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    • Abstract: THE PARTICLE THAT PROTECTS YOUR VEHICLE DataDots - DNA for your car.FACT – Over 170,000 cars were stolen in Canada in 2001, including 27,250 in Montreal.Almost one out of every 100 cars is stolen every year in Canada. That’s about 465 cars

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DataDots - DNA for your car.
FACT – Over 170,000 cars were stolen in Canada in 2001, including 27,250 in Montreal.
Almost one out of every 100 cars is stolen every year in Canada. That's about 465 cars
per day or 1 car stolen every 3 minutes.
FACT – Canadian insurance companies pay over 600 million per year for stolen
FACT –The resale of stolen car parts deprives legitimate auto dealers and body shops
of over 1 billion dollars of income per year.
FACT – Professional thieves can easily disarm and disconnect most
alarms and tracking systems, and remove etched glass panels from a
FACT – Most tracking systems do not protect your car 24/7. They are
only activated once you realize your car has been stolen and you
report it to the police.
FACT –There has never been a car security product that tackles the
reason why professional thieves steal cars, lack of permanent forms of identification on
most of the cars’ parts. UNTIL NOW!
DataDots, the ultimate solution
DataDots - cannot be disarmed, disconnected or effectively removed, allowing your car
to be protected 24/7.
DataDots – are endorsed by law enforcement authorities in the
USA and around the world including IAATI1, NICB2 and WSATI3.
DataDots – are the only state of the art identification system that is
designed to protect your entire vehicle
DataDots – with 1,000 DataDots applied, your vehicle becomes
worthless to professional thieves as individual panels, parts and accessories are
identifiable and their ownership is traceable back to you.
DataDots – Unlike most tracking systems, they are not restricted to activated areas.
DataDots still protect your car if you move from Province to Province or across nation
International Association of Auto Theft Investigators
National Insurance Crime Bureau
Western States Auto Theft Investigators NW
1,000 DataDots on your vehicle = Peace of mind
Compare and see why DataDots are the only all around solution to reducing vehicle theft.
Is a visible Are multiple forms Is it difficult to Does it Does it Does it work
deterrent of identification disarm, assist with the protect your across Canada
Product provided? applied? disconnect or recovery of vehicle 24/7? and
remove? stolen vehicles? Internationally?
System YES - - - - -
Systems - - - YES - YES**
Etching YES YES* - - YES YES*
Labels - YES* - - - YES*
* VIN etching and panel labels are only applied to a limited number of locations and do not cover the whole car. Etching and labels can
be easily removed or altered. ** Most tracking systems only assist with the recovery of a stolen vehicle as it is only activated once the
theft is reported. Unfortunately if a car is outside of the activation area, the tracking system will not be able to assist with the recovery of
the stolen vehicle.
Law Enforcement and DataDots
DataDot USA has been working with and training law enforcement departments,
insurance investigators and government bodies over the past 3 years in America,
Canada and Mexico.
Training in America has been effected with the assistance of associations such as the
International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI), National Insurance Crime
Bureau (NICB) and the Western States Auto Theft Investigators NW (WSATI). By
providing education through associations, DataDot USA is training detectives and
investigators, with the help of DataDot technology, to catch and prosecute professional
vehicle thieves.
Law enforcement departments are so impressed with DataDots that they use them in
sting operations.
DataDot Testimonials.
“This unique concept could very well revolutionize the processes for recovering stolen
property and enhance the opportunities for theft deterrence. We support this concept
and many others that provide effective tools that positively impact what we and law
enforcement face on a daily basis.”
Robert M. Bryant, President and CEO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
“We at the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recognize and support the use of
all anti-theft and theft-deterrent devices that provide unique and economical ways in
which the public can protect its personal property from theft. One such product new to
the market allows the personal marking of items from antiques to auto, trucks and
boats. The DataDot™ product is one of many new products the NICB believes will
assist the public with theft prevention, but will also assist NICB, insurers and law
enforcement in the recovery process of all sorts of stolen property, ultimately reducing
insurance costs associated with theft.”
James S. Spiller, Executive Vice President, COO & CIO, NICB
"It makes it almost impossible to wash that part entirely and impossible to hide it's
identity. Those components become a lot less desirable as a theft target."
Detective Bob Onishi, Renton Police Department & Western Auto Theft Investigators – NW
“As microdots become more extensively utilized in the motor industry…it is expected
that the already proven deterrent effect of microdots will force further focus by
professional thieves towards unmarked vehicles. Police in Victoria report that they are
being told by offenders that post 2001 HSV’s (GM/Holden based performance
vehicles) are now “too hot to handle” because of their microdot ‘DNA’ marking.”
Ray Carroll, Executive Director National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council – Australia
"The Washington State Patrol is very excited about any product or technology that will
assist us in reducing auto theft. Like other anti-theft products available to consumers,
we support the use of DataDots as a method of theft deterrence."
Lt. Jeff DeVere, Washington State Patrol
DataDot in the media.
DataDots help prevent car theft
"This car has now been as we call it - DNA'd," says McLaws, founder of DataDots.
The idea is that if this car is later stolen and chopped up into
parts, police can use the DataDots to trace the parts back to the
car they came from.
"Any tool that we can have to help identify a part will help us solve
our investigations," says Jeff DeVere, Washington State Patrol.
KING Once the dots dry you need a black light to be able to see them
This is what the dots look
like under a magnifying and then you use a magnifying glass to read the VIN number.
The goal is to mark every
valuable part. The VIN is a car's serial number. The developer of this technology
says it's impossible for a thief to remove all the dots.
"Not 1,000 dots. If you just saw what we did … you can't get all the dots off –
impossible," says McLaws.
And with a window sticker warning of cars with this technology, the hope is thieves
won't steal the car in the first place.
It costs about $400 to have a car sprayed with the ID tags at a certified DataDot
Fitment Center. Also, the manufacturer has an ongoing commitment in regards to
training police departments in the state about the technology.
Like DNA For Your Car
March 28, 2003
By Emily Langlie KOMO 4 news (ABC)
BELLEVUE - Brent McLaws may wear coveralls and work
on cars but he's no mechanic. He's developed a new
system for marking cars and parts.
He applies a thousand of these microdots in critical areas.
"It’s very difficult to remove the dots for a thief trying to
sanitize a car," says McLaws.
To the naked eye the dots look like grains of sand. But up close they contain the
vehicle identification number or other identifying number.
Short of sand blasting, there’s no way to get them off.
"It makes it almost impossible to wash that part entirely and impossible to hide its
identity. Those components become a lot less desirable as a theft target," explains Bob
Onishi a car theft investigator. "People just can't do anything with them."
The process called DataDots has been test marketed in Australia for 18 months. All
BMW's there have it and theft of those luxury cars has dropped 67%.
DataDot is trying to make a vehicle "too hot to handle."
By marking critical parts police can trace stolen cars and parts back to the owner.
Investigators can find the dots by looking with a black light. Then, with a small
handheld microdot reader you can check the VIN number. They hope the DataDot
sticker on the outside of a vehicle will make a thief think twice.
Don’t become the next victim!
Make sure your car is
protected with DataDots.

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