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    • Abstract: RaiderNetG. Ray Bodley High School, Fulton, NY Volume 2, Number 132D ailyMonday, May 16, 2011Deadlines coming soon for Class of 2011In the blink of an eye, senior year is coming to that there have been in this chapter of life. To would just hurry up. Now that it’s here the Class

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G. Ray Bodley High School, Fulton, NY Volume 2, Number 132
D aily
Monday, May 16, 2011
Deadlines coming soon for Class of 2011
In the blink of an eye, senior year is coming to that there have been in this chapter of life. To would just hurry up. Now that it’s here the Class
an end for the Class of 2011. AP tests are done, get the full tear jerking effect there will be a of 2011 finds that it’s nice to take every oppor-
the smell of summer during ìsunshine for senior slide show shown at senior day! Stu- tunity they can to reminisce on their years at
seniorsî pushes senioritis full blast, and quite dents are asked to bring their pictures from over GRB, and how quickly they have flown by.
honestly, itís time for them to relish in their the years to Mr. Perry. There is no limit to the That awaited walk across the stage is a little
accomplishments over the past four years. number of pictures, any memory someone over a month away, on Saturday, June 25. The
First and foremost, the senior trip is just a wants to recall or thinks is significant should time is here to appreciate being with one an-
few days away on Friday, May 20! The date be put in the show. other, to enjoy the ease of the end of year se-
has crept up on the class and there are many The Class of 2012 has spent four years as a nior schedule and to realize that 2012 is going
things to be put in order. Seniors can pick up class, four years of memories and amazing to miss these halls and one another a lot more
contracts and authorization forms for the trip experiences. However, in those four years there than they ever thought they would.
in the main office as soon as possible and they have been plenty of wishes that graduation By Brenna Merry
need to be returned directly to Mrs. Hallatt by
Tuesday, May 17, three days before the date
of the trip. Battery drive yields nearly 600 pounds
On Thursday, May 19, all overnight bags
need to be checked in to ensure a quick depar-
ture the following morning. Seniors are in-
structed to arrive at the school at 3:30 am and
leave by 4! Other bags will be checked upon
arrival and the more prompt the students are,
the faster they will arrive at Cedar Point.
Hotel group requests need to be given to
Mrs. Hallatt as soon as possible. There are four
people to a room, no exceptions. Most of the
groups have been put in order. “Please note
that there must be four to a room so it is pos-
sible you may have to share with someone you
donít know, this is a real life situation that will
prepare you for college so buck up and meet
someone new!” Mrs. Hallatt commented. Once
Tuesday arrives, all room assignments are per-
The trip will include a full day at Cedar
Point, starting at 11 am after checking in to
the hotel, followed by a good nights rest. Stu-
dents must be in hotel rooms at 11 pm and
should try to get to bed early because the class
leaves at 8:30 am to visit the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame in Cleveland from 10 am to 1
pm! It will all come to a close on Saturday as
the class returns to G. Ray Bodley around 7
If the awaited senior trip wasn’t enough ex- Almost 600 pounds of used batteries were kept out of the local landfills thanks to the
citement, Senior Dinner Dance tickets are now GRB Environmental Club on Friday. Miss Erkan’s advisory led the way with 107.4
on sale! Tickets are being sold in Mr. Perry’s pounds of batteries, followed by Mrs. Barton and Ms. Behan at 77 pounds apiece and
room 125 for $35. The event will be on June Mr. Siever’s advisory with 73.6 pounds. Over the past three years the annual battery
11 at the Oasis and is promised to be a won- drive has yielded more than 1800 pounds of used batteries, including this year’s total
derful close to the high school experience. of 595.5 poundsd. Pictured left to right are Hannah Dunsmoor, Joe Sutton, Jordan
It is the time to rejoice in the idea of moving Rizzo, Erika Johnson and Justin Bowering. Advisor of the Environmental Club is Mr.
on, but also to realize all of the good times Mainville. (Colin Shannon photo)
Page 2 RaiderNet Daily
The mysteries behind sleeping in class
night, but they are only welcomed by a repeat of the whole process.
