Hydraulic
Assembly; Pump Motor Assembly; Controller; Sensors and
X Relays; Seals and Gaskets.
FORM #: 09-NMAX5100 PAGE 2 OF 6 09-WMB-GN (10/09)
$__ DEDUCTIBLE: You are responsible to pay only the HOW TO USE CHRYSLER ROADSIDE
first $__ of the total cost of covered component repairs ASSISTANCE*: All required towing, roadside assistance,
performed during each repair visit. Repairs not covered by lockout, and other roadside assistance services described
the Plan are your responsibility. You may be required to pay previously MUST BE ARRANGED AT TIME OF
state and local taxes in addition to the deductible. OCCURRENCE through Chrysler Roadside Assistance by
calling 1-800-521-2779. You should be prepared to provide
TRIP INTERRUPTION: The Plan will pay up to $1,000 for the Chrysler representative with your name, service contract
lodging, meals, and emergency transportation such as taxi, number, vehicle license plate number, and location including
bus, or airline for you and your family if (1) your vehicle is the phone number you are calling from and a brief
inoperable due to a failure covered under this Plan or under description of the problem.
the factory warranty, and (2) you are more than 100 miles
from the address of record. Lodging, meals and car rental
receipts must accompany a copy of repair bill and must be In some cases, Chrysler Roadside Assistance may authorize
mailed to Chrysler Service Contracts, P.O. Box 2700, Troy, you or your Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep Dealer to arrange for
Michigan 48007-2700. local service and will provide an authorization number to do
so. Your service contract will in these instances provide
FIRST DAY RENTAL/CAR RENTAL ALLOWANCE: reimbursement of up to $100 maximum per Roadside
Assistance incident, provided that the claim contains: (A) A
Coverage starts on the date you purchase the Plan and is
not subject to a deductible. First Day Rental Allowance valid original receipt of payment from the tow/repair facility
provides $35 car rental allowance if the vehicle is to be for the services rendered (Claims which contain other than
serviced for any same day mechanical or maintenance original receipts may be denied.); (B) The Chrysler Roadside
service. Assistance authorization number; and (C) Your valid
Car Rental Allowance will pay up to $35 per day for a rental Chrysler Service Contract number. All Roadside Assistance
claims that meet these requirements should be mailed or
any time repairs take overnight, and a component covered
by the Plan or the manufacturer’s Basic Warranty fails. faxed to:
Total Rental Allowance per occurrence is a maximum of
5 days or $175. Chrysler Roadside Assistance
P.O. Box 9145
The Plan will not pay for rental charges for a vehicle that is Medford, MA 02155
awaiting service or parts unless the vehicle is inoperable due Attn: Claims Department
to a mechanical failure of a covered component, or unless 1-800-521-2779
continued operation would cause further damage. FAX Number: 1-781-658-2691
The rental car must be obtained from a Dealer. If a Dealer
does not have rental cars available, you may obtain one from CHRYSLER ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE WILL NOT COVER
a licensed rental agency. Rental coverage is subject to state SERVICES WHICH ARE SOLICITED WITHOUT FIRST
and local laws and policies imposed by the rental agency. CONTACTING CHRYSLER ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE FOR
Rental charges in excess of the amount allowed by the Plan PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.
are your responsibility. The Plan is not responsible for any
refusal of a rental agency to rent a vehicle to you.
* All Roadside Assistance is provided through Cross Country Motor
ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE* Club, Inc., Medford, MA 02155, except in Alaska, California, Hawaii,
Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming where services are provided
through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Thousand
NOTE: YOU MUST CALL 1-800-521-2779 FOR THIS Oaks, CA 91360. Both collectively sometimes referred to as CCMC.
SERVICE. CCMC acts merely as a dispatcher of referral service to persons or
entities who provide the actual service. These persons and/or
The plan provides assistance due to a disablement caused entities are independent contractors. Accordingly, neither Chrysler
by any mechanical failure and in addition, the Plan provides nor CCMC assumes responsibility for the acts, errors, omissions,
negligence, misconduct of such persons and/or entities. All persons
coverage for such items as towing to the nearest Chrysler,
availing themselves of the benefits of Chrysler Roadside Assistance
Dodge or Jeep Dealer or Chrysler authorized repair facility, are to look solely to such persons and/or entities for liability arising in
flat tire change (with your good spare), battery jump, out of connection therewith, and not to Chrysler or CCMC.
gas delivery (maximum 2 gallons), lockout service i.e. keys
locked in car or frozen lock, to a maximum of $100, per
occurrence. Any expense beyond $100 is your responsibility No Dealer, Dealer employee or Chrysler employee has
at the time and site of service. Towing assistance will be the authority to modify or change any provision of this
dispatched only for mechanical disablements which renders Plan.
the vehicle inoperative. (See exclusions under “THE PLAN
This service is provided to you as part of your service
contract to minimize any unforeseen vehicle operation
inconvenience and is available 24 hours per day, 365 days
per year.
