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Mitch Woods & his Rocket 88's
Mitch Woods' Big Easy Boogie
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Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88’s are the torch bearers of a great American musical heritage. Taking their inspiration from the great jump n’ boogie
outfits and swingin’ little big bands of the 40’s, they breathe fresh life into the music that gave birth to rock n’ roll. Mitch takes his cue from his jumpin’,
n, jivin’, shoutin’ n’ honkin’, pumpin’ n’ poundin’ predecessors, Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway, Joe and Jimmie Liggins, Louis Prima, just to name a few.
Mitch’s pile drivin’ piano licks and energetic stage persona combine with the Rocket 88’s swingin’ horns, thumpin’ bass, rockin’ guitar, and jungle drums
to send a crowd into dancing delight. They are one of the first bands on the West Coast to reach back to an earlier time in American music using
humor, style, musicianship, and showmanship to forge their own swinging brand of music, which they coined rock-a-boogie. Mitch & the 88’s have
distilled the essence of jump, swing , boogie woogie, made it their own, and deliver it to the present.
Mitch Woods was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1971and began performing as Mitch Woods & His Red Hot
Mama, featuring his boogie woogie piano and the sultry voice of the Red Hot Mama (Susan Savoy) on tunes by Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, and Fats
Waller. The band broke up as Mitch moved to Hawaii to embark on a solo career in the late 70’s. He returned in 1981 to form the first incarnation of the
Rocket 88’s with former members of the David Bromberg Band.
Mitch and the 88’s recorded their first of five albums for the Blind Pig label entitled “Steady Date” in 1984. Hailed by Billboard as “a Whitman sampler
of American jump, bump, and boogie” it features Lance Dickerson on drums (of Commander Cody fame).
· Their second release, ”Mr. Boogie’s Back In Town” (1988) features Danny Caron on guitar who has since gone on to become blues legend
Charles Brown’s musical director.
· Mitch’s third release “Solid Gold Cadillac” (1991) features a stellar lineup of special guests, including Charlie Musselwhite, The Roomful of
Blues Horns, and Ronnie Earl. The Washington Post goes on to say about this swingin’ album: “Woods is a rising figure in the boogie-woogie and jump
blues revival”.
· On their fourth release, ”Shakin the Shack”(1993) Woods and the 88’s combine the elements of jump/swing with New Orleans inspiration on
11 original tunes of which Relix Magazine says: “If Shakin’ The Shack doesn’t get your toes tapping, shoulders swaying, fingers snapping and hips
gyrating, it’s time for resuscitation!”
· “Jump For Joy”, Mitch’s fifth release on Blind Pig Records, the San Francisco bluesman, long known for his showmanship and flair onstage, has
finally realized a long-running dream; to get back to the jump blues sound of the great big-band Forties. There’s a lot to be excited about on Jump For
Joy, Woods says. “ This is really my full-on jump blues album. We did it with a big band, it’s all original tunes written as they were back in the Forties.”
This jumpin’ and swingin’ album will appeal to blues lovers and rock and rollers as well as dance fans.
· Mitch’s solo project “Keeper Of The Flame” (1996) on Viceroy/Lightyear distributed worldwide through WEA is Mitch’s tribute to the blues
masters that inspired his career. On it he plays and sings duets with John Lee Hooker, James Cotton, Johnnie Johnson (Chuck Berry), Earl King, and
Lee Allen (Fats Domino). Hooker enjoyed these sessions so much that he asked Woods to join him in his own recording “Boom
Boom” (Pointblank/Charisma).
Mitch Woods And His Rocket 88’s have built a large national and international following as they perform at clubs and festivals and events worldwide.
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