By Brenna Merry Every day and night I think to myself, “why is it that I can so
easily fall asleep on a hard cold desk and then feel the need to run a
Many would be amazed at the lives of high marathon when I am welcomed by my cozy bed?” There are very few
school students. After running from classes logical reasons that I could develop.
to after school activities and homework, one My first thought was that the course material could be the reason for
would think that the comfort of a bed would the need to fall asleep. However, when I tried studying before bed it
lead to instant and blissful sleep. seemed that that actually made me wake up more! It’s a fact that if I put
However, every night students complain a desk in my room I would most certainly not sleep soundly. Next I
about their inability to sleep and spend their thought maybe it’s the voices in the background, so I attempted to play
time tossing and turning in bed or giving up The History Channel in the back, but still had no luck. Lastly, I thought
and getting on the computer. Then, they proceed to their school days quite possibly it could be the position, so I curled myself into a ball and
after little to no rest and, bam, nothing feels more comfortable than got nothing except for a back problem.
that AP Economics desk. Straining to keep their eyes open and head If the world could harness the comfort of sleeping during class and
from bobbing it is certain that their bed will feel ten times better that give it out at night, the lives of students across the world would be
changed forever. It is one of the world’s many mysteries waiting to be
Passing of Redwall author solved, and until it does I will hear, “Brenna are you paying attention?”
countless times more. Sorry teachers, it’s not you.. It’s a mystery be-
means series will never end yond a student’s control.
Last week the final Redwall book arrived at bookstores. The author of
the bestselling Redwall series, Brian Jacques, passed away in Febru- Bizarre news of the day
ary, bringing an end to the beloved series. The Rogue Crew is the twenty-
third book in the series, the one before the planned final book. Because A mother in China has given birth to conjoined twins who share a
Jacques died, this will be the final book instead of the planned single body. The babies were born by caesarean at the Suining City
Pondicherry, leaving many Redwall fans without knowing the ending Central Hospital in Sichuan. The twins weighed 9 pounds and mea-
of the series. sured 20 inches, according to local press reports. The parents, who are
Redwall is one of the most popular young adult series, and Jacques migrant farmers living outside of the southwestern city, did not learn
work has inspired countless other writers. Over twenty million Redwall of the abnormality until two days before the mother was due to give
books have been sold worldwide in more than ten languages. There is birth.
even rumored to be a Redwall movie in the makings. Since 1986, when Two ultra sound scans in September and February failed to reveal the
the first book was written, Jacques works have been enjoyed by count- two heads because the technicians were viewing the single embryo in
less people of all age groups. He has been described as, “one of the profile. Doctors consider separating the babies, who have separate spines
best children’s authors in the world.”. and esophagi but share major organs, almost impossible.
Readers may not ever know what will become of their beloved char- “It is hard to say how they will survive in the future but we will try
acters, there is little doubt that the series would have been wrapped up the best to keep them alive at the moment,” said Pu Youhua, a doctor
nicely in Pondicherry, but perhaps that is the way that Jacques wanted with Suining Hospital. The pair has now been moved to a hospital in
it to be. The series seemed never-ending at times and his death, though nearby Chongqing for further examination. By Morgan Firenze
sad, has made it so that it never will end. If a tragic end had been
planned in Pondicherry, perhaps it is better that readers are left unsure Quote of the day:
what will occur next. It has not yet been determined if the unfinished
novel will ever be released. While The Rogue Crew may leave some “A half truth is a whole lie.”
questions unanswered, there is no doubt that it will be a fitting end to ~Yiddish Proverb
the Redwall series. By Daniel Summerville
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Monday, May 16 Page 3
Raider Sports
It was an exciting senior morning for mem-
bers of the boys lacrosse team on Satur-
day when the Raiders battled their way
to a 12-11 overtime win against visiting
Whitesboro. Fulton’s Corey Crook charges
from behind the net (top left) and fires a
shot past the Warrior keeper (top middle)
before being congratulated by his team-
mates Colin Shannon, Ross Maxam and
Steven Delisle (middle left). Co-captain
Brett Williams drew a crowd in blue in
the top right photo, while Brandon
Lockwood, Steven DeLisle and Tyler
Lockwood (left to right) jostle for posses-
sion on a faceoff (middle right). Williams
emerged as the man of the hour by scor-
ing in overtime before being mobbed by
his teammates (photo left). Coaches
Halladay, left standing, and Beckwith talk
to the team during halftime (below).
(Kayla Hanczyk photos)
Monday, May 16 Page 4
Raider Sports
Senior laxmen end home career with dramatic triumph
The varsity boys lacrosse team pulled out a victory on senior morning and two assists in the effort. Juniors Ross Maxam had one goal and
in dramatic fashion, as the Raiders defeated the Whitesboro Warriors two assists, and Bryan Benton found the net two times in the contest.