FORM #: 09-NMAX5100 PAGE 3 OF 6 09-WMB-GN (10/09)
YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Your responsibility is to 8 Plan service obtained from other than a Chrysler, Dodge
properly operate, care for and maintain the vehicle as or Jeep Dealer unless authorization is first received from
prescribed in the owner’s manual supplied by the Chrysler Service Contracts; (Dealers cannot authorize
manufacturer. You should retain all maintenance receipts to repairs.)
avoid any misunderstanding as to whether or not the
maintenance services were performed as required. 8 Maintenance services - engine oil, lubricant, coolant,
fluids, filters, battery and cables, spark plugs and wires,
Depending on circumstances, Chrysler Service Contracts belts, lights (bulb, sealed beams, lenses), engine tune-
reserves the right to inspect, investigate, or demand proof of up, suspension alignment, wheel balancing, wiper
maintenance BEFORE performance of repairs. blades, exhaust systems, heat shields and exhaust
hangers; throttle body cleaning;
DIAGNOSTIC CHARGES: You may be asked to
authorize disassembly and/or diagnostics at the time your 8 Brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums; battery are not
repair order is written. Your Chrysler Service Contract covers covered at any time;
disassembly and/or diagnostic charges IF the cause of
8 Exterior - tires; body sheet metal; glass; plastic lenses;
failure is a covered component under the terms of the plan. If
the repair is not covered by the Plan, you will be responsible paint; bright metal; bumpers; side-view mirrors (glass/
for the disassembly and/or diagnostic charges. housing); wheel covers; steel wheels; aluminum wheels;
door handles; weather strips; rust; water leaks; wind
GOVERNING LAW: Except where prohibited by law, this noises; all outer body panels; spoilers; plastic and
contract will be governed by Michigan law. fiberglass body parts; vinyl tops; convertible top fabric;
repairs or damage caused by environmental factors such
THE PLAN WILL NOT COVER, OR APPLY TO LOSS as acid rain, tree sap, salt or ocean spray;
8 Interior - trim; carpet; upholstery; dash pad; door and
8 Repairs or replacement of any component covered by window handles; knobs; buttons; moldings; arm rests and
the vehicle’s factory warranty or recall policies; roadside head liner; cargo cover;
assistance, loaner vehicles or other services which are
eligible to be covered by the vehicle’s factory warranty or 8 Portable Units including but not limited to – key fobs;
marketing programs; headphones; iPods; GPS units; DVD players; laptop
computers; cellular phones;
8 Repairs to any vehicle that has become restricted by the
manufacturer after the purchase of the Service Contract; 8 Repairs required as a result of use of other than the
vehicle manufacturer’s parts;
8 Repair or replacement of any covered component when it
has been determined that the condition existed prior to 8 Repairs to a covered component caused by the failure of
purchasing the contract; a non-covered component and/or an aftermarket
installation not performed by an Authorized Chrysler
8 Repairs, Towing, Rental or Roadside Assistance to any Dealer, or any outside installation of "salvage or junk"
vehicle where the odometer (mileage) has been stopped components in conjunction with an insurance or damage
or altered and/or the vehicle’s actual mileage cannot be claim. All part installations to satisfy such claims must be
readily determined; with new or factory authorized remanufactured
components and parts;
8 Repairs, Towing, Rental or Roadside Assistance
necessary as a result of (a) failure to properly care for or 8 Bodily injury or property damage arising or allegedly
maintain the vehicle; (b) fire, accident, abuse, vandalism, arising out of a defect in the design, manufacturer,
negligence or Act of God including but not limited to any materials or workmanship of a covered component;
vehicle rendered inoperable due to snow, ice or flood; (c)
failure to properly operate the vehicle; (d) vehicles that 8 Any fines, fees or taxes which are associated with
have been used or are being used for competitive speed impound towing as a result of actual or alleged violation
events such as races or acceleration trials; (e) pulling a of any laws or regulations;
trailer that exceeds the rated capacity of the vehicle or
failure to adhere to the requirements for vehicles used to 8 Repairs, Towing, Rental or Roadside Assistance to
pull a trailer as outlined in the owner manual supplied by vehicles operated outside of the 50 States, the District of
the manufacturer; (f) tampering with the emission system Columbia, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and Mexico;
or with any parts that could affect that system; (g) use of
dirty fluids, or fuels, refrigerants or other fluids which are 8 Repairs, Towing, Rental or Roadside Assistance to
not recommended by the manufacturer; (h) failure due to vehicles registered outside of the 50 States, the District
fluid contamination or sludge; (i) modifications not of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico;
approved or recommended by the manufacturer;
____ 8 Mechanical - manual clutch assembly; repairs to snow
plows, winches and trailer hitches regardless of their
X installation; damage to flywheel as a result of clutch
X 8 Shop supplies and materials;
8 Loss of use of the vehicle, loss of time,
X inconvenience, commercial loss, or any incidental or
consequential damages.
