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S c h n e i d e r E l e c t r i c M e r c h a n t M a r i n e A c t i v i t y
With over 90 years experience in Marine applications Schneider Electric optimize
your Capex and Opex all along the lifecycle of your installations.
S c h n e i d e r E l e c t r i c , n n o v t i v e o l u t i o n n d e r v i c e ,
a s s a s s
l o n g - l t i n g p r t n e r h i p u n i q u e e t o f c o m p e t e n c i e
a a s a s a s s
Schneider Electric is a key-player in merchant marine. Schneider Electric proposes comprehensive and
Its knowledge is fundamental, whenever safety and consistent solutions for automation, control and
economical performance depend on the reliability electrical distribution to ensure the availability
of automation and electrical distribution systems. of safe energy on board.
Present in 190 countries, Schneider Electric always Thanks to available resources in the field of R&D
remains very close to your needs and guarantees the and engineering, Schneider Electric proposes all
high quality level of services it provides. the competencies to design and implement relevant
solutions to satisfy your specific requirements:
Worldwide marine consulting
ED & Automation
o r l d - w i d e p r e e n c e , l o c l e r v i c e
engineering and installation
s a s
with our solutions >
With Schneider Electric, you can rely on a world-wide
on-site operation
presence, close to the main ports in Europe, North
America, Southern Africa, Middle East and Asia.
spare parts
The expertise of our technical engineers relies on >
a continuous training. It ensures them thorough
From the early design stage, and throughout ship
knowledge of every type of on-board system. In
life, you are ensured of expert assistance to adapt
addition to their comprehensive experience of specific
our solutions to your specific needs: economical,
merchant marine constraints, our experts can be
logistical, implementation, maintenance and
immediately operational and solve any kind
of challenge, everywhere in the world.
Thanks to the Schneider Electric offer, find consistent and efficient solutions for your shipboard
electrical distribution needs. You can easily design, operate and maintain your electrical installation
with complete peace of mind. Our entire product offer has been designed to be fully compatible
in terms of electrical, mechanical and communication coherence. Our solutions (including tools
such as software, training…) guarantees you optimized, reliable, evolving and compliant installations.
E x a m p l e o f M C s e t a n d
M o t o r p a c t M a r i n e s w i t c h b o a r d s
M a i n a d v a n t a g e s
Breaking techniques/technologies
SF6 contactors and circuit breakers
vacuum contactors and circuit breakers.
M C s e t c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
MCset standard switchboard includes
Rated voltage 1 to 24 kV ingoing and outgoing units with or without voltage
Rated current of main busbar 3150 A under 17.5 kV transformer (VT)
bus-tie with or without voltage transformer (VT)
Short-time withstand current 31.5 kA per 3 sec
bus-riser with or without voltage transformer (VT)
Access rear
motor unit.
Degree of protection IP3X
Staff’s safety
Standards IEC 60298
complete metallic insulation of the functional units
(ISO 9001 and ISO 9002)
availability of an internal arc proof version according
Regulations LRS, RINA, BV, DNV, ABS
to IEC 62271 - 200.
R i n g M a i n U n i t
The RM6 is a compact unit combining all MV functional
units to enable connection, supply and protection
of one or two transformers on an open ring network.
M a i n a d v a n t a g e s
M 6 c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
The HV loop loop configuration offers significant
Rated voltage (IEC) kV rms 12
smaller main HV switchboard (only two cells to feed
Rated current A630
a HV loop)
reduced length of HV cables (shortening average
Rated short-time current
ratio > 30% for the configuration) KA rms 20
improved maintenability and availability of the
Degree of protection enclosure IP67
Regulations DACS compliant,
DNV type-approved
T r a n s f o r m e r s a n d r e a c t o r s
This equipment provides reduced temperature rise
and suitable cooling systems :
General distribution
Freeze container
Propulsion (max 5MW)
MV converters
M a i n a d v a n t a g e s
Choice between two technologies:
- impregnated technology
- cast resin technology
High quality magnetic core (grain oriented with step
lap cut)
Design adapted to particular specification
Specially dimensioned for Marine application.
M a i n a n d e m e r g e n c y s w i t c h b o a r d s
Either Okken or MB301 switchboards enable
optimum and rational use of all Schneider Electric’s
low voltage products. The complete range satisfies all
electrical distribution requirements, from generation
to motor control and final distribution.
Moreover, several versions are available (front and
rear access, fixed or withdrawable drawers, degree of
protection up to IP44) to satisfy all the requirements
and limitations as far as space and location are
concerned, due to marine use. They have been used,
with full satisfaction of the shipowner, in all types of
applications, from oil-tankers to cruise ships.
O k k
e n M B 3 0 1
M a i n c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s M a i n c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
Rated insulation voltage 1000 V Rated insulation voltage 1000 Vac
Rated current of main busbar up to 6300 A Rated current of main busbar up to 6300 A
Short-time withstand current up to 150 kA per 1 sec Short-time withstand current up to 100 kA per 1 sec
Access front or rear Access front or rear
Cable inlets and outlets top and bottom Cable inlets and outlets top and bottom
Degree of protection IP31/42 up to IP54 Degree of protection IP20-22-23-32
Standards IEC 92, 439 Standards IEC 60439-1
Regulations IACS compliant, Regulations IACS compliant,
DNV type-approved DNV type-approved
M o t o r c o n t r o l c e n t e r s P o w e r a n d l i g h t i n g p a n e l s B u s b a r t r u n k i n g
“Canalis”, busways
from 20A to 5 000A, on
low voltage have been
M a i n c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s M a i n c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
type-approved by major
classification societies:

Use: 0.1066