• Approved 02-05-2009

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    • Abstract: Approved 02-05-2009/cb. Development Review Board – Study Session ... adjourned at 12:58 p.m. Approved 02-05-2009/cb. Development Review Board – Study Session ...

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Approved 02-05-2009
PRESENT: Robert Littlefield, Council Member
Michael Edwards, Vice Chairman
David Brantner, Development Member
Eric Gerster, Development Member
Eric Hess, Planning Commission Member (arrived 12:40)
Jeremy Jones, Design Member
David Ortega, Design Member
STAFF: Greg Bloemberg
Brad Carr
Bryan Cluff
Joe Collins
Don Hadder
Jesus Murillo
Keith Niederer
Joe Padilla
David Reichert
Dan Symer
Meredith Tessier
Steve Venker
Councilman Littlefield called the Development Review Board study session to order at
12:28 p.m.
A formal roll call was conducted confirming members present as stated above.
Development Review Board – Study Session
January 22, 2009
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Mr. Venker noted that the agenda had been amended, correcting the case number for
item 11. Item four, Summit Vistas, had an error on page six of the stipulations, which will
be corrected when the final letter of approval is issued.
Because public speakers were interested in speaking on the Summit Vistas case, staff
recommended moving the item to the regular agenda.
A draft agenda for the February 26, 2008 special meeting was provided.
Staff Approvals
1. Verizon PHO Monterra Generator, 109-DR-2008
2. Verizon PHO Cosmo Generator, 112-DR-2008
Review of January 22, 2009 DRB meeting agenda items
4-PP-2008 Hawk Nest Desert Estates
10-PP-2008 Summit Vistas
66-DR-2008 Newpath Networks Antenna Site #H193-01
72-DR-2008 Discount Tire
Board Member Jones inquired about the intent of the term "mature colors," noting his
hesitation in using that verbiage.
78-DR-2008 Newpath Networks, LLC - WCF H145-02
91-DR-2008 Perimeter Center Office
In response to a question by Board Member Brantner, Mr. Cluff confirmed additional
lighting throughout the parking lot, located in landscape islands on the south side of the
104-DR-1981#2 Scottsdale Financial Center
In response to questions by Board Member Brantner, Mr. Symer clarified that changes to
the elevations primarily affected the glass on the façade. The current atriums will be
removed and replaced with vertical glass planes; front and rear entries will be a
structural glass system. The screen walls will be replaced.
101-DR-2008 Club Troon Residences
Board Member Jones noted that the approval would be for two different designs which
will be subject to the direction of the economy. He felt that setting a precedent of
Approved 02-05-2009/cb
Development Review Board – Study Session
January 22, 2009
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approving alternative designs would be a helpful tool for developers, given the current
29-DR-2005#4 Rancho Reata Parcel B-1
22-DR-2008 Studio Bravo
Study Session Item
3. Palmaraie, 108-DR-2008
Mr. Hadder reviewed the case and reminded Board Members that the focus of
the discussion was on the site plan; the design will be reviewed in during an
upcoming study session.
Mr. Mike Rumpeltin reviewed the Board’s concerns pertaining to the site plan,
including setbacks along Scottsdale Road, the addition of pedestrian access on
Indian Bend, pedestrian connectivity to the Ritz Carleton, and the presence and
layout of the palm trees along Scottsdale Road.
Setbacks along Scottsdale Road have been adjusted to 22 feet and include
consideration of a bus shelter. Because of complications created by the grade
difference from the corner of Indian Bend and Scottsdale Road, it is being
proposed to have the pedestrian entrance from the center of the project facing
Scottsdale Road, which is approximately 40 feet from the bus stop. Pedestrian
connectivity to the Ritz Carleton occurs throughout the site. An open feeling will
be created for pedestrians by the transparency created with windows at the
corners and outdoor dining.
Ms. Kim Kleski reviewed the layout and design of the palm trees along
Scottsdale Road and along the primary pedestrian entry and interior courtyard.
The layout takes into consideration the position of existing overhead power lines
and transformers and the need to maintain open views for storefronts and retail
businesses. Date palms will be used along Scottsdale Road as encouraged by
the Ordinance for the corridor.
Vice-Chairman Edwards requested that particular attention be given during the
upcoming design review to the interim pedestrian connection between phases
one and two that will be in place until phase two is completed in the future.
Board Member Brantner reiterated his question regarding setbacks from the
Spectrum located to the south and the Plaza to the north in relationship to the
project. Mr. Shepard assured the Board that they will provide the setback
information during the design presentation.
With no further business to discuss, the study session of the Development Review Board
adjourned at 12:58 p.m.
Approved 02-05-2009/cb
Development Review Board – Study Session
January 22, 2009
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Respectfully submitted,
AV-Tronics, Inc
Approved 02-05-2009/cb

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