FORM #: 09-NMAX5100 PAGE 4 OF 6 09-WMB-GN (10/09)
CANCELLATION AND TRANSFER POLICIES: During the term of the service contract, you have the option to:
• CANCEL the remaining Plan coverage and receive a full or pro-rata refund.
Note: Refer to the cancellation/transfer policy section below for details.
CANCELLATION POLICY: If you are the original TRANSFER POLICY: The original purchaser may
purchaser of the Plan, you may cancel. To cancel the Plan authorize transfer of coverage, provided the Plan has not
you may take your Plan Provisions to any authorized been canceled. Remaining Plan coverage may be
Chrysler dealer. The dealership will contact Chrysler Service transferred to the first subsequent purchaser of the vehicle
Contracts to request termination of your contract. AT TIME OF VEHICLE SALE ONLY. Thereafter, the Plan is
If your vehicle is repossessed or rendered a total loss and non-transferable and non-cancelable.
your Plan was financed with your vehicle, the lienholder may
request your refund. The lienholder is then responsible for To transfer this service contract, complete the transfer form.
requesting termination of the contract through the Dealer Be sure to include your signature. This means you are
where the Plan was purchased. If the Plan was not financed,
any refund due will be paid to you by check in your name authorizing transfer of Plan coverage to the new owner.
from Chrysler. Transfer requests will not be processed: (a) without the
signature of the owner for whom these Plan Provisions were
If there is no authorized Chrysler dealer in your area, mail originally issued; or (b) if received after 60 days from the
your cancellation request along with your Plan Provisions, date of vehicle ownership change.
proof of payoff and current mileage on the vehicle to:
CHRYSLER SERVICE CONTRACTS You MAY take your Plan Provisions with the completed
CANCELLATION DEPARTMENT transfer form and transfer fee to an authorized Chrysler
P.O. BOX 2700 Dealer to process BOTH the factory warranty and Chrysler
TROY, MI 48007-2700 Service Contract transfers. The Chrysler Service Contract
On cancellation requests received* within the first 60 days transfer fee is as follows:
from the original purchase date of the plan, you will be
refunded the full amount you paid for the Plan, provided no TRANSFER FEES
claims have been paid against the contract. In the event (Applies to the state where the Plan was purchased)
claims have been paid, or requests received* after 60 days,
your refund will be based on the full amount you paid for the
Plan, less a pro-rata adjustment for time or mileage used, STATE AMOUNT
whichever is greater, less a cancellation fee as indicated New Hampshire None
below. All others $50
We reserve the right to cancel the Plan after issuance should
it be discovered that: (a) the vehicle is ineligible or has been
modified/altered to make it ineligible after Plan coverage has NOTES:
been in effect; (b) failure of the customer to maintain the
vehicle as prescribed by the manufacturer; (c) the odometer • Any contract financed on the Chrysler Service
has been tampered with or has not been repaired by the Contract/Dealer Payment Plan is NOT transferable until
customer; (d) non-payment of premium or (e) the vehicle is the contract is paid in full.
registered outside of the of the 50 States, the District of
Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Your refund will be
based on the full amount you paid for the Plan, less a pro- • Factory warranty transfer fee may apply. Please refer
rata adjustment as set forth in the paragraph above. to your owner’s manual or ask your dealer for details.
• *Requests Received - The pro-rata cancellation refund
will be based on the date Chrysler Service Contracts
receives written notification of the cancellation
• All refund checks will be made payable to you and/or IOWA
the lienholder. If you have any questions or complaints concerning this
service contract, they may be addressed to:
(Applies to the state where the Plan was purchased) Commissioner of Insurance
STATE AMOUNT Iowa Insurance Division
Alabama $25 Administration Fee. Lucas State Office Building
California $25 or 10% of the Contract Cost, Des Moines, IA 50319
whichever is less. WISCONSIN

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