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Frequently Asked Questions Contact:
Do I get paid to attend the program? Alameda County Office of Education
No. You do not get paid to attend the program. Attn: Green Pathways
You must be able to support yourself while Pre-Apprenticeship Program
attending the 16-week training. Transportation 313 West Winton Avenue Green Pathways
assistance is available. Please call the center Hayward, CA 94544
for more details. 510-670-4151 Pre-Apprenticeship
How long is the program?
[email protected]
The training sessions are 16 weeks long and
classes are held each weekday from 7am to
3:30pm. Daily attendance is mandatory to n
successfully complete the training and be The
placed on a job. Green Pathways for Youth Partnership
Will I get a job when I am finished? is a collaborative effort between:
The Cypress Mandela Training Center has an
85% to 90% percent placement rate. This is
much higher than the average for comparable
programs. Much of your success will depend Alameda County Office of Education
on you and how dedicated and motivated you Sheila Jordan, Superintendent
are to achieving your goals. The program has a
variety of tools in place to assist students with
job placement and retention, such as place-
ment assistance and on the job mentoring.
City of Oakland
Will I get college credit for my classes? Jane Brunner, City Council President
Yes. You may earn up to 7 college credits
through the Peralta Community College Dis-
trict or the University of California system
after completing the training.
Transitioning Youth into
For more information attend the Green Cypress Mandela Training Center
Pathways Orientation Art Shanks, Executive Director the Green Economy
Saturday, May 16, 2009
9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Cypress Mandela Training Center Apply NOW!
2229 Poplar Street, Oakland. Pacific Gas and Electric Company
To register E-mail [email protected] Tom Guarino, East Bay Public Affairs Manager Orientation for New
or call 510-670-4151. Training Cycle Begins
May 16, 2009
Green Pathways: Green Pathways: Green Pathways:
Transitioning Youth into the Training Components How to Apply
Green Economy
• Applied math, science and engineering We accept male and female applicants who
There will soon be a demand from industry skills development meet the following eligibility guidelines:
for highly trained and adaptable workers to fill • Hands-on training: • High School Diploma/GED or actively
emerging jobs in renewable energy and energy - Safety, tool identification, introduction to enrolled in courses to complete their high
efficiency. To meet these new opportuni- framing, scaffolding, structural steel to school equivalency
ties the Green Pathways Pre-Apprenticeship ironwork, and hazardous waste training • Social Security Card
Program brings together education, govern-
• Specialized training for green jobs: • Valid California Driver’s License or ID card
ment, labor, business, and community leaders
to transition youth out of the juvenile justice - Energy audits, inspections, • Citizen of the U.S. or legally able to work in
system and other high-risk environments, and weatherization, direct installation the U.S.
provide a pathway to lifelong economic well- (light bulbs/refrigeration) and green
• Current DMV printout
being through the regions’ emerging green construction
industry. • Personal development training and
The goal of Green Pathways is to prepare
students for a range of postsecondary op- - Career and education goals, Sign up for Mandatory
portunities including careers in traditional and interpersonal skill development, Orientation Session
alternative “green” trades and college. personal management, work decorum
• Life skills training to address issues such In order to participate in this free training pro-
The 16-week pilot will train 25 youth for
as: gram, you must meet all of the requirements
green jobs such as energy auditors, inspec-
- Chemical dependency, anger above and attend a mandatory orientation.
tors, weatherization technicians, direct in-
management, nutrition, relationships You will receive all application materials at this
stallers (light bulbs/refrigeration) and green
orientation session. To sign up, send an E-mail
construction workers. The program includes All training is conducted at the Cypress Man- to [email protected] with the follow-
a life skills component, case management dela Training Center—a 24,000 plus square
services, and post-program support in- ing information:
foot facility at 2229 Poplar Street in West
cluding job placement. Oakland. The Center has worked for over 16
The Target population for this program is years to support troubled youth. The program
first-time youth offenders, “at-risk”, unem- has served well over 1,500 students and 80%
ployed, and underemployed youth. All youth of graduates are placed in construction related
meeting the following criteria are encouraged positions.
to apply: E-mail
• 17 – 24 years
• High school graduate, or GED recipient
(applicants demonstrating that they are Saturday, May 16, 2009
close to meeting the requirements will also
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
be considered) Referring Organization
• Low income resident of Alameda County Cypress Mandela Training Center
2229 Poplar Street
n Oakland, CA 94607 For more information or to register by phone,
call 510-670-4151.

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