12-11 in overtime. The game took place Saturday morning at 10 a.m. Seniors Crook, Shannon, and Watson, found the net once apiece, and
Senior festivities were held before the opening face off, which in- the scoring was rounded out by juniors Joe Sutton and Steven DeLisle,
cluded the reading of a brief bio from the seniors, as well as recogni- who both scored once. Standing tall between the pipes was Blake, who
tion of the player’s parents, including a rose for the player’s mother. recorded a solid 10 saves throughout the game. The season concludes
The game started with a flourish, and the Raider senior class led the for the laxmen tonight, as the boys travel to Cortland for a 5 p.m. game
way as Fulton jumped out to an early lead. The first four goals were time to round out the season.
scored by those about to graduate, as senior captains Brett Williams, A special thank you would like to be extended to all of the fans who
Corey Crook, and Donnie Watson each blazed the ball behind the War- continued to show support at the home games, as it was greatly appre-
rior goalie. Senior Colin Shannon was next to score, as the ball found ciated and made for an enjoyable environment for all who attended.
the net on an unsettled situation. The first quarter ended with a Raider One does not realize how much even the slightest bit of support helps
lead of 5-4, and morale and pride were shining through. until they hear their name get called from the bleachers, and it created
The second quarter illustrated further Raider dominance, as two goals a truly special environment for all of those who partook, either as a
were scored, and junior net minder Colin Blake held Whitesboro off supporter or those being supported. By Colin Shannon
the board, blanking the road team in the second frame, which ended
with a 7-4 Raider lead. The third quarter was found to be deemed a
draw, as both teams snuck the ball in the net three times, which ended This week in Raider Sports
with the Raiders up by a score of 10-7. The fourth quarter proved to be
Today: Tennis vs. Chittenango (5 pm.); Track vs. Cortland
a different result, as momentum began to shift in favor of the Warriors.
& Chittenango (6 p.m.); Boys V Lax @ Cortland (5 p.m.);
Whitesboro came out on fire, and the Raiders found themselves sleep-
ing early in the final quarter. Four Warrior goals were scored in the Softball @ Cortland (4:30); Girls Lax @ Onondaga (7
final frame, and Raider offense couldn’t find the handle and found the p.m.).
net once. With the score tied at 11, extra time was required. Tuesday, May 17: Tennis @ Chittenango (4:30); JV Boys
Due to penalties with about 15 seconds left in regulation, the Raiders Lax @ Cortland (4:30); Baseball vs. ES-M (4:45); Girls V
were forced to play the first minute and forty-five seconds man down Lax vs. ES-M (5 pm.).
in overtime, although the game was over before the penalties expired. Wednesday, May 18: V Baseball @ CBA (4:30); JV Girls
The face-off was won by the Raiders and a timeout was called. Upon Lax vs. ES-M (5 p.m.); Tennis @ Homer (4:30).
conclusion of the short break, the ball was placed into the stick of Brett Thursday, May 19: Softball vs. Chittenango (4:30); JV
Williams. Williamsí mission was to run out the penalty and return the Girls Lax @ Cortland (5 p.m.); JV Boys Lax @ J-D (4:30);
Raiders to even strength where the offense could continue normally, Girls V Lax vs. M-PH (6 p.m.); Baseball vs. Phoenix (4:30);
but Williams surprised the stadium. Avoiding a double team, the cap- Track @ Freedom League Meet @ ES-M (4:30).
tain dodged in and out, avoiding the beating that was being issued, Friday, May 20: JV Girls Lax @ B’ville
found daylight, and took advantage. With the stick in his left hand, (4:30).
Williams drove the goal and placed a shot just off the left hip of the Saturday, May 21: Baaseball vs.
goalie, and the Raiders found themselves on a sprint to celebrate the Corcoran (11 a.m.).
game winning goal with the spark of the Fulton offense. The situation Boys Track @ Ogdensburg VanDusen
was deemed surreal, as the four year varsity starter scored the game
Invitational (10 a.m.); Softball @
winning goal on senior night, concluding what turned out to be a spec-
Herkimer Tournament (10 a.m. &
tacular game.
Williams led the offense throughout the game, recording four goals
Monday, May 16 Page 5
School of Thought compiled by Kayla Distin
What is your favorite flavor
of ice cream?
"Rocky Road." "Panda Paws." "Strawberry." "Vanilla Bean."
Anna McKay Brandon Sherman Desirae Collins Lyndon Manford
Meteorology and you
By Carson Metcalf
Today: Tonight: Tomorrow:
Cloudy with some rain. Cloudy with a rain Cloudy with some rain.
High in the mid-50s. shower. Low in the mid- High in the mid-60s.
Record high: 90 (1962). 40s. Record high: 91 (1977).
Avg. high: 69. Record low: 34 (1983). Avg. high: 69
Avg. low: 46.
GRB junior Carson Metcalf is an aspiring Meteorologist and the creator of the
Central New York Weather Center @ www.centralnewyorkweather.com
Look for his daily weather forecasts for Fulton on RaiderNet Daily